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Every now and then I try to be a serious travel blogger. I write about a place I visited and tell about the things I did there. That's all nice and stuff, but I feel like I never capture the way a place made me feel. So while I was in Edinburgh, I tried something different. I wrote down my loudest and most random thoughts and put them all together in one weird blog post to show you guys how Scotland made me feel. Ready for the madness? Here it comes!

Every time I'm in the UK I'm 99% sure I'll die in a tragic car accident because I looked the wrong way before crossing the road.

This city has so many stairs. Why did I pick a city with so many stairs?

I'm so going to get lost. There's no logic here at all. Or... Never mind, found my way. Still no logic anywhere though.

My sneeze sounds so Dutch. Would people be able to hear I'm Dutch by the way I sneeze?

Okay, this American guy is pretty cool. Crazy enough to walk up Arthur's Seat with me. I like that.

Why did I think this was a good idea? Why did I want to walk up Arthur's Seat while I can't even bend my knee?!

Wasn't this place in the T2 Trainspotting trailer?

Aaaand I'm at a graveyard. How do I always manage to end up in such weird places?

I need to stop mentally yelling TRAINSPOTTING whenever I see a junkie. Or a drunk person. Or just people in general.

Oh my god a Trainspotting shirt!

Damn it Envy, stop it with the Trainspotting nonsense already. You don't even know how that movie ends because you were too busy doing... other stuff.

I've heard more bagpipes in the last 48 hours than in the previous 20 years of my life.

The birthplace of Harry Potter is freaking awesome. I want to live here.

When can I come back to Edinburgh? Five days is not enough!

Next time I need to do more Harry Potter stuff. Like, all of it. 

Oh. My. God. A cat! Craigmillar Castle has a cat! It's so cute!

Okay, it's kinda weird that that cat is following us around everywhere.

Shit, it's even followed us up to the roof.

Damn it, other tourists stole out cat. Wee bastards!

My English mind voice is starting to get a Scottish accent...

Why can't I ever say goodbye to a travel buddy without bawling my eyes out?

That guy looks like he could be part of the cast of Trainsp... NO. No Envy, no! No. More. Trainspotting!

This place is so freaking haunted and I love it. Seriously, paranormal activity this way please!

I miss Scotland. And I'm not even gone yet.

I made new friends, yay for new friends!

Why did my new friends and I think the Edinburgh Dungeon was a good idea if we all hate jump scares?

I refuse to go home. I don't wanna. Would it still be possible to get off this plane now? No? Well, I guess I'll have to come back to Edinburgh real soon then.

Long story short, Edinburgh made me feel excited, happy and a little freaked out at times. There is so much to discover that I feel like I haven't even seen a tenth of its awesomeness. I need to get back to Scotland asap. And when I do, I'll definitely write more weird travel posts about it!

x Envy

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20 Fellow Ramblers

  1. I absolutely love this! Such a unique way of expressing your thoughts and feelings towards a place.

    I'm trying to get into travel writing, and I find that there's so many people writing the same things about the same places, it's so important to try and be a little bit different and think outside the box, which you've done wonderfully here!

    Look forward to reading about more of your adventures :)

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! It was a bit of a gamble, since I've never seen it done before, but I think the concept works pretty well :)
      I'm kinda out of it at the moment, but I'm trying to get some posts sorted out soon!

  2. The Dutch sneezing quote really did make me giggle, Envy! I love your unique take on travel posts like this, it makes a city come to life through someone else's thoughts! Five days would certainly not be enough for me in Edinburgh either, I can't wait to visit myself!

    Abbey 🍉

    1. I have to admit that quote made me giggle as I thought it for the very first time as well, hahaha. I hoped I'd bring the place to life by writing about it this way, but I wasn't sure it'd work. I'm so glad to hear it did!
      You'll love Edinburgh when you get to go there, I'm sure of it ^-^

  3. Loving your writing style here - it's so funny! We visited Edinburgh in March and had the best time.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | Food & Baker

    1. Thank you! Edinburgh is awesome in March, isn't it?

  4. I love the original spin you've put on this post! (I've only been to Scotland maybe three times, so I think our experiences would be very different..)

    1. Three times, I'm jealous! This was my first time there and I just have to go back now.

  5. Awww. This was so cute. I totally loved reading about the random things going on iniside your head.

    1. Thanks, I'll probably do this type of post more often now ^-^

  6. loved reading your thoughts throughout your trip! nice idea

  7. I totally relate to the first one -- when I went to the U.K. last year, I was almost run over by bikes approximately a zillion times! And I'd probably have the same stream of Harry Potter- and Trainspotting-related thoughts as you. It sounds like you had such exciting adventures!


    1. The UK is a dangerous place for everyone who drives on the right side of the road!
      Honestly, my days in Edinburgh were the best five days of 2017 so far. I loved obsessing over Hary Potter and Trainspotting there, it made it all feel so real.

  8. Haha I don't think I've ever read a post like this and I loved it! It certainly made my giggle to myself :) I have yet to go to Scotland but am hoping to visit soon; a blogging pal lives there and I want to go!! That graveyard is so gorgeous; I love quirky, unique places. The Trainspotting it!

    1. I really wanted to try something new and sorta original, so I'm very glad to hear you liked it so much! I hope you get to go to Scotland real soon, it's awesome. All the graveyards I visited there were beautiful. Looking back on it now I wish I'd gone there at night as well.
      My ex-boyfriend will kill me for those Trainspotting thoughts since it was him who introduced me to it and I'm not taking it seriously at all, it was just too funny to keep thinking about it the way I did while I was in Scotland, hahaha.

  9. I can't believe this is the last one! I feel like I've been to Edinburgh with you.
    Cora ❤

    1. I am still sad that this was the very last one. I have to go back for more material!

  10. Lovely style of writing and sharing your trip, Envy! I've never been, but you definitely make it sound like it's a place to see!


    1. Thank you! You really should see it, especially if you're moving to the UK anyway ;)


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