Kolderdag 2014

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As I told in the guest post for Teenage Blogger Central, the Dutch seniors pull pranks on the rest of the school on their very last day before Central Examinations start. This day is traditionally called 'Kolderdag'. Kolderdag was forbidden at my school because some idiots flooded the school hall. The school hall didn't like that and the floor boards decided to act like a sponge and eventually turned into a swamp. So no more Kolderdag pranks at Krimpenerwaard College...
Until a brave group of vwo-students did the unexpected: they asked permission for a prank and got it! So last Thursday night, my classmates and I made sure the school would never forget us and our pranks.

I was photobombed XD
'Harmless' pranks
Because of that flooded school hall, we had to think of some harmless pranks. Stuff that wouldn't break or damage other stuff. We came up with a few plans: filling the principal's office with balloons, wrapping the computers and desks at the administration area in clingfilm, blocking the hallway to the teacher's room with plastic cups filled with water. And when we got permission, we were so excited.
But then the havo-seniors came along. They hadn't asked permission for anything. Out of the blue, they started throwing with eggs, flour, for some weird reason even mandarins and then worms... Oh, and then they decided to flood the hallway to the library.
After that 'prank', no one was sure if we were still allowed to pull our pranks. But Thursday came along and at 7pm we were let into the school to set everything up.

I was more or less in charge of the balloon prank, since I (well actually my Mom :P ) managed to get 500 balloons from the local supermarket, 200 from the shoe store and another 180 from the Opel dealer. V. and I bought some colored balloons (200) and some other people brought leftover balloons from birthday parties. All together, we had a little over a 1000 balloons. At the end of the night, the principal's office looked like this:
Nothing was broken, except his desk... We had decided to fill some of the balloons with confetti, so it would be even more of a mess when they tried to pop the balloons. Roos and I attached some of these balloons to the ceiling. This involved a lot of climbing on furniture and almost falling of furniture and then almost breaking furniture. Roos climbed onto the principal's desk, when we suddenly heard a loud CRACK.
'Please tell me that was a balloon,' I murmured.
'That was not a balloon...'
We were in trouble... Panick struck. Until a guy said: 'Wait, the desk just slid off a piece of wood. I can put it back on.' And so he did. Apparently, we hadn't broken anything. The desk just had a moronic design.

Clingfilm and Cups
Anyone who's ever been at the administration area knows that the ladies who work there can be cruel. Mean. Nasty. S.D. hates them with a passion. She took charge of Operation Clingfilm. Desks, computers, chairs, everything got covered in clingfilm. Including S.D. herself. The rest of my class, including myself, finished the Balloon Prank and then went to help with the Cup Cover. Because there was no piece of floor to be left for the teachers to stand on. It all had to be covered with plastic cups. We filled them with water (added tea bags to some of them) and put them on the floor. Everyone helped. I sat side by side with a guy who's never spoken to me before, happily chatting and working. Our entire class was suddenly a team, one big group of seniors, instead of the patchwork of alliances we usually are. 
It was wonderful to see everyone working together, everyone getting along and most of all helping eachother out, passing eachother buckets of water and more cups. But even though everyone helped, it took hours to finish it.

But the result was totally worth it. 12.000 plastic cups covered an area of more than 100 square metres. Litres and litres of water were used to fill the cups. Even more water got spilled. A stray garbage can was used as a bucket - and left on the spot, also filled with water.

Meanwhile the artsy people drew the most wonderful mural my school has ever seen. 6 VWO is the official name of our class. They painted it on the wall in the school colors, bright blue and green, and made the V into the mask from V for Vendetta.

While I was putting down cups of water, my friends were turning the school into total chaos. Harmless chaos, but still, chaos is chaos.
The lockers were wrapped in leftover clingfilm. Garbage bins were thrown on top of lockers. Chairs were tied together into grotesque statues. An actual statue was renamed to 'School Anus', because it looked like a butt... Every painting in the school suddenly hung askew. The toilets were blocked with clingfilm, so the first one who peed the next day peed on him/herself. The words '6VWO' and '6V' were everywhere, on balloons, on pieces of paper, on the windows of the principal's office and even duct-taped on the floor of the school hall.
When we left the school at 10 pm, it looked like... like... like a bunch of seniors pulled a prank :)

The next morning, while I was still in bed, sleeping the day away, V. and some others went to school to see the reactions of the teachers. They filmed it, so the lazy people like me got to see the reactions too. Most of the teachers took it amazingly well. The principal's reaction was the best. He walked in, saw all the cups, then tried to get out of the school again (there was a freaking security guard to keep us out of the school that day), demanded to be let out of the school and when he finally got out, he said one word to my classmates: 'AWESOME!'

Our pranks were highly appreciated by all the teachers. They hadn't had a good laugh on Kolderdag in years. One of my teachers even told me that we made her day after the awful foodfight the havo-students caused. We even made it to the school's Facebook page that usually's never used.
After one long night at school, way too many balloons and even more plastic cups, after dozens of laughing teachers, we know one thing for sure about our class:
Krimpenerwaard College's class of 2014 was freaking AWESOME

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing day! Filling the balloons with confetti was a work of evil genius...

    1. It was the most amazing day of senior year so far. We actually wanted to fill some of the balloons with glitter, because that's even harder to clean up than confetti, but we decided against it after the havo prank in case glitter might have evil powers and destroys stuff :P

  2. This is amazing!! Great job! And I agree, filling the balloons with confetti is evil genius. :D

    1. Thanks :) It's great to see that people appreciate our pranks.
      You should meet my classmates; secretly, we're all evil geniuses :P

  3. OMG THIS IS AWESOME I am just awed *___*

    1. I know right :) The cup prank was all over the internet, but apart from my class, I haven't heard from anyone who really did this

  4. Replies
    1. It was! :D
      But yesterday the class of 2015 ruined our mural and did all the exact same things as we did last year. Talk about originality... >.<"


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