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When you go to a movie with me, prepare for total chaos. Why? Because I'm overexcited every single time I go to the cinema :D I actually have a whole list of movies I want to see in 2014. As a kid I never went to see a movie, so now every single one is special and deserves a three month countdown. Last week's movie: Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

Since Rosanne's boyfriend left for New York, we've become closer again. So when E. kinda let me down, we went to the new Captain America movie together. Was it total chaos? A little. Mostly because I was bouncing around the house with excitement, didn't have 3D glasses and Rosanne thought we could make it to the cinema in 20 minutes and I thought we couldn't.
As soon as Rosanne drove up in front of my house, I ran out without putting on my shoes. Running on high heels isn't easy, running with high heels that fall off your feet is even harder. But the traffic gods were good to us. We made it in time, with shoes on our feet and 3D glasses ready.
The next thing I turned into a chaos was the cinema itself, first of all by just being there. The guy checking the tickets saw Rosanne and me approach and though: romantic comedy for sure. When we handed our tickets, his jaw almost dropped to his feet. Why yes, good sir, ladies like the Captain too.
Rosanne wanted to get some food and something to drink. And then I had my little moment of GIMME MOUNTAIN DEW. I think I wrote about Mountain Dew before, but I don't drink it that much. I can't handle the cafeine in it. On special occasions, I need it though. The thing is: they sell a lot of food and drinks in the movie theaters, but pop corn makes me nauseous (almost puked all over E. when we went to Catching Fire...) and the movie makes me sleepy even when it's awesome, so I need the cafeine in this case. Hello, Mounain Dew :)

We walked into the room five minutes early. Suddenly I understood why the ticket guy looked at us like we were aliens. Rosanne and I were neither nerds in our early twenties, nor a couple, nor a family with a twelve year old kid. We stood out a lot a little. 
Double glasses? Sure, why not?
But standing out doesn't matter as soon as the lights go out. The only thing that matters from that moment on is the sheer awesomeness of Captain America. That, and the everlasting question of how to wear your 3D glasses over your normal glasses (answer: not). After a while I developed a system: 
  1. push normal glasses up a little
  2. push 3D glasses up a lot.
  3. try not to move your head
  4. move your head anyway when you eat some chips
  5. try to push up both pairs of slid-down glasses at the same time
  6. fail
  7. get frustrated and give up, but try again anyway ten minutes later
It's a crappy system, but not seeing the Winter Soldier shirtless would have been a lot worse :P Just kidding. I'm not a drooling fan girl, just an overexcited one. Marvel movies are always great and this one was so awesome that I don't know how I'm supposed to describe this much awesomeness. There's so much to like: everything that can explode, will explode. Chris Evans is awesome and runs like a normal person (most actors run like idiots). There are some great jokes. There was a cameo that no one but me seemed to notice. And did I mention that everything explodes?
Yup, Captain America: the Winter Soldier is now one of my favorite movies of all times :) I know most people aren't into superhero movies, but I can't wait until the next one comes out. August 14th, please come around soon.

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  1. Entertaining post! I like it! :) are you really from the Netherlands?


    1. Thanks a lot :) And yes, I'm 100% Dutch

  2. Oh looks like I found 2nd stalking post for today :P
    Captain America I saw it with my sister and a cousin and I was so excited for it!August 14th I know which movie it was..Gamora :P
    Age of Ultron now ^_^
    PS : Comment above lol xD Now I see why you say people don't believe you're from Netherlands :P

    1. The excitement for this movie was killing me! And when I saw it, I just loved it so much :)
      You're right about the other movie, Rocket ;)
      Time to start counting down to April 22nd ^.^
      That first comment on this post isn't the only one like that... I got a lot of them around the time I wrote this and it became very annoying. 'Are you Dutch?' 'No, I'M A FREAKING ALIEN'. What did they expect?


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