Envy the Adventurous Earthworm

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'I think that deep in your heart you're an adventurous earthworm. Am I right, Envy?'
Just a normal Thursday afternoon for the sophomore class in the German course. Sitting in class while our teacher guessed if we were adventurous earthworms or not.
I smiled. 'Me? Absolutely.'

Adventurous earthworm. It doesn't sound very nice, yet still I took it as a huge compliment. You see, there was a good reason why my teacher called me an earthworm. Not because I'm pale and weird, but because of the story one of my classmates had read out loud just a few minutes earlier. From the moment the story started, I'd been rooting for the adventurous earthworm.

"Deep underneath a vegetable patch lived two earthworms and they lived off the vegetables' roots. 
One day the first earthworm said: 'Well, I'm done living down here, I want to go on a trip and explore the world.' He packed his little suitcase and made his way up and as he saw how the sun shone and the wind blew over the vegetable patch, his heart skipped a beat and he happily made his way through the vegetables. But he didn't get more than three feet away before a bird spotted him and ate him. 
The second earthworm however, stayed in his hole in the ground, ate vegetable roots every day and lived much longer. But be honest - is that a life?"

I was about to jump up from my seat an yell "You go, earthworm!" in the middle of class when I heard the worm got eaten. That made me a little sad - until I heard what happened to the other earthworm, the one that did absolutely nothing with its life. If I had to be an earthworm, I'd rather be the adventurous one. I was glad my teacher thought about me that way too, because lately I haven't been so sure about my Adventurous Earthwormness.

We live in a huge and wonderful world. I've seen only a fraction of it. The Adventurous Earthworm that I am deep down inside can't wait to see more of it. My daydreams are filled with visions of Asia, while I dream of America and Australia at night.
I've always said I'd travel the world and still I started doubting if I ever would. Why? Because even adventurous earthworms get scared sometimes. The world is a big place, time is limited, money doesn't last a lifetime... In my darkest moments, I play with the idea of giving up on my travel dreams. But then something small like this happens. It might be a silly story, but ending up like an earthworm stuck at home is one of my biggest nightmares. I don't want to end up like that. Yes, travelling sounds a little scary now and then. There's a lot that could go wrong while you are on the other side of the world. But I'm Envy the Adventurous Earthworm and if I get eaten by a bird on one of my trips, then so be it.

Stay Awesome!

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  2. This is lovely. I'd say don't ever give up on your dreams. It might take a while, but with persistence, each of them will come true. On my first ever trip abroad, it felt so surreal I had to assure myself I wasn't daydreaming. For sure, you have an awesome awesome life ahead of of Adventurous Earthworm! :)

    - Vee

    1. Thank you! I'm so impatient, I really can't wait to get going. I hope my life will be awesome like that, but I'm so worried about making enough money to go travelling... It'll probably all work out fine though :)

  3. I love the little story. I'd definitely choose to be the adventurous earthworm and face all the trouble rather than sit at home and waste my life! Secretly I was waiting for this post, ENVY THE ADVENTUROUS EARTHWORM!!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. How did you know I was going to post this? :P
      I think bloggers aren't the type of people to sit at home, even though that's where the wifi is, haha. Thank you for your awesome comment :)


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