Make It Happen, #13: Make a YouTube Video

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I think I was 15 when I first had the idea to make a YouTube video. The idea for the video was silly and I just wanted to do it because it sounded like so much fun. I asked a friend to work on the video with me, and even though she agreed to do it, she was not exactly cooperating... And by not cooperating I mean standing in front of the camera with a look on her face that resembled disgust and repeatedly asking: 'Why are we doing this?'
After that I never thought about making a YouTube video again. Not until my best friend mentioned vlogging. At first I just laughed at the idea, but then I started binge-watching Markiplier's SCP Containment Breach series and all Superwoman videos and their awesomeness inspired me. I decided trying couldn't hurt, so I went out one January day and made my first video. Let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I thought.

From Envy's Make it Happen List
#13: Make a YouTube video
Status: Awesomeness achieved

I'm a bit of a perfectionist. My motto could be 'Als je iets doet, doe het dan goed' (If you do something, do it right, well, good, great). That's why it took me so long to finish this whole project. I decided to make a video in which I show why I don't do vlogs, by showing the most boring vlog ever.

I shot the vlog on a Thursday, the 7th of January. All day long I talked to my cell phone, feeling like a fool. At some point people even said to each other: 'That girl over there is vlogging! In English!'. People pointed, people stared, but it was worth it: at the end of the day I had enough footage for a boring vlog.
That weekend I wanted to shoot the intro and outro, but ended up doing a whole lot of work for college and Teenage Blogger Central. My plans were again delayed when I heard that I'd have to shoot a video for college too. My memory card doesn't have enough storage space for both projects, so I put this one on hold. When I finally finished shooting the college video, I was so glad I could get started on the intro. Little did I know that the hardest part was yet to come...

When I started setting everything up, I broke the tripod. The thing survived decades of travelling around the world with my dad, but the minute I decide to shoot a video, it breaks. I roamed the house, searching for a screwdriver and when I found one, I tried fixing the tripod. To my own surprise, I succeeded. All was well - for about thirty seconds. Then I realized my tripod wasn't tall enough. I had two options: make a video while sitting on the floor or build a make-shift tripod. I chose the latter and the result was magnificent.

About two hours and several giggling fits later, I was done shooting the video and could start editing. Not that I knew how to edit a video, so I just used Windows Movie Maker and pretended I totally knew what I was doing. The result wasn't bad, not bad at all. I uploaded the video and was so freaking proud of myself. I'd finally made a YouTube video.

At first I was completely sure I'd never make a new video again. You see, it looks so easy on YouTube. You stand in front of a camera, do your thing, done. In reality I prepared for three hours, wrote a script, took care of all the tripod trouble, shot the actual footage and then edited it.
The next day, people watched the video and actually liked it. Asked for more. Wanted me to make more. And since I'd had so much fun shooting the video, I decided to give YouTube a shot. I don't want to become a famous YouTuber (I don't think I could handle the hate), but I'd love it if you supported me and clicked that little subscribe button.

Stay Awesome!

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