The College Experience: September

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What's life like when you're in college? Until a month ago, I had no idea. I wasn't looking forward to finding out either. I had to force myself to get on the bus the very first day. And when I arrived in Rotterdam, I panicked: college life was not going to be the way I'd imagined.

On my very first day I was squashed into a church with about 500 other college freshmen. It would be an understatement to say that it was uncomfortable. We listened to speeches, speeches and more speeches. When it was over, the uncomfotableness continued, but with less people around.
First week was dedicated to introducing ourselves to our classmates. So we had to do teambuilding activities in a park. And that's when It started to go wrong for me. First of all: I was a little spastic. Second: I called a guy 'Orkaan' (Dutch for hurricane) while his name is 'Borkán'. I was totally convinced the guy had sadistic parents who'd called their kid Hurricane, but no... Socially awkward Envy didn't score much points with her classmates that day.
As the week progressed I got to know my classmates better. I talked to everyone and tried to make new friends. Soon an aura of awesomeness started to surround us during our Rotterdam Tour.

Awesome, right?
Now, three weeks later, I've found my place in the class, which is basically just one big group of make-believe Germans. Wait, I haven't explained the German thing yet, have I?
Long story short: I'm studying German to become a teacher. Not many people want to do that, so we're all together in one class, have all our classes together and have no contact whatsoever with the other language students, because 'WE ARE THE GERMANS'. Yes, German is a great language for yelling :)

Classes are great. I haven't had that many, so I can't tell much about it yet. 
The teachers are sometimes a bit overexcited and intimidating. And sometimes I just don't understand them. I recently said during Grammatik: 'I think I need new glasses.' My teacher responded: 'You're always such a sweet girl.' 
Huh?!Okay, if you say so...
Nonetheless, I'm enjoying college to the fullest. I still finding my way and place there, but I'll give you an update once a month. I need to schedule my posts now and monthly recurring things are easy to remember :) It's not that I have little time, it's more that I am swept away by a tsunami of information. I haven't learned that much yet, but now I do know that
  • the German word for 'mind map' is 'Wortigel', which translates back to 'word hedgehog'.
  • revolving doors are not my friends.
  • 'wo ai ni' is Chinese for 'I love you'.
  • my real name is Turkish for 'mom'.
  • waving a German flag in front of a WW II museum is not a good idea...
So what's life in college like? I still don't really know yet. But I'm determined to find out. Next month I'll be back with another College Experience post. Until then: follow my Low Battery Challenge, read my other posts, do a dance, sing a song, read a book, but most important: stay awesome!

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  1. Wow this was a really interesting post! Waving a german flag in front of a ww2 museum does sound like a bad idea xD college seems amazing *__* I can't wait for my admissions and terms to get started >.>

    1. Thank you :)
      We didn't wave that flag on purpose! We were just walking around with these flags and one of the girls got really excited about waving a flag and started this overexcited wave routine. No one but me noticed she was standing in front of that museum when she did it for the first time XD
      I hope you can start college soon, it's really cool and I think you're more than ready to start ;)

  2. "Word hedgehog" just makes me so happy..

    1. Me too :) I just love how different languages have such original words when you translate them back into your own language :)

  3. Have fun in college!!
    Visit my site? Let me know if you did. x



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