My Meant To Be Friendship

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If you ask me, there are roughly three kinds of friendship in this world. First of all there's the 'We-don't-really-like-each-other-but-we-hate-everyone-else-even-more' friendship. You know, sometimes you just stick with the least annoying person in the room.
The second kind of friendship, the 'We-took-time-to-get-to-know-each-other-and-now-we're-great-friends' friendship, is the most common friendship. Those friends are the people who went or will go through the Five Steps of Friendship with you. You've probably put a lot of time and effort into these friendships and now they're freaking amazing.
Then there's my personal favorite: the Friendship That's Just Meant To Be. In fact, it's so cool that you can hear the capital letters if you say that out loud.

You know love at first sight? Well, the something goes for friendship. Friendship at First Sight, it's a rare occurence, but today I'll show you that it does exist.

'Does anyone have some deodorant?' I asked my former high school friends. It was Career Night at our old high school and we'd come back to tell the 9th graders about our colleges and future careers. But while most of my high school friends were calmly walking around, I had been running through the school hall, meeting up with everyone I remotely knew and have an overexcited conversation with them. That probably wasn't the best idea: it was about 25 degrees Celsius in that hall and I got freaking hot. Luckily I knew that some of my old high school friends never left the house without deodorant in their bags.
I knew they had it with them, so when they all looked at each other, the floor, the ceiling and our of the window while mumbling 'no', I knew they just didn't want to help me out. I was about to roll my eyes at them, someone behind me said: 'I have some, you can borrow mine.'
I turned around and saw a girl in a Hogwarts shirt. I kid you not, she was wearing a Hogwarts shirt. And if that wasn't a big enough sign for a Friendship That Was Meant To Be, she rummaged through her Captain America bag and pulled out the exact same deodorant that I had at home. Now my first reaction was one of total jealousy: why didn't I have that awesome shirt and that even more awesome bag?! Then I realized that I'd met the human equivalent of a unicorn: a Friend That Was Meant To Be. By the end of Career Night, we were talking about superheroes, movies and books while I let all my fake high school friends clean up the mess that Career Night always left behind in the school hall.

Now if this friendship had been a regular friendship, we probably wouldn't have spoken ever again after that night. But this friendship was different. It was Meant To Be. So a few weeks later, we went to Kingsman together and that made the friendship official and also unbreakable. We went to the Avengers: Age of Ultron together and when I wanted to vandalize a street sign so it'd say 'Hermione' (because Harry Potter references on street signs make the world a better place), she was my partner of crime, holding my bicycle up while I tried to climb it to reach the sign.
Oh, and I also had a sort of guest appearance in her very first blog post and I will shamelessly promote her blog. Go follow her now!

Exactly one year after that first Career Night, now one week ago, we celebrated our friendship anniversary in our own awesome way: we started out with ugly selfies, then went on to make my best friend uncomfortable by making dirty jokes. We ended up desperately walking through the rain all through town to find a milkshake, but apparently we live in a place where it's impossible to get a milkshake after 9pm. That was more or less okay, cause with an awesome friend like her, everything is awesome, even if you ccan't get a milkshake.

Stay Awesome!

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  1. It's really nice when you have a friend blogging with you! (get her to be your tripod and hold your camera for you during your vlogs, 100% great video content) I've tried converting some of my friends to blogging but I don't think they're very keen on writing. Then again, it's probably because most of my friends are in the same line as me, either doing medicine or some other demanding degree. Another thing could be that writing has become a habit, than a hobby, so it would be hard for someone to blog regularly all of a sudden.
    ^I noticed I have a tendency to start rambling here.
    Have a nice day!

    1. I'm trying to get her in one of my videos, but it's so hard to meet up with college taking up almost all our time... Most of my friends study a language or do something creative, so it's easier to convert them to blogging. Yet still I feel like there aren't many bloggers in the Netherlands.
      Keep rambling, I love it ^-^

  2. She's the one who thinks I'm a weirdo? :P

  3. That is probably the most charming picture ever. Thanks for uploading.

    P.S. I had a milkshake the next day. I had no idea that a strawberry milkshake could make me so happy.

    1. Don't you think the world needed to see more of our charming faces? :P
      Oh man, that's just mean, telling me about that milkshake. Now you're worse than the dude who sent you a picture of McDonald's food!


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