Dear Glasses...

by - 7:16 PM

Dear glasses,
We've been together since December 2011. I remember the first time I saw you very well. I feel head over heels in love with you. Yet here we are, four years later, and it's time to say goodbye.

To be perfectly honest, I'm glad it's over between us. Ever since my dad stepped on you, things haven't been the same. Multiple times you almost broke and the last couple of weeks I didn't dare fold you (if that's how you say it, probably not) in case you'd break for good. But let's face it, things have been going downhill for a long time. You were always lost. Okay, I admit that it was my mistake that I lost you in my wardrobe. I shouldn't have left you there when I went downstairs to get a cookie. That was my fault. But that time you fell behind a pile of towels while I was in the shower? Or that time I took a nap and you disappeared under the couch? That was your fault, 100% your fault.
And don't get me started on all those times when you fogged up in the winter, or even when it was 20 degrees Celsius outside and I tried to drink tea. The exact opposite bugged me too: when I needed you to fog up in the middle of summer, you wouldn't. How was I supposed to clean you on those days if you wouldn't fog up? Apart from that, would it kill you to stay clean for a second? These last few months no one has been able to clean you. Not even my mom and she can get anything clean!
Seriously, glasses, I know I'm not an easy person, but sometimes you seemed yo go out of your way to annoy me. Every time I put my headphones on, you seemed to be trying to enter my skull. The pain you caused me almost drove me crazy. Taking a nap or just lying down on the couch while watching tv was also impossible because of you. I'm not an easy person, but you weren't easy either. Life together was no walk in the park...

But in the end, my dear glasses, I loved you for most of those four years we spent together. We've seen some amazing places. You've enabled me to see the sun rise over Ayer's Rock and Machu Picchu, you've helped me to see cars coming at me from all sides on my driving exam and you made me see the wonderful grades I graduated high school with.
You've helped me see for four years. That's a long time and that's why I forgive you for all your highly annoying flaws. Time to pass the baton to these awesome guys.

Don't be a stranger, take care and...
Stay Awesome!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Love this post!! It's actually quite humorous! I love how you personified your glasses :D. I will give you a follow. Check out my blog or maybe even follow back?? :)

    1. Thank you! It's always so good to hear that someone liked something I wrote. I didn't want to do another 'average' post, but I wasn't all that sure if it'd work out. Glad to know it did :)
      By the way, I already follow you, I just haven't commented yet :P

  2. Ah, the struggles of wearing glasses. And yet they're sometimes the best things in the world too. I love your new glasses though. There's something special about a new pair of glasses, isn't there? All nice and shiny and new without the battle scars of the previous pair.

    1. Thank you! I was quite nervous when I first wore them to college, because I wasn't sure if people would like them as much as I did, but your comment made me feel less nervous. I'm still in that honeymoon phase with these glasses. I'm completely showing them off wherever I go and I'm making a huge deal out of cleaning them :P


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