The College Experience: November

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As the rest of the blogosphere did what it usually does, I had serious trouble juggling my blogging career, my college career, social life (okay, maybe not that one, I quit being social the minute I discovered the internet) and athletics. College was all fun and games until the dreaded midterms/finals came up...

This year is divided in four parts. Each part is called a 'block'. There's eight weeks to a block. And a week full of tests and exams at the end of each block. It's actually a lot like my senior year in high school. However, I had no idea what to expect this time. Probably 20 German sentences for Syntax. A mere 1500 German words for Sprachtraining. A letter about my every day life for the same course. Oral examination for Spracherwerb. The theory behind teaching kids to read German texts for Fachdidaktik. And the worst one: Oh yes, 40 multiple choice questions on adolescent psychology and its effect on education for Preparing For Internship. I was very sure this week would mark the end of my college career.

Everyone, yes everyone, was totally freaking out. People stayed up all night to study. Then picked up their phones, neglected their books and complained that they had to study all night. People were telling eachother horror stories about how difficult it all was. About how they had no idea how to learn for every course at the same time.

Well, turning your phone of would help
I started to panick. It didn't help that G. had told me that I had to pass Preparing For Internship (PFI as we call it). Didn't pass PFI? Bad luck, not internship for you!
I went crazy. I dropped everything. I neglected my blog, I had tons of posts in mind that I couldn't write, I couldn't promote my blog or contest as much as I would've liked... It's was a rough month. The college experience became one big torture...

Now, two weeks later, I've got most results back. I passed PFI with 8.8 out of 10 points. Syntax with 9 out of 10. Fachdidaktik with 10 out of 10!
I passed all my exams with outstanding results. But I'm still not very happy. I've done too much this month. I have to slow down, reconsider my schedule and probably take a step back. College has my highest priority at the moment and I'm simply doing too much in my scarce free minutes.
What does that mean for Picking up the Pieces? Probably not very much. I'll find a way to keep posting as much as possible. I'm announcing the winner of my contest this Wednesday and I have two very Dutch posts prepared for you!

My sense of humor has more or less disappeared since I started thinking about what to write for this months College Experience post. Alas, I can't make it any more beautiful than it is at the moment. I'll do whatever it takes to keep on blogging! But if I disappear for a while, send a rescue team this way: I'll probably be buried under land slide of homework!

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  1. Well done on passing your exams! Good luck with the internship :)

    1. Thanks. Even though I'm super tired, I'm looking forward to the internship!

  2. Picking up the pieces
    I have semester system each year is divided into 2 sems..I got finals for this sem coming up..and practicals as well...and your post made me realize I have to study for them :O
    You gotta pass an exam to be eligible to get an internship?In engineering we only have to give the exam/interview for the internship itself.
    PS - great job done on your exam :D

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Go study! I know blogging is waaaaaay more fun, but still, go study! ;)
      Not every person in college has to pass this exam to be eligible for an internship, but you have to if you want to become a teacher... I wish it was as easy as an exam/interview on the thing itself...
      And thank you :)

  3. Congratulations on passing your exam! :D


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