Throwback Thursday: 2015

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There are less than 6 hours left of 2015 and all around me I see positive posts popping up. Everyone has something awesome to say or to share about the past 12 months. Some people made their dreams come through or kept to their resolutions for 2015. And here I am, thinking about the mediocrity of 2015...

I won't say my year sucked, like some of my friends post on Facebook. 2015 was just... not quite what I'd hoped for. Let me tell you a true story about one of the resolutions I had for this year: I was going to eat more fruit. Now kiwis are my favorite fruit, so I decided to eat those. Right away I got the worst stomach cramps I'd ever experienced. Turns out I developed a kiwi allergy...

At times 2015 punched me in the face, called me names and kicked me when I was down. But I got up each and every time. Along the way I blogged, tweeted and met awesome people. Yeah, 2015 wasn't all that great, but I want to end it on a positive note. The year is almost over, it's already over for most of you when I post this, and I'll get a new chance at awesomeness in 2016. I want to celebrate that by sharing my ten favorite posts on this blog of 2015! Simply click on the titles and enjoy some of my favorite blog memories with me :)

#1: "Return the Slab!"|| Envy vs. King Ramses (February)
I fell sick in February, which meant I was stuck on the couch for a whole week. At the same time I was haunted by a recurring nightmare caused by an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Since I had nothing to do, I decided it was time to face my fears. I sat down to watch the episode that had scared four-year-old me shitless and shared the entire experience with you. If you were in kindergarten arund the year 2000 you will know the horros I'm talking about!

#2: Fifty Shades of You Don't Understand (March)
I'm taking a risk by putting this one on the list. You see, while the whole world was talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I posted this little list of reasons why the books is really not that great.
In the week after I posted this, I lost four followers, but got a lot of positive comments too. I guess you either love it or hate it, just like the books themselves.

#3: How to be Succesful on the Internet (June)
At some point in June I was totally done with internet logic. I was working hard on blog posts, while people around me became freaking famous through follow-for-follows. I wrote this sarcastic guide on how to be succesful online, but please, don't follow any advice from this post, I repeat, do not follow this advice!

Even though I wrote a lot of fun posts in June, I felt like my blog was going nowhere. I had these dreams of becoming a writer and realized that I shared this dreams with almost every blogger in the entire blogosphere. But instead of giving up alltogether, I put all my thoughts into one posts and decided I have absolutely no reason to give up on my dreams. And along the way I seem the have inspired and helped a few bloggers too.

#5: Inside the Mind of a Teenage Insomniac (June)
I was born with a sleep disorder, something I'll never get fully used to. Some nights I just don't all asleep. One of those nights I wrote every thought I had down, from the panicky 'I have to sleep, I have to!' to the happy 'I really like Captain America' thoughts. It became one of my most popular posts in no time.

#6: How to Party: Envy Style (June)
I went to my first college party this year and decided to share my experiences. Once again I published a very unhelpful guide. Oh, bonus: you get to see me making a fool of myself at the actual party.

#7: "Ms. Fisher?" (September)
I started my second internship in September. I study German to become a high school teacher and introducing yourself to a class of 8th graders always leads to some funny situations. In this post I gathered all the weird and funny things kids asked me in my first week at internship.

#8: You Know You're a Blogger When... (October)
In October I celebrated all these little quirks we develop when we become bloggers. The victory dance I do when I get a new follower, the thousands of pictures we take that might be useful for a post one day, I gathered it all in one place for this post!

#9: Meet my Granddad (December)
My Granddad turned 83 this month. Yes, that's old, but according to him he's still younger than "all those old people who make the roads so dangerous!" I love my Granddad and wrote this post as a tribute to him on his birthday. All the funny little things I like about him got a place in this post. My Granddad doesn't speak English, but I'm sure he'd laugh if he could read this post.

#10: How to Tie a Tie (December)
I can't remember the last time I had so much fun while preparing a blog post. Not only did I get to wear my Ravenclaw tie, I also got to take some cool pictures, draw on my chalkboard all day long and make fun of the difficulties of tying a tie. Probably the most useless tutorial ever written, but written with a goofy grin, this is one of my absolute favorites of this year!

All in all, 2015 wasn't that bad. I experienced a lot. I visited Vienna and London. I did the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I brought the Liberation Fire to my hometown. I accepted the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I let my hair grow, I bought the best shoes ever and drove some awesome cars. Most important of all, I met amazing people, spent days chatting with them and even though I lost my best friend, a great guy stood up and took his place. Maybe 2015 wasn't everything I wished for, but it was a good year anyway. I'll see you again next year!

Stay Awesome!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Ahh, hope you have a better 2016 bb xoxo I had a not-too-good 2013, but then 2014 & 2015 really looked up, so just hang in there! xoxo

    1. Thank Lydia :) Usually the years that end with an odd number are less awesome for me than the years that end with an even number, so I'm excited to see what 2016 brings!

  2. I'm glad 2015 was pretty good for you. ;) Half of the posts you shared were written before I created my blog and discovered yours, so it was a joy to read them and see how far you've come. x Such a wonderful way to spend the time!
    Wishing you health and happiness this new year and always.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thank you Sanjana! I hope your 2016 will be filled with awesomeness!
      I love writing these kinds of posts because it remembers me of all the little victories of the year and on top of that I can show my older works to people who started following me somewhere in the past year, like you. Hope to see you often in 2016 :)


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