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To most people, this Tuesday is just another Tuesday: not special at all. For me, this Tuesday is exhausting because of my ten hours of classes today, but it has a shiny silver lining: today I get to celebrate Granddad's birthday. My father's father turned 83 today. Yes, he's ancient, but he's also very awesome. Don't believe me? Read on, my friend, and meet my awesome Granddad

"When I go to Germany, I'm Carl!"
If you've ever wondered where my craziness comes from, here's the answer: my Granddad passed it on to my dad, who passed it on to me. My Granddad says the most random stuff at the most random moments. Not too long ago we were talking about Germany. Out of the blue, he proclaimed: 'When I go to Germany, I'm Carl!'
Let me tell you, my Granddad's name is not Carl. When I asked him why his name is Carl as soon as he crosses the border into Germany, he said: 'Because I like that name.'

"Your cousin did it all wrong"
When I was younger, I thought my grandparents liked my cousins way more than they liked me. I'm the youngest grandchild of the bunch, my cousins are four, twelve and fifteen years older than me. Growing up, I thought my cousins were prefection and I was just yucky. These days I know that they're far from perfect. I don't really like them since they blocked me on Facebook for no apparent reason, but things get great when my Granddad starts critizing them too. 'Your cousin did it all wrong, she should have learned how to shift gears like everyone else in this country!' You have no idea how much those moments mean to me.

The 1982 Mercedes
My Granddad used to be a driving instructor and since my dad has crushed all my self confidence when it comes to driving, my Granddad let's me drive one of his cars every now and then. He gives me advice and helps me out, but most awesome of all: he let's me drive his 1982 Mercedes. I am completely in love with this car and if I could, I would marry it. Some people think it's ugly, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apart from that the thing is huge and it almost feels like driving a limo. I am so happy my Granddad trusts me enough to let me get behind the wheel of this car.

"Old people should be banned from the roads!"
While we're on the topic of driving: my Granddad has a very funny way of seeing people on the road. Everyone older than 50 and not breaking the speed limit is a 'bloody old person'. Note that my Granddad is over 80 years old, yet he makes fun of all those 'old people of 60'. According to him, those people shouldn't be allowed to drive.
'But Granddad,' I once asked, 'how about you? You're way older than those people.'
'Maybe I am, but I'm a bloody amazing driver! All the other old people should be banned from the roads!'

"Is that your boyfriend?"
This happens every time I'm on my phone when I'm at my grandparents' appartment. My Granddad looks over my shoulder, sees my wallpaper and the fun begins.
'Envy, is that your boyfriend?'
'No, that's Eggsy from Kingsman.'
'How about that nice man?'
'No, that's Captain America.'
'Oh I'm sure that guy is your boyfriend then.'
'No, that's Quicksilver.'
'And that one?'
'No, Granddad, that's just Captain America again!'
'Oh, okay.' Five seconds of silence, then this: 'Is that your boyfriend's house? Nice big house.'
'Granddad... That's Humayun's tomb in Delhi...'
'Why does your boyfriend have such a weird name?'
By this time I usually facepalm and my Granddad laughs out loud for the rest of the afternoon.

The Whatsapp profile pictures
My Granddad, now 83 years old, is on Facebook and Whatsapp. Now he's got Facebook all figured out (he says), but Whatsapp... Whatsapp is still a bit of a problem.
First of all he doesn't really know how to respond to the messages I send him. Second, he has no idea what a profile picture is. He also doesn't know how the camera of his iPhone works, so every now and then it happens that a random picture of something he likes ends up as his profile picture. One time he even managed to use a picture of his tax papers as a profile picture. When I asked him why he'd done that, he looked at me in surprise and said: 'How do you know I took a picture of my tax papers?'
Grandparents on Whatsapp are just adorable.

So you see, my Granddad is an amazing and funny person. Happy Birthday to him! May all the old people be banned and may the Germans call him Carl for his 83rd birthday!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. This was too funny! You're grandad must be awesome to hang out with. :)
    PS: VOWELS ;)
    ~ Suzy

    1. Haha, thank you! my Granddad is ineed awesome to hang out with :)

  2. This was great! Happy birthday to your grandfather :D

    1. Thank you! Next time I see him I'll tell him you said happy birthday. He'll like that :P

  3. Happy birthday to your grandad!
    I'm a little confused about the scavenger hunt. How do I find a link that shows that I follow all of your blogs?

    1. Thank you!
      I'm not sure, but i think you'll have to submit individual links to each of the blogs you followed.Hope that helped :)


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