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The Liebster award has come to my little corner of the internet again! I was awarded by Riley from Smiles No Matter, which was a real surprise, because I didn’t even know she was reading my posts!

And as usual, I have to start with 11 facts about myself.
#1: Watching shows such as Wicked Tuna is my guilty pleasure.
#2: My Dad and I sometimes quote entire scenes from Family Guy.
#3: I hate my country’s national color: orange. It’s such an overexcited bright shade of orange that it hurts my eyes.
#4: It took me 17 years to discover that ‘lederhosen’ literally is German for ‘leather pants’.
#5: I can be extremely superstitious: I have a lucky pen, pencil, shoes, shirt and necklace.
#6: I don’t like Chris Hemsworth as Thor. To me, he’s not Thor, just Chris Hemsworth with a hammer.
#7: When there’s no one home, I secretly watch Star Trek: the next generation on Belgian television.
#8: I’ve got a series op pigment spots on my leg that looks like a barcode. My Dad says it actually is a barcode, because he bought me as a present for my Mom at Ikea.
#9: My favourite word in the English language is ‘pope’. It’s so much fun to say, just like my favourite Dutch word ‘dompelpomp’.
#10: My fingers are disproportionally long for my hands, but I see that as some kind of superpower: it enables me to type superfast.
#11: I once had a carnivorous plant called Rufus. I fed it a ton of flies, but it died because I forgot to give it water…

And now the answers to Riley’s eleven questions!
#1: What’s your favourite song and why?
I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last week. Norway’s song made such a big impression on me that I promoted it from ‘nice song’ to favourite song. The lyrics mean a lot to me, because I want to find someone who tells me I belong too. It hit home and almost made me cry.

#2: How do you show love to the people you love?
I don’t. Or so I’ve been told. But if I really care, I write my feelings down in a letter or poem and give that to the person I love.

#3: Is there something in your life that can make you smile no matter what?
G.’s terrible jokes. E.’s face. Good memories. There’s actually quite a lot J

#4:Name an accomplishment that you’re proud of.
Becoming head editor of the school paper with Roos and S.. We couldn’t help it from failing, since we ended up making the entire paper with just the three of us, but for a while it felt really great to be the head editor.

#5: What’s your favourite article of clothing?
The Batman sweater I recently bought. It’s exactly warm enough for cold days, yet also perfect for a late summer night.

#6: Do you think of graffiti as vandalism or art?
Mostly vandalism. Writing your name on the wall of someone else’s house is pure vandalism. But if it’s a beautiful mural on one of those assigned graffiti walls, then it’s art.

#7: What is your favourite genre of music?
I like everything country, folk or indie, but no techno or dance.

#8:Describe the best dream you’ve ever had!
One time I dreamt I was back in Novato, the place I spend all my summers as a child, playing quidditch! It was great, until I did a looping (not on purpose) and flew into a fence…

#9: What’s one thing you do for self-care (what is one way you recharge)?
I go for a run. Whenever I’m tired or depressed or stressed, I go running for about 30 minutes. By the time I get back home, I always feel a lot better, a lot more alive.

#10: You just won a free vacation to anywhere in the world! Where are you headed?
Japan. I’m curious about the place where the Otaku culture and Godzilla originate from.

#11: Why do you blog?
I needed a place where I could speak freely without anyone judging me. But the posts I wrote in those days annoy me now. I’m slowly taking my blog in another direction. I like to see it turn into a place where I can talk about my ideas and opinions in a creative way.

And the last part: nominating people and asking them 11 questions (why 11? Why always 11?!). I usually cheat a bit when it comes to this, because if I were to award 11 people, the award would get kind of stuck in the same corner of the blogosphere for a while.
Anyway, I want to award Tigi and Karissa, two girls who work with me on the Senior Year guest posts at Teenage Blogger Central!

The 11 (slightly odd) questions for them:
#1: If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?
#2: Do you have a childhood dream that you’re still hanging on to?
#3: Have you ever secretly planned a ‘perfect murder’ with your friends?
#4: What’s your favourite tv-series and why?
#5: What’s the first thing you would do in case of a zombie apocalypse?
#6: What was your biggest (irrational) fear when you were a kid? (for example: I was afraid there was a shark living in my bed...)
#7: What’s your least favourite color and why?
#8: Do you think humans will colonize Mars some day?
#9: Do you believe in paranormal activity, like poltergeist stuff?
#10: What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

#11: Why do you think that everything comes down to the number 11 with this whole Liebster award thing?

And that concludes my award post. Thanks again, Riley, for nominating me!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Hi Envy,

    Thanks for the nomination! Here you find my answers:

    I awarded Ginger :-)

    1. You're welcome ;)
      I read your answers, they're great!

  2. Envy, I think that the quality of your posts is great, and they're getting better! I look forward to see where you'll take it in the future. Best of luck!

    Tigi, I'm so glad that you awarded Ginger. She has made such a great contribution to the teenage blogging community and she definitely deserves it. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I try my hardest to keep it up. I realized the old posts I did weren't... I don't know how to say this in proper English, but I didn't like the way they were going anymore, I thought I could do something better.


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