15 Silly Things I Suck At

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Fact: we can't be amazing at everything we do. Recently I posted a list of 15 things I can do that I'm really proud of. It wasn't long before someone pointed out that there are also a few little things I can't do.

Thanks, bro.
But okay, he did have a point: there are some things I can't do. So to give you a more realistic idea of my skills I now present you the 15 silly things I suck at!

#1: Pronouncing a certain name
Let's just get this one over with right away. I have no idea how to pronounce the name Shubhaish. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration. I know how to pronounce the first three letters. After that I'm just pronouncing it the way every Dutch person would and there's no way that that's the right way. I get frequently laughed at for this, but as long as I don't hear this guy say his name, I'll keep pronouncing it the Dutch way.

#2: Sleeping on the floor
Apparently this is fairly normal in some Asian countries, but I'm far from Asian. Recently I tried taking a nap on the floor of my room while taking a break from studying. As I rolled over I scraped my face on the floor and started bleeding. No, I'm not kidding. My face was bleeding and kept bleeding. Won't be doing this again anytime soon.

#3: Having fun in silence
I can't do this, okay? I just can't. When I think something's funny, I laugh out loud. Not a small giggle, but an actual LSHMSFOAIDMT laugh. Yes, I laugh so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco. When I try to have fun in silence, I end up clapping my hands like a mentally challenged seal. No thanks, I'll just laugh out loud.

#4: German politics
This is pretty unfortunate, because I had to take a course in it. I studied German politics for eight weeks, but in the end I'd learned more about politics in Pakistan, India and Singapore thanks to #spacepoliceradio. Compared to those countries Germany just isn't very interesting and I gave up on the course.

#5: Remembering where I left my glasses
I'm like an old person: I cna lose my glasses when they're on my head. One time I even panicked while they were exactly where they were supposed to be: on my nose. Other places where I frequently lose them include the basket in which my mom keeps the clothes pegs, my underwear drawer, on top of my book case and in my bed.

#6: Talking to guys on Facebook and Whatsapp
There are exactly two guys on the planet I can send I text to without losing my intelligence right away. Talking in person is no problem, but as soon as I start texting, my mind goes blank. I just sit there, stare at my phone and think: oh no, he can see that I've read his message, now I'll have to answer...

#7: Touching my nose with my tongue
For some reason I always had people around me who could do this. I grew up around people who touched their nose with their tongue when they'd somehow gotten ice cream on it. Awesome for them, but sadly I cna't do it. I've tried and tried, especially when there was delicious food on my nose, but I've never reached my goal...

#8: Taking care of plants
A couple of months ago, my mom bought me a plant. I called her Avy and hoped she'd survive my care (or rather lack of care) longer the her predecessor. To my own surprise she's still alove, probably because my mom secretly waters her.
I'm not kidding, I just checked to see if Avy needed water and a leaf fell off. I barely even touched it!

#9: Comparing people to animals
When I compare you to a panda or any other kind of bear I mean it as a compliment! Bears are awesome, especially pandas!

#10: Concentrating
My mind while writing this blog post: "Just five more things after this one. I really like this gel pen, I should write with it all the time. Or use the yellow one. Or not, I can barely read that... I wonder if my friend has texted me back yet. Oh nice, a new Buzzfeed video. Wait, I don't have time for that. I'm writing. But I'm also hungry. Snack time! Cookies or crisps... It's a dilemma. You know what, I'll decide while watching that Buzzfeed video."
45 minutes later: "Oh, right, I was writing a blog post..."

#11: Quitting writing
I came close to it, but in the end I couldn't. On a daily basis this means that if I start writing during a boring class, O keep writing till late that night. By then my eyes are bloodshot, my hand is numb and I can't remember anything that happened that day. When I'm going with the creative flow it's like I'm not here at all. It's like a drug. It makes me feel so great and I never want it to stop.

#12: Watching interesting tv shows
No, I still haven't seen every Game of Thrones episode. I've only seen a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, will never watch Scrubs and have only seen trailers for Arrow. But! I do know how people build skyscrapers in Mumbai and what to do when your lines are about to cross when you're out fishing for tuna. Thank you, Discovery Channel!

#13: Avoiding collision with walls
There's a wall in my house that almost has a dent the shape of my face in it. For some reason I always think that wall is much farther away, or that the door is much more to the left. Especially when I look over my shoulder while leaving the room, this wall will punch me in the face. The sad thing is that it's not the only wall I have problems with. Every wall out there seems to be out to get me.

#14: Keeping things to myself
I don't mean that I can't keep a secret - believe me, I can. I'm actually very good at that. But when I want to surprise someone, I can't keep my mouth shut. The moment I gt exciting news, I have to share it. Sadly, half of the time when I have exciting plans, they get cancelled shortly after I tell my friends...

#15: Any sport that includes a ball
There's a reason why I chose athletics over soccer and this is it. As soon as a ball is involved, I become a danger to others. People actually wanted me in their soccer team because the other team was afraid of me. Apart from that, I always happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So many balls have hit me all thorughout high school... My shin still has a bump on the bone thanks to a stray hockey ball.
The only exception seems to be base ball. I was the only one in my class who understood how the game worked and I was a pretty good pitcher.

So there you have it. I'm not amazing at everything, but these are the 15 silly things I'm really bad at and will never improve on.

Stay Awesome!

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  1. hahah...honestly i have trouble concentrating as well...i get carry away with all the stuff on my desk like pens,bookmarks, pictures,and etc... instead of studying...

    1. Everything on a desk is so much more interesting than studying :P I know the struggle :P

  2. Hey,
    Oh yes german politics are really boring the most time. Although some teacher can fascinating you at the politics, it's teachers Thing like in every subject. Chemistry is for example in normal really cool, but at the Moment I hate it because of my teacher doesn't like me.
    Love, lea

    1. Oh my teacher was really excited about teaching us all about German politics. But memorizing all the Bundeskanzler, their parties and the exact moments they started and stopped being Bundeskanzler... It was just too much boring stuff too handle XD

  3. This is a cool list :) I'm the same way with several of them, perhaps I should take this as a hint to go check on my cactus, lol.

    Kate @ majesticgoldenrose.weebly.com

    1. Thank you Kate! Hope your cactus is doing well ;)


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