Sometimes I Write Horror Stories

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I like to put pen to paper. Not metaphorically speaking. I like to feel my pen slid across the paper. I like how my hands form squiggly lines into letter. I like how those letter form words, those words sentences. But I love how those sentences can build stories that make your blood chill.

Horror has always fasciniated me. It's not easy to write. What's scary to me might not be scary to you. So usually I write happy endings and positive characters. But sometimes I feel the need to write something else. Sometimes I write horror. Most people are shocked to hear that. When they find out that I like to write, they think that a sweet little girl like me would only write innocent chicklit.
One of my teachers found out this is not the case the hard way. The look on her face after she read one of my stories was undescribable. She was shocked. It brought a smile to my face. That's what horror stories are supposed to do: scare others shitless.
For the past couple of weeks I've been writing. Bits and pieces. It hadn't come together yet, but the outline for four short stories is there. Turning it into an anthology is my goal. Because I'm tired of writing sappy heroes and happy endings. I need to see something raw come out of my pen now.

We all have a little bit of darkness inside of us. Call it evilness if you want. Some people keep it quiet and small by watching horror movies or reading creepypasta's. They keep it inside and hide it. I let my darkness out through my words, I show it to the whole world by turning the nasty thoughts into gruesome stories.
The question is: would you like to read them?

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  1. Oooh YES! In elementary school whenever we went to the library I'd make a bee-line for the paranormal stuff and RL Stine fiction. And though watching horror movies make me jump (annnd I mostly have to watch them with other people) I love a little gruesome fun now and then (: I actually just finished a book called "Horns" by Joe Hill which I think you'd like-- about a guy who wakes up as a devil and is able to see others sins just by touching them and hear their confessions without them knowing they're confessing. Mix that all up with a murder mystery and you've got one heck of a book that messes with your head!
    Nice post!

    1. RL Stine! I loved his books when I was a kid! Goosebumps were the first books I read in English.
      Didn't the turn Horns into a movie with Daniel Radcliffe? I'll be sure to check it out soon!

  2. I LOVE Horror stories! <3


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