High School Drama: Consider it Solved

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When I started this blog, I was right in the middle of a beautiful piece of high school drama. And when my drama wasn't interesting enough, someone else would be going through a major 'crisis'. My friends and I could totally freak out over clothes, phones and boys. Oh, how times have changed...
These days I only experience college drama, which is real drama: people failing their most important class, people breaking up after a five-year relationship, people being forced to drop out of college for various reasons. So when I hear the kids at my internship school talk, I can't help but shrug. High school drama? Consider it solved!

OMG, did you see her shirt?!

Yes, I did see that girl's shirt. No, I didn't like it either. If you want my honest opinion: it looks terrible on her. But you know what? Talking about it behind her back is not going to make a difference. The girl will be wearing the shirt anyways and you'll be fed-up over something you can't change. My advice? Look the other way. Problem solved.

OMG, this guy asked me out but I don't like him!
Seriously? You seriously don't know what to do? It's so easy. If a guy asks you out, but you really don't like him, just say 'no'. Saying 'no' isn't that hard. You know what will be hard? Rejecting him after going on a date with him. He'll have his hopes up and stare at you with puppy eyes... Just say 'no' while it's still easy.

OMG, I only have 250MB for the rest of the week!
Ha! 250MB for a week? I have 200MB for a whole month! There is literally no need for drama in this case. Not even if you're a real smartphone zombie. You know what you should do? Use that free wifi almost every school in this country is offering. Use the wifi at home. Or even better: tear your eyes from that tiny screen and talk to your friends. Go do something fun. You don't need a smartphone to feel alive!

OMG, I'll never have a serious relationship!
Dear fifteen year old girl. Will you please CALM THE FLYING F DOWN?! You're fifteen. You're a tall blonde. There are tons of guys willing to date you, but not having found The One before your sweet 16 is not a disaster. I'm eighteen and I still haven't found anyone capable of liking me. Do I mope about that? Okay maybe a little but that's not the point. Just go live your life, enjoy your high school days and one day you'll find someone who'll like you. It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but it will happen. You're only fifteen. No need to be impatient and cause drama.

OMG, I have a test tomorrow and I haven't studied yet!
Well, you have today. Go home after class, open your book and study. Usually you'll be able to pass the test without much effort. And if you don't pass, it'll only bring your average down a little. You know what would be worse? Failing a crucial test in college and thus being forced to drop out. Happens all the time. Now that little high school test of yours doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?

OMG, I actually hate my friend!
Yeah, I know it's tough to have a friend who annoys the living daylight out of you. Been there, done that. The best thing to do is to tell them face to face that you want to take a break from your friendship. It's not fun, but it'll change your life for the better. In the end, you friend will move on and annoy someone else. Don't go pretend you like your friend, that only makes things worse.

OMG, people think I'm in love with my best friend!
Do you have something to admit to yourself? Yes? Okay, then why cause drama by trying to deny the rumours? Rumours will always be there. You'll just have to accept that little fact and move on. No one is waiting fro a three-year soap around you and your best friend.
Wait, you're not in love with your best friend? No problem, just be friends and have fun. That's what friends are for. Ignore those people who believe you should get together. If you listen to them too much, you'll probably ruin you friendship.

You see, there's an easy solution to high school drama. But let's face it: secretly we all adore a but of drama. It makes high school just a little more fun. So if you're in high school: enjoy your drama days. Just don't go on about it when there's a stressed out college freshman in the room. She'll probably kill you for not being practical and moving on with you life.

Stay Awesome!

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  1. High School drama..one thing that my blog proves is that I had too much of it :P
    But I never had that shirt or test one..we had uniforms in school so lol :P and test well I was usually prepared even if I wasn't I didn't cry a river about it..that best friend one well I'm not gonna comment on that one I think my comics speaks for itself :P
    It felt so important back then..now I'm usually like so what?you're just in school enjoy don't cry about it..Whenever my cousin visits me she's going on and on about her school and tests and I'm like it's school test it won't matter even if you fail...or when I see people in school posting those love of life kind of status I feel like commenting "Seriously?"..and that hate my friend one is the most ridiculous how can you call someone friend and then hate them..Kids are throwing the word hate way too casually..And the girly girls going on about others shirt and shoes..I think they're annoying I've liked the little less drama more independent and kinda tomboyish girls..(the one I'm currently making comics about used to be a tomboy )...I don't have internet active on my mobile I only use wifi at home or sometimes at college because I know if I activate it on my mobile I'll loose the precious internet-less hours I have in a day but I see people always going on and on about limited data limit they're left with..And the thing I don't understand about school people is that why they're all interesting who likes who..not only school people in general everyone..recently a boy and girl in my college started dating and everyone is on their case I find that so annoying sometimes I feel like asking him how does it feels to have so many noses in his business :P

