The Perks of Being an Unknown Blogger

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Some mornings... Actually most mornings... I wake up (*gasp* what a surprise!), put some almost decent and clean clothes on (college is hell for your wardrobe), scurry down the stairs, force myself to eat some breakfast and then, before I almost fall asleep again, I turn on my laptop.
Every normal college student who doesn't blog checks their mail and Facebook first. Not me. I head straight to Blogger dashboard to stare at that same old lousy number: 34. 'Still 34,' a voice inside my head says, 'and that's not going to change soon, because your blog sucks.' I hate to admit it, but I actually listen to that voice. Even when there are so many awesome things about having a teeny tiny blog and being an unknown blogger. What's more, there are tons of small blogs like mine out there! We should appreciate the perks of being an unknown blogger! So to celebrate my unknownness, here's a list of my favorite advantages of having a small scale blog.

#1: Answering your comments - all of them
You won't believe how many big and beautiful blogs I've seen. The posts are great and thought-provoking and you're just dying to comment on them. So you do and if you are a little bit like me, you look forward to seeing an answer. But the answer never comes. The blogger is busy having a big blog and doesn't have time anymore to asnwer all their comments.
That's something that will never happen to be. I answer each and everyone of my comments. My blog is low maintenance, I have lots of time to answer comments.

#2: Volunteering
If you have enough time to answer your own comments and leave some kind comments on other blogs and still have some time left, you can volunteer. No chance of doing this when your blog gets too big, but at this moment my blog is small and I can volunteer at Teenage Blogger Central. Writing posts and commenting for something that's bigger than you is the most fulfilling thing I've experienced in quite a while :)

#3: That one follower
As an unknown blogger who answers all her comments, I get to know my regular commenters pretty well. There aren't a whole lot of regular commenters on my blog, but at some point someone started following me actively and that was the best feeling in the world. I think Catalina is my most active follower and if my blog had been bigger, I never would have been able to have the online friendship with her that I have now. She makes my day time after time by simply being there. That's the effect that kind comments every now and then can have on unknown bloggers andit's awesome :)

#4: Down the drain with that schedule!
At some point in time you may have had a blogging schedule. Big blogs with a 'weekly menu' definitely have a schedule, but even a blog as small as mine has a schedule. But when a big blog ingores the schedule, an angry mob of followers will go on a digital man hunt and demand answers: why didn't you post your rants on time?!
I will never have that problem with 34 followers. No one will be mad if I do Picture Perfect Memories two days earlier than usual (I hope) and I can post whenever and wherever I want, no one will have a panic attack when I don't post for a week XD.

#5: Someone new stalking you
But the absolute best part of having a blog as small as mine is going to Blogger dashboard and seeing your number of followers has gone up. Nothing can make me as happy as a new follower. I honestly walk around with a grin on my face for a week. I do a little victory dance, have a celebratory cup cake and work on my next posts with twice as much enthousiasm as before.

Even though I like having a lot of time for my followers, even though I love the freedom of posting whenever I feel like it, even though I enjoy the feeling I get when I see that someone new is following me, I still dream of having a big blog one day. But blogging isn't about the number of followers or the amount of pageviews. Blogging is about spreading and sharing awesomeness.
So always remember: Stay awesome to all your friends and followers, no matter how big your blog is! And if your blog is not big: Stay awesome too, because the world needs your awesomeness!

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12 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Amazing post, Envy!!! I've been following your blog for a little while and haven't gotten the chance to comment yet. So here I am. ;) I totally agree with all those! I love your style of writing. :) You seem like an awesome person, and I'm glad I found your blog. <3

    1. I noticed you started following me, I'm so happy you left a comment on this post now :) Especially if it's such a huge compliment. Thank you for making my day!

  2. have 34 followers? I have 15, and that's counting my best friend's now inactive account. And I see your blog button on other people's blogs. You're not unknown! (At least, not in my book.) ♡

    1. Well, I've been blogging for almost two years now and, taking that in consideration, 34 is not a lot but I'm happy with every single follower :) Also, I only started promoting myself more since July, if you looked around the blogosphere in May you wouldn't have seen my blog anywhere :P
      One of my followers is a deactivated account from a friend too XD Coincidence?
      Thank you for your kind comment, it's great to hear from people who enjoy reading my posts and who think I'm not one of those unknown bloggers that I think I am ^.^

  3. Me every time I see Envy has a new blog post:
    Me when I saw I was mentioned in this blog post:
    How I imagine us as blogging buddies:
    (too bad we can't have pictures in comments >.>)

    1. Those gifs are amazing! Really too bad we can't have them in the comments, that would be so awesome!
      Your comment is so sweet and awesome and great! Honestly, I'm going to print this (even though that screws up the gifs) and put it on the fridge :D Especially the one about our blogging buddies relationship made me laugh out loud. It fits our digital friendship prefectly :D

  4. Great post! Its amazing when you make blogging buddies and everyone becomes really close! Also, number 5! ^.^ I walk around the whole day telling everyone and squealing in excitement about the increase!

    1. Thank you! I think that my becoming friends with other bloggers from around the world is what I like best about blogging :)
      Number 5 is definitely my favorite activity when it comes to blogging. Lately I've been driving my Dad crazy with it. Every day when he came home I'd be like: 'Dad, I got another follower! Dad, I reached 8000 pageviews!'
      And he was like: 'Yeah, great.' He loves me, but he has no idea how much one follower more or less matters to me XD

  5. Envy,

    Beautiful post as always! I really like the idea of focusing on the blessings of having a small community through blogging. And totally also agree with #5! There's something really fulfilling when you know that you've written something that someone appreciated. :)

    Have a great day,
    -Riley XO

    1. Thank you Riley :)
      If we don't focus on what we have, we just become greedy and won't be able to appreciate what we already have. I hope I'll never reach that point when a seeing new follower doesn't make me do a happy dance around the house anymore.
      Also, maybe a small community may be a whole lot better than a big one, since you can get to know eachother better when there aren't thousands of other people around that you could get to know too

  6. Girl I feel you!! I'm currently at 31 followers and I'm about to hit the two year mark in roughly a month and a half. There are a ton of things I enjoy about running a small blog though. Number one is most certainly the friendships I make between other bloggers and also the ability to talk to my followers in the comment section. Also I am the WORST at regular blogging so it's probably for the best that I don't have thousands of people waiting for my next blogging move haha.

    1. Then our blogoversary must be around the same day! Mine is up in roughly a month and a half too!
      I enjoy the friendships too, its great that we both have the time to have this conversation :) I only started regular blogging like last month, before that it was just blogging whenever I felt like it, but it's a huge relief to me too that there aren't lots of people out there who'll get upset if I disappear of the face of the internet for a couple of days... or weeks... Probably not months, but still. But remember, there's at least one person (hehe, me) out there waiting for your next blogging move ;)


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