This Little Moment Right Now

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As I'm drafting this blog post in the living room, my mom is watching some tv show about bridal gowns, while I sit at her feet on the floor. Pictures from travel brochures are scattered all around; I've spent the last 40 minutes cutting them out for my art journal. My cell phone is somewhere underneath a pile of pictures. I've just sent my best friend a text and I'm nervous for his reply to come.
It doesn't sound very special, this moment right here. There are thousands of moments like this one. Yet for some reason I'm a little in love with this moment. Because right now, I fully realize how crazy life is. And how much I appreciate that craziness.

Life is weird for all of us. I won't say my life is weirder than that of others, but it's not exactly a normal life I'm living either. In the past I've always chosen to turn right when everyone else turned left. It brought me right here. Every decision I've ever made has led me closer to this moment, the moment in which my life isn't average anymore. In this moment I'm the paler-than-snow Dutch girl who's trying to learn Urdu. I'm the girl who know more about Indian politics than about the politic situation in her own country. I'm the girl who's going to travel to Slovenia just because of one well-written blog post. I never would have become that girl if I hadn't started blogging. I never would have started blogging if I hadn't learned English and so on... It's a gigantic and wonderful chain of events that's brought me to where I am now, that has turned me into this not-so-average person. In this very moment, I'm kind of proud of that person.

I'm a girl of big plans, of high hopes and goals and dreams. Sometimes I get swept away by all that. I get caught up in the words of a foreign language, lose myself in news from faraway countries. Since I've never met anyone like me, I sometimes think those characteristics are bad things. That the person I've become is too weird for this planet. But then a moment like this one comes along. Living it to the fullest, no matter how small the moment itself is, makes me remember how special life is, that all my weird quirks will make me stand out one day. I might be a walking contradiction at the moment, my head might be filled with useless facts about faraway places, but I'm like that for a reason. Once that reason becomes clear and everything falls into place, I think life will become truly awesome. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm a dreamer, but I believe we can change the world for the better once we find out why we are the way we are. Life might be a little crazy, but one day I'll understand why. Until that day comes, I'll just keep enjoying the little moments, like this little moment right now.

Stay Awesome!

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2 Fellow Ramblers

  1. OMG! I'm an Urdu speaking Pakistani. I'd love to know how your learning process is going.
    You're not alone. My life dramatically changed in past few months because of the decisions I made to control my own life and it's been the best thing ever!!! It's the small things like this that make us who we are.

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. It's so nice to hear I'm not the only experiencing this ^-^ Though I think I'm still on the road to making it all the best thing ever. That I'm finally on that road is what matters most, I think.
      I'm slowly learning some words and sentences in Urdu which Kanra from The Lunar Descent teaches me. It's not easy for me, but I really enjoy it. Whenever I see something or discover a new word on my own, I can't stop smiling :)


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