The Profile Picture Problem

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I've got a very pretty profile picture on Facebook. Would you like to see it? Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to show it to you anyway, even if you don't want to.

This picture was taken in Peru, on the island Taquile in the middle of Lake Titicaca. I was totally in love with this picture. It had everything: a baffling background, great larger-than-life colors and me with my awesome sunglasses, a good hair day and normal clothes. It was perfect. Was: past tense. At the moment I have two problems with this picture:
1) It's over a year old and I like to believe I look a little different now (I probably don't, but a girl can hope...)
2) You can barely see it's me in the picture.
So I went looking for a new profile picture - and that's where the trouble began...

The thing is: no one ever takes pictures of me. Unless one of my classmates decides to take a group selfie, but when that happens I'm usually that one strand of hair in the lower left corner. Not an option.
The only other time when people take pictures of me is when I'm on vacation with my parents. But looking at the few pictures they took of me this summer, this seems to be the only one that's more or less suitable as a profile picture.
It looks okay, even though it's yet another picture in which I'm barely visible. Background is beautiful. My hair looks normal. But that shirt... It's too small around my shoulders. It makes me look like a failed body builder. And those shoes... That's the ugliest pair of shoes I have, and I have a lot of shoes. This picture can't be my profile picture now that I've noticed the shoes and how ridiculous my shirt makes me look. No. Just no.

Maybe I should try, just once, to take a selfie. Last time I did that was in Peru too and it was all shaky and blurry. But I could give it another shot. You never know...
Oh God no! No! What was I thinking? Was I even thinking?! This is not happening, no freaking way.

Back to the drawing board... What other options do I have? I have a bunch of pictures from that party I went to last year. There was one I liked a lot. Maybe I'll use this one.
Yes, this one is awesome. Normal clothes, hair doesn't look weird, not to much focus on my pimply face. And I look so happy. This picture is great. I'll just... not use it. The girl with the butterfly thing on her head has already used it as her profile picture and I don't want to be weird...

Oh well, I'll just stick with the old one. After all, why would I fix something that isn't broken?
Stay Awesome!

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6 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Profile pictures on Facebook are the most stressful things! It's mainly because on Facebook it actually posts, and the profile picture induces a lotttt of 'like' anxiety. That last picture is pretty cute though. I understand your pain of choosing, and then not being able to find anything good enough. I feel like I need a professional photographer to direct a photoshoot for me.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Exactly! I can get so stressed out about how many people are going to like my picture. Not that I want a lot of people to like it, but not getting any likes at all would be painful...
      I wish I could do a professional photoshoot once. It sounds fun and I won't have to stress about the results :P

  2. I think group photos make excellent cover photos, but not profile pictures. My profile picture is one my dad took of me at the lake last summer, and my cover photo is a photo of me and my two best friends at the Color Run in my state. xx So fun!
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Yes, group photos are nice conver photos. Almost my entire class used one of us jumping on a hill in Vienna as a cover photo ^-^
      I'd love to do a Color Run one day. I bet that that makes a wonderful conver picture :)

  3. My profile picture has been an orange for over a year.
    I really don't know what to change it to because the orange is just.. so me.

    1. Hahaha, an orange XD Why an orange?
      I think it's kinda perfect, don't change it!


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