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The Lunar DescentYou may know her as Catalina Blue, Kanra Khan or @RudikoRain. However, it's the person behind these names that counts and that person is awesome!
Catalina blogs over at The Lunar Descent and is one of my best blog buddies. Back in November she wrote an amazing piece for my writing contest. I feel like I've known her forever and decided she should be the one standing in Picking up the Pieces' spotlights today!

Sometimes blogging is a lonely business. You sit there, hoping for someone to comment on your posts. And when someone finally does, the most beautiful friendships develop. This happened to me when I met Catalina Blue. She's not just any awesome blog buddy, but also won my Home is where the Heart is Writing Contest. Today I have the honour of interviewing her :)
Catalina, you recently started blogging at The Lunar Descent. Why The Lunar Descent and no longer the emo wolverine writes?
Before I start, I just want to say that I never thought blogging would be so much fun. The first blogging year was quite a lonely business- especially when I was treating my blog as a rant dump. Once or twice a week, I'd write five or six lines on how school was going, maybe a fun thing I did with my friends, a couple of pictures and then close the browser. I didn't really know how to blog because I couldn't find any active bloggers- most of the blogs I had found had gone inactive since 2011 (it made me think that maybe, just maybe, I had discovered blogger much too late). Then I found TBC and a couple of other blogs and boom, instant inspiration? I consider this 2014 an important turning point in my blogging career- I realized a lot of things and actually started writing for someone. And writing for someone is an amazing feeling.
So I changed tracks in 2014 and took a metaphorical u-turn and I grew with "the emo wolverine writes" and it was my pride and joy- until I got my admission into med school and I realized that I wanted the blog to be a part of my real identity. I got this idea from Angela, who blogs at Paper Lovestory. She had written about how a girl from her university had recognized her as the author of Paper Lovestory and this really hit me. Wouldn't it be nice to write yourself onto the internet and have it be a reflection of your reality? Especially since my reality was going to be exciting and unique?
(Also, I had to get rid of the embarrassing fangirl posts where I was writing in caps all over for David Tennant and Attack on Titan etc etc as well as the boring old school posts, God forbid if someone decided to go through them- too much drama)
Conclusion; I shifted blogs because I want to enter into a professional phase of blogging where I can stamp my blog button proudly on my shoulder and say "Bring on the judging ._."
I got the idea of the Lunar Descent when I told my friend about what I wanted to do. We had a whole conversation about it.

I think you're doing a great job with The Lunar Descent. Making it a reflection of your reality is already very unique. Speaking of your reality: as most of your frequent followers know, you're now in med school, about which you write. You're very passionate about this, how come? Do you still see writing as a part of your future now you're in med school?
Well, more than a part of my future, I think writing on my blog serves more of an escape. I think we all need some things that helps us take our mind off of our current situation. I'm not exactly the best person to talk about this because I have a tendency to focus on a lot of negatives and have my mood swings and occasional break downs- but ahem. Blogging is a good way to relax the mind. There's something comfortable about typing away and listening to the letters of your thoughts come out as taps and clicks. And there's something amazing about your writing making it's way into the newsfeed of people from all over the world and the fact that some of them actually comment their thoughts- if that's not mind blowing to you yet, you're clearly not a true blogger!
(I'm getting off-topic amn't I)
Yes, I definitely see writing as part of my academic career. Both of my parents really advocate writing (although my mom likes seeing stuff in print) so they sort of inculcated a desire to be a writer, or to be known through my writing. So yes, definitely a part of my future!

In your entry for my contest we see how much family means to you. Can you describe the bond you have with your family? And can you imagine life without them?
I honestly can't imagine life without them (you liar, yes you can). Okay, that was only when they talk about going back to the States and leaving me here to complete my medicine degree. Obviously when they suggested it, I found myself toying with the idea. (Which sounded pretty good, the first few thoughts and slowly went downhill when the reality factor came in).
My bond with my family is a pretty chilled out bond. My parents aren't strict or pushy (I think they did all that while we were small and less likely to be throwing tantrums) and now that we're conditioned to know the expected behavior, things go pretty smoothly. My siblings are a rambunctious lot who mean well most of the time and are adorable in their own ways. Clearly, I'm quite biased towards my family. I honestly cannot imagine my parents being wrong and when it comes to my siblings, they're the best no matter how messed up things get every now and then :D

If you could give a newbie blogger one piece of life-saving advice, what would it be?
"Have fun and explore the great unknown" is the advice I'd give to new bloggers. Honestly, blogging is a two way experience. You sit down and write blogposts and then you go and read other people's blogposts. I think the best blogging experience can be achieved only if you do both of these things. Besides, it's supposed to be fun! Lighten up and see what other people have to say!

Any awesome last words?
"Rainbow coffee"
That'll be all ;D

You've seen it, Catalina is awesome. Go drink some rainbow coffee with her on her blog!
Stay Awesome!

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  1. Amazing interview and I just wish we could all go for ice cream.

    1. Maybe we should have a videochat this summer and all eat ice cream while we're chatting :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of how passionate she is about medical stuff and the posts she does related to that on her blog are simply amazing.I also like the notes she posts they're so neat and colorful.She is also really friendly and cool I like that.Rainbow Coffee lol :P

    1. I admire her passion for medicin. I mean, I like German and teaching, but I can't say I'm passionate about it. Friendly cool people who make pretty notes are the best :)

  3. Brava, Catalina! :) Blogging is a great way to relax the mind, indeed. Some days can be stressful, but other days it's just a way to really escape. AND RAINBOW COFFEE, YES!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Right now I'm forcing myself to blog, just to get some rest, get away from it all :) I think we can all relate to Catalina when it comes to that :)

  4. Writing or blogging does help you escape into another world.
    It was really nice reading this interview :)

    -Kathie K

    1. Blogging is a great form of escapism :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading this interview!

  5. I've enjoyed my fair share of Lunar Descent posts—I'm glad you took the time to sit down to interview her and enjoy her. :) She has some great thoughts to share; two thumbs up for you both!

    1. A big thank you for your kind comment from both me and Catalina!
      It took me some time to finish the interview, but I'm glad I could do this. She's one of my dearest blogging friends and she deserved to be in the spotlights here :)


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