    1. We all got our fair share of high school drama :) I just think of it as 'important' life experience now.
      We had all kinds of clothes related drama (resulting in a hideous green sweater becoming famous with all kids in freshman year). I wish I was like you and not crying about tests. It took me years to realize it wasn't a disaster to fail a high school test.
      I think the 'hating your friend' thing is typical for girls. I had this friend who really got on my nerves and I gave her pretty clear signals that I wasn't amused by her behaviour. She didn't understand and it got worse and worse. Meanwhile she was telling people about the great friendship we had and I was just like: 'No, she annoys me!' So in the end I just told her, hurt her feelings badly, but solved a major problem and cause high school drama for years to come :P By the way, both that friend and I were tomboys. We just had a knack for sudden outbursts of drama :P
      I'm forced to have the internet on on my cell phone because of one of my classes. Long story, but it comes down to the possibility of receiving an e-mail at some random time during the day and if I don't respond in time I don't get my credits. Otherwise I'd be like you and not have the internet on if I'm not at home. It's not like we need it to survive or something XD

    2. It's funny when I tell people to go away or that I don't like them they think I'm being funny and start laughing.I care about college test a bit because these one's matter,I also cared about the tests in school that really mattered like final examination in grade 10th and 12th (Even scored a good grade in both everyone was surprised).
      We change a lot once we leave school.We meet all different kinds of new people and we start thinking for ourselves.

  2. I'm Homeschooled so this doesn't really apply to me, but my friend that goes to public high-school mentions stuff like this happening all the time! Glad I'm homeschooled so I can concentrate on my work and not have to worry about some girl that hates my shirt.
    Mae :)

    1. No drama, one of the advantages of being homeschooled. And not having to worry about people criticizing your clothes... sounds a little bit like heaven :)
      It really takes your mind of work if you're involved in a drama, but you get used to it. Part of every day life and, to be honest, I wouldn't have wanted to miss it :P

  3. this is so true. lol. thank you for saying this because man drama is the worst. I wish people (aka, me.) would stop complaining so much because wow its just annoying and really, life goes on. not to say that you cant freak out over little things, but I think we should try not to do it so much.

    plus I love how sassy you got here. lol

    1. Sometimes we just have to get it out of our system, don't we? And as long as I'm not heavily involved in the drama, I used to like it. It's funny to see other people freak out over guy drama XD
      Thanks for your compliment :) It made my day :)

  4. Have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls? Gosh, all of these things happened yesterday, and the part where all of the girls enter into the gymnasium to sort out all of the drama and stuff happened. I'm glad to see this post ^.^

    xoxo Morning

    1. I've never seen that movie, but I've heard my friends go on and on and on about it. But for some reason they never wanted to watch it with me. Probably because they knew how I thought about drama :P
      Glad to see you're glad to see this post ^-^

  5. Hi! Really cool post! Please check out my blog thanks! shinenelevate.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Ahh high school drama is so annoying :x This post was really funny though haha (and helpful!) :-)


    1. I used to think it was annoying, now I still think that when high school kids complain to me, but I also liked to be part of the whole circus sometimes. Good to hear you liked the post :)

  7. It's interesting looking back at high school dramas from a new viewpoint, isn't it? I was homeschooled, so I never had half as much drama as school kids do, but I still look back at the things I worried about a few years ago and laugh, because my problems nowadays are actually more serious like, as you said, failing an important class. But I guess every age has the problems that seem really important at the time. It's just fun to look back and see what we worried about at a certain point in life, isn't it?

    1. My new viewpoint has made high school drama so funny. A bit ridiculous, but also very funny :)
      I think we all look back on our earlier worries, shrug and think: was that all?
      Even though worrying isn't Always fun, I think we should, in a way, enjoy the moments when we worry. Because, like you said, later on we'll be able to look back at it and maybe even have a laugh over it :)
      Thanks for commenting!


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