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We did it: we survived the first week of school of 2016! But maybe not the way we planned it...
Let me tell you, when my Christmas vacation started I thought I was going to be well-rested and extremely motivated by the time January 4th would come around. Last Monday I was pretty well-rested. I'd even managed to find a spark of motivation. It wasn't a big spark, but still. I had some energy and motivation, and that's what counted.
By Wednesday morning I was back to my pre-Christmas vaction state: sleep-deprived and utterly motivationless. Suddenly I found myself doing all those things stereotypical college students in the movies do. You know you've become a true college student when you've experienced these things first-hand.

#1: Washing your hair feels like a privilege
So I wake up at 7am, have breakfast, catch the bas at 7.35, attend classes till 4.40pm, arrive back home at 5.15 (in the very best case, if traffic's bad 5.30 is totally normal), have dinner and start my homework marathon at 6 and work until I fall asleep at 10pm. But wait, if I don't study chapter 1 to 4 and only do 5 to 12 for Thursday's test, I might have ten minutes to wash my hair on Wednesday and pass the test with a 55% score. Yay for me!

#2: Eating ramen all by yourself in the middle of the night surrounded by text books has become totally acceptable
Yeah, I know how to make lasagne. My spaghetti with shrimps is delicious and I can even make a Caesar salad without blowing the house up. But do I have time for all that? Don't make me laugh, of course I don't. If I did, I wouldn't be here, stuch in a fort made of text books that I all still have to read, eating cheap ramen at 11pm

#3: Zombie mode has become your default mode
Sleep deprivation my old friend, what are you doing to me? There's always this moment when I look into the mirror and see that you turned me into a zombie. No, I don't crave brains, but I do look just like I'm dead and very mindless. Yet I keep on going. I have no other choice. So there I go, dragging my feet, moving along at a snail's pace, physically present but with my mind back home in bed. Once finals come around, this way of surviving is the only way of 'living' I seem to know...

#4: Procrastinating has become an art form
A quick look inside my mind on an average Saturday: "Time to get to work. But first I'll check Blogger, so it can't distract me later on. Might as well check Twitter too then. And Instagram. Blgolovin'. Facebook. Oh, someone liked an article on some dead actor from the 50's, interesting! Or not. Actually this is even more boring than my homework.
Focus. Educational sociology. Deadline is next week...
I think I heard my phone. Was it my phone? Let me check real quick before I start working. Oooooh, my friend sent me a cat video! Better watch that first!
Morning is almost over now... Might as well start working after lunch."
Seriously, the minute I have to get to work, everything suddenly becomes so freaking interesting. Everything except my homework, that is...

#5: Skype sessions with your study group end in chaos
'Envy, you there?'
'Yeah, I'm here. I can see you.'
'I can see you too. Where's Debbie?'
'I don't know, I only see her profile picture. Where's Alex?'
'I'm here!'
'Oh, now I see you!'
'Guys? I can't see you!'
'Debbie? Why are you only a profile picture?'
'I don't know!'
A full hour later only one question regarding college has been answered, yet the biggest mystery is why Debbie is only a picture... The funny thing about my study group: no matter how chaotic our skype sessions are, we always end up top of the class.

#6: Words like 'sleep' and 'vacation' are the only things that spark your interest
'Envy, have you read that book?'
No reaction.
'Envy, can you pass the ketchup?'
No reaction.
'Envy, did you get good grades last semester?'
No reaction.
'Envy, are you going to do something fun in your vacation? Besides sleeping?'
'Vacation? God, I love vacation. I'm going to sleep 12 hours a night all vacation long.'

#7: Finally have time? Well, now you have no idea what to do with it
All the items on the To Do List are done. All the exams were written, all the books read, all the essays already graded... You've found the thing that's even more mythical than unicorns: time to yourself. You could do whatever you wanted... But what?
One hour pass
Another one passes.
And another one.
Half a day later you still don't know what to do with all the time you suddenly have, so you end up doing nothing...

Let me tell you this: there are days when I'm nothing but grateful to get an education like this. But on other days, when my hair is dirty, I can't sleep and my food is cheap and disgusting, I'd like nothing more than becoming a drop-out. Or a full-time blogger. Sounds like a plan, don't you think?

Stay Awesome!

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2 Fellow Ramblers

  1. This post was so relatable it actually made me snort. Washing my hair feels like a luxury for me, firstly because I'm usually busy (I try to wash it 'strategically', e.g, the morning of the day I have a lot of classes, so lots of people will see me and think my hair is always this clean, and it won't be dirty again until the day I have only 1 class), but also because the hot water supply in our apartment is so unpredictable.. If hot water is there, I shower whether I need to or not because this opportunity is as rare as an eclipse of the moon.

    Even though college is meant to open your mind, I always think my creativity is shutdown, and my energy is too distracted with just trying to get up/be on time/cook/etc to actually do any deep thinking. And you're definitely right about free time - when I'm busy I find 100s of fun things to do, but when I'm on vacation, I don't know what to do without deadlines/work/etc. Like you said, college is like a zombie wasteland. It's like a different time zone, where everything is in slow motion, yet you're frantically aware how slow you're moving.

    Great post :)

    1. Mission accomplished, I made someone snort! I've never washed my hair at strategic moments, but I'm going to remember that strategy. I think I'm lucky that I can go on for six days without washing my hair. It doesn't look great after six days, but most people think I've straightened my hair when I haven't been able to wash it in a while :P

      If anything, college has shut my mind. I used to be lost in my own stories all day long, now I don't evne know what to blog about most of the time... I have no idea how people are able to pass their exams and have a social life and be creative on top of that. College isn't just a different time zone, it's like the twilight zone :P


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