Picking up the Pieces: the Next Generation

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Once upon a time in the dark days of 2012, I started a blog. It's the exact same blog your reading today, but if I showed you a screenshot of what it looked like in December 2012, you wouldn't recognize it. You see, Picking up the Pieces started out as an online diary. I wrote about my very easy high school life and the occasional outbursts of drama and trouble I encountered. I wrote posts about a colorful cast of characters whom I called my friends. Picking up the Pieces was like a soap opera, my friends were the cast. To be honest, it never got really interesting. Sometimes, however, I miss those posts. So in honour of the good old times, I'm going to do one more ridiculous post in which I overshare my life!

In the early days of 2013, I'm having a terrible crush on a guy from school. Exactly two years ago, he dropped a bomb shell on our group of friends. Out of the blue he described what the next generation of our social group would look like. And I wouldn't be Envy if I hadn't written it all down in my diary. Let's just take a look at what he expected to happen and, maybe more interesting, where the original cast of Picking up the Pieces is right now.

"Thursday, March 7th 2013
And then I got to hear I'll have handicapped children. It was... odd.
We were talking about something, can't remember what, during lunch break when all of a sudden E. starts describing a hypothetical next generation. It went like this:
'Well, B. and I. will probably stay together and N. and T.G. will have kids, of course. G. already is A.'s slave, so she'll probably have his children.'
'No, she won't!' G. said.
'Whatever. It'll happen anyway. So, there'll be a terrible break-up between C. and R.A. and then Chubby will be there for R.A. and they'll get together. And we'll have kids.' He pointed at me and himself after saying that.
'What?!' yelled everyone in our group, including me. I mean, out of the blue, after listing all the couples and soon-to-be couples in our social group, he suddenly says something like that.
'I don't want to have kids,' I said.
'Well, we'll have handicapped children, then.'
In what world are handicapped children not children?! I just don't want to think about having kids yet, escpecially not if those kids are 50% E. and 50% me.
E. wanted to tell more about our hypothetical children, but luckily G. interrupted him by saying: 'But I don't want to have children... I want a dog!'"

That was what a normal day in 2013 looked like for me. It was actually a lot of fun to laugh at people's hypothetical children. And looking back on it, I feel really nostalgic.
Before I wrote this post I did some Facebook stalking. The first couple E. listed was a couple I never knew about... I never met the girl called I. and the boy named B. was a guy I barely remembered. Turns out he sent me a Facebook friend request a couple of months ago. He's the person who's been spamming me with Farmville requests since then. Are he and that girl still together? A big NO to that; I even wonder if they were ever together to begin with. E. wasn't very big on accuracy.
The second couple never got together, even though everyone expected them to. I'm in touch with neither of them, though I've heard N. is gay now and goes to the same college as me. He passed me in the hall a few weeks back and smiled. That's all I know about what happened to those two.
C. seems to have fallen of the face of the earth! I haven't seen nor heard from him since May 2013. R.A. has a new boyfriend, though, so I think it's safe to say their relationship didn't last. The new boyfriend, however, is not Chubby. He's still alone, just like he predicted for himself.
And then there was E. and me. I had people rooting for us all over the world, or at least all over school. We never really got together. There was a bunch of weirdness, awkwardness, confusion and a lot of movie watching, then nothing. I liked the person he was, not the person he is now. Though I'm still quite fond of his beard.
My favorite couple from this post was G. and A. because they were both really nice people. Do you think they're still together? Yes? Wrong! They broke up in the spring of 2013, but I suspect G. is still not totally over it. Every time I talk to him he brings A. up. And that dog he wanted? He never got it, so I asked him why not. His answer: 'Did I say that? But I hate dogs!'

It's weird to look back on what you wrote down two years ago and see how much things have changed. When I wrote that entry, my biggest worry was whether or not E. liked me. Right now I couldn't care less, I'm happy as long as I pass all my finals.
At some point all the couples from the prediction broke up, but that doesn't make me sad. I know we've all become our stronger persons through those experiences. We're more ourselves now than we were back then. We might not be together with the people we cared about back then, but we had a great time and we'll always have the memories to look back on. We're all lucky, all of us are in college and live happy lives. Not physically together, but forever connected through the memories.

Stay Awesome, no matter what!

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12 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Great post, I loved how nostalgic it felt!

    1. Thanks :) I think the nostalgia made this post better than the once I wrote when I first started blogging, though it was so much fun to write a post like this again :)

  2. Yeah, sometimes I end up laughing (or cringing) at old posts I had. Like for example, I "crack up" (I really do, but it's a pun) at this one post that I wrote about my friends and I, who were supposed supposed to protect these dozens of cartons of eggs, drawing faces... And then we had to sacrifice them for the egg drop. It was horrible.

    xoxo Morning

    1. I mostly cringe, though there are a few gems hidden in my archives.
      Hahaha, loved the pun. Now I have to go and find that post, it sounds hilarious!

  3. I have no idea what anyone is doing from the people I'm currently making comics about.We're connected on Facebook and I have their numbers but we never really talk or anything.It's weird how things change after high school.

    1. Maybe you should talk to them sometime, not to be friends again but just to find out how they're doing. I always enjoy those little snippets of conversation :) It would also be interesting to see a comic of where all the characters of your comic are now.

  4. Loved reading this! I've actually ended up deleting some of my old posts...they can be embarrassing! xx

    1. Thanks, that's good to hear :)
      I've deleted almost all my old posts, they were terrible and extremely emberrassing!

  5. Aw this is sweet! My old posts are so cringe-worthy, I can't even read them.


    1. Thank you, Noor :)
      I know what you mean, sometimes I delete an old post without reading it, because I still remember what it was about and how bad it was :P

  6. It's really weird looking back a few years and seeing how much things have changed, isn't it? I look back at the sort of things I used to worry about three years ago, which were things like if people liked me or not, and I realise I don't care any more. I have bigger things to think about now. That being said, I am not game to look at any of my old writings on my old blogs. I'm cringing just thinking about it! Still, it's fun to look back and remember sometimes, isn't it?

    1. It always makes me a bit sad to look back, so I usually don't do posts like this. It's true that the worries I had then seem so silly. I can't imagine myself freaking out over a biology test anymore.
      I cringe too when I look back at old posts. So emberrassing! I have to sort them out this summer, because some of those post are terrible :P


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