You Know You're a Blogger When...

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I know a lot of people who think that you aren't a real blogger if you can't make a living of it. Or that you need at least 100 followers to be a blogger. It's one of the biggest pieces of nonsense I've ever encountered in my life - and believe me, I've seen and heard a lot of nonsense in the past 19 years, 2 months and 16 days.

Being a blogger is a feeling that you have. That little rush of excitement when you hit 'publish'. It has nothing to do with followers or money. It's more about all the quirky little habits you develop as you blog. At some point we all realize we've become a weirdly awesome blogger. I knew I was a blogger when...

...I started doing a special victory dance every time I gained a follower or passed a milestone
"Dad, I have 85 followers!"

...I started taking pictures of just about anything
"Oh, are you going to post your food on Instagram?"
"No, I'm going to write a post on how I almost blew up the kitchen while trying to prepare this dish." blog buddies became the first people to hear all my news, both good and bad
*enters #spacepoliceradio* "Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys, I've got news!"
Three hours later: "Maybe I should tell my parents now that I'm going to do an internship on the other side of the world..."

...Blogger was always open on a tab somewhere
"Envy, is your part of the powerpoint presentation done?"
"Envy, have you found any new information?"
"Envy, have you done anything at all today?"
Sorry, what? I promise you I wasn't checking up on stats! *quickly closes Blogger tab* 

...literally everything inspired me to write a post
Ooooh, is that toilet paper with dragons on it? Bananas in Costa Rica taste better than bananas in the Netherlands. Oh, I forgot to water my plant, I should tell the world about this! 
Did that guy on the street seriously slip on a banana peel? This book is boring, but I'm going to finish it so I can rant about it on my blog!

Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, but we all have a few things in common: we are all awesome and a little crazy in our own amazing way. My craziness usually means a lot of silly dancing and screen-staring.
What little things made you realize you were a blogger?

Stay Awesome!

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10 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Loved this post Envy!
    I guess I realised I was a blogger when I became completely aware that anything I'd come across in my day to day life I could share with the world and people would actually enjoy it, I think its a pretty awesome feeling:)

    1. Thank you!
      I know the feeling you described! When I felt like that, I started mentally writing blog posts about every single things I saw XD

  2. this is so accurate it hurts

    1. I hope it doesn't hurt too much :P

  3. This literally describes my blogging journey. x As you probably already know, Peridot Cove is not my first blog. My first blog, which is actually still up, consisted of me aspiring to be someone I was not- a girly girl, you could say, a casual teen who was trying her hardest to run a fashion and beauty blog. It wasn't right for me. I wasn't putting my heart into that blog - but with Peridot Cove, I feel like an entirely new person. xx Blogging has become refreshing for me, something I can always rely on to share my work with the world. I've had amazing opportunities to meet some amazing girls - like you, Envy. ;) <3 You were one of the very first bloggers I discovered, and I am always eager for more posts from you.
    As always, this was such a funny and wonderfully-written post!
    ~ Sanjana

    1. As always, your comment made my day :)
      I'm glad you aren't trying to be someone you're not, cause I feel like I know the person you are and she is pretty awesome :)

  4. Taking photos of everything and finding everything inspiring is absolutely accurate in every way :') I guess everything just needs to be documented when you're part of such a fabulous community. In some ways though, and I'm ashamed and surprised to be saying this, I feel like I'm no longer like that. I take photos, but not for my blog. Today I had trouble sitting down to write a post for the first time, and that's a problem.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Oh that's just a phase, M! I went through that at least twice! It's not the end of the world if you're out of inspiration for a while. I asked for help from other bloggers on Twitter when I went through an inspirationless time and they helped me out perfectly :)

  5. Hi,
    I just finished reading your entire blog and I've fallen in love with it. Your posts are so honest and funny. I would love if you visited my blog, maybe even gave your opinion on it. Also, I would love if we could collaborate and write a post together. Maybe you could just write a guest post? I don't know. But if you are interested in writing for my blog, just email me @
    BTW, Envy, I really envy your blog!!!!!

    1. Oh thank you :)
      I'll think about doing a guest post, can't promise anything though.


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