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After a year full of chaotic posts about the most wonderful group of people I had ever met, my blog seems empty now. There's not much to tell anymore. You can tell that I'm a bit at a loss for words lately. What am I going to post about now that my most awesome friends are gone? Well, I guess I'm going to make a change, shake things up a bit and blog about something else today, something... cultural!

My dad and I are barbarians. The last time we went to a museum was in the summer of 2011. We went to the Bratwurst museum in Germany (don't ask, just don't). But then my dad decided it was time to spend some time with his only daughter, who had been devouring Dan Brown novels all summer long. My weird, culture disliking father took me to Rotterdam. To this:

My first reaction? "I'm gonna Da Vinci Code all over that shit!"

What followed was a slightly educational, mostly funny morning. I wanted to touch everything that couldn't be touched. I'm such a bad ass (*coughcough*) that I ignored the signs that said: 'Do not touch' (only if my dad wasn't looking, that's how bad ass I am :P)
I wanted to operate all Da Vinci's crazy machines, even the ones that wouldn't work because of this funny little thing called gravity.
Avatar, the last airbender? Anyone?
While my dad read every information panel he encountered, I decided to do things my own way. In this case that all comes down to running from one machine to the next, almost drooling at the awesomeness of a not working kite. No way in hell this thing would've been able to carry someone safely down from, let's say, a stool, but it looked amazing.
There was an entire hall full of things that were supposed to fly, a hall full of war stuff, like a tank that looked a suspicious lot like a Pokémon, and of course replica's of Da Vinci's paintings, including the Mona Lisa and an exhibition on how the Mona Lisa was made and how people discoverd how many layers the painting has and more jibber jabber like that.
Creepy? No...

So yeah, I enjoyed it a lot. So did my dad, who got to make fun of a genius with his daughter. We like to make fun of people :P And there were some things we just couldn't take seriously. Like a diving outfit that looked like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.
We went through the entire exhibition in less than an hour, mostly because we wanted to stay ahead of the families with whiny children who seemed to trail us all the time.

"The Neverending Selfie"
by Leonardo da Vinci ft. Envy Fisher
I took an extraordinary lot of pictures with my cell phone. Usually I just look around, but there were so many awesome things to see that I couldn't help but snap a few pictures to show all you guys how brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci was - and how crazy at some times. Here's one I like, despite having my own face on it. I call it: The Neverending Selfie.
Da Vinci figured that if you can see endless versions of yourself in just two mirrors, you could see yourself endless multiplied by endless times, from every different angle imaginable if you were to be in a room made of eight mirrors! I spent a good fifteen minutes in there, discovering a new version of myself every time, until my dad realised he'd lost me and came looking for me.

By the end of our cultural morning, we quickly walked through the Mona Lisa Hall, as I will call it here. There were at least 20 Mona Lisa's in there, some actually just giant prints of her eyes, others a replica of the real deal as it was when Da Vinci made it. There was something mesmerising about that hall. My God, I sound like a total cliché now, don't I?
Well then, I dare you to take a look at it and not stare.
It's not the most beautiful painting I've ever seen, neither to most realistic (ever noticed she doesn't have eyelashes?), but the way it was made and changed over the years intrigued me (and now I sound like I had a dictionary for lunch...). One day I want to see the real thing. Paris is relatively close. Maybe I'll drag Rosanne to Paris this summer and go stalk the Louvre, but we'll see about that.

So now I've been a good blogger with an 'interesting' post, I'm going to end this in Envy style: by showing you the most ridiculous tank you've ever seen!
Admit it: it looks like a Pokémon
Da Vinci sure was a genius, but I suspect he had a little help from some weed-like drug every now and then to come up with things like the awesome tank that looked like a Pokémon.
The best part about it? This isn't me making fun of something. This is looking at one of Da Vinci's rare mistakes. Da Vinci was such a genius, he decided to develop a tank with built-in guns and stuff, made it look all edgy and then, by the end... forgot to leave room inside it for an acutal person to control the thing! Unless the guy wanted to get cooked by the heat it produced...
So the next time you feel stupid, remember that Da Vinci built a war machine that worked like an oven for your own army, without realizing only dwarfs would fit in it.

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  1. The DaVinci Code is awesome..I've been meaning to read the other books in the series can't seem to find time though :P
    I feel like I missed on so much by starting blogging so late..:P
    This is so funny and cool :)

    1. If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you'll love Angels and Demons. It's even better than the Da Vinci Code!
      Like I've sad before, you didn't miss a whole lot ;) And there are always archives to dive into ;)

    2. I'm too lazy to dive into archives :P
      If you could just tweet some old posts I'd read those XD


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