What's in my Bag: Chaotic German Student Edition

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I never put much thought into what I carry with me in my bag. Sometimes I literally dump a pile of books in the first bag I see, without even looking which books I've picked up. Calling me chaotic would be an understatement.
It wasn't until Kanra from The Lunar Descent did her What's in my Bag? post that I started looking at all the stuff I carry around all day. So let's see: what's in my bag?

In case you don't know me: Hi there, I'm Envy! I study German so I can become a high school teacher. Oh, and like most college students, I'm far from rich. That's about 50% of the reason why my bag is ancient. I'm also overly attached to it now, since it's been with me for ages.

My mom bought me this bag at the local thrift store when I was 16. At first, I refused to use it. I was taking my place in the Harry Potter fandom very serious at the time and as a true Ravenclaw I did not want to be seen with a bag that had a Slytherin pattern on it. But after a week or two I gave in. A little over three years later, it's my favorite bag. It might look small, but this is everything I store in it on an average Thursday like today.

 Yes, that's a lunch box in the lower left corner. Some might say it's childish to take a lunchbox to college when you're 19, but the alternative, putting my lunch in a plastic bag, is a no-go for me. I carry quite a few books with me. Those books won't hesitate to squish the life out of my sandwiches. If there's one thing I hate, it's a flattened sandwich. As if all the deliciousness gets pushed out of it...

Those big bad books are the most important items in this bag. Apart from my cell phone of course, but that's quite obvious. I don't like the books, but I need them. The blue book is for my adolescence psychology course. The other one... I haven't figured that one out yet. It's supposedly for my didactics class, but we never use it. Instead, I should have printed some document and use that as a book, which I didn't do because I love trees too much. Sometimes I just bring this book so I feel like I've got my life together.

The third book, this green one, is for a class called 'Spracherwerb', where we work on vocabulary and pronunciation. We never really know when we'll need it, so I take it with me every other Thursday. I might be the only one who does that, but better safe than sorry, right? Besides, it's a great book for when I get bored, because it's full of short stories and interesting statistics. It's also the book that brought you Envy the Adventurous Earthworm.

What's more? My overly flowery notepad, which is not as unimportant as you might expect. I take notes for all my classes on this notepad, because using separate notebooks for each class would be a recipe for disaster. Its most important task, however, is storing my sarcasm sign. If it wasn't for this thing, my sarcasm sign wouldn't have survived its first month.

Apart from my notepad I always have these three notebooks with me. I don't really need them for college, but I just like having them with me. The one with all the letters on it is my second memory. All my To Do lists are in there. Without it, I'd be completely lost.
The one with the big flower on it is my blogging notebook. All my ideas and drafts are in there. It's great to have it with me in boring classes, on the bus, at internship or in long breaks between classes.
I seem to have a bit of a floral theme going on here. The pink flowery notebook you see there is my Urdu notebook. Absolutely no reason for me to take it with me to college, but as you might have noticed I spend a lot of my time there being bored. I love learning new languages, so this one saves me from hours upon hours of boredom.

My cell phone is in my bag too, always. It's too big to fit in my pocket. I'm not sure if that's because my phone is big or because all my jeans have small pockets. Either way, I have to keep it in my bag. Its case is where I store small notes, like this pink one. I couldn't remember in which classroom my Spanish classes would take place and since I check my phone very often, this seemed to be the best place to keep this note.
The yellow card above the note is one of my prize possessions: my discount card for the local comic book store. It's actually my dad's, but I'm the one who always goes there to pick up comics for all of us.

Now what's left? My pencil case. Not very interesting: it's filled with five pens, three pencils, and one bright orange marker. Only two pens and one pencil ever get used...
That leaves my emergency kit. Yes, I have an emergency kit. 'Cause you never know when you might need a pad. Or aspirin. Or a hair band. I'm prepared for every scenario. Always expect the unexpected, my dad would say. Maybe not the most exciting item in my bag, but the mirror on the inside has proven itself as a true lifesaver.

That's everything I'll carry around today. Plus some cookies. Cookies are the love of my life. There's not in any of the pictures because, well, I can't see cookies without eating them... Anyway, I'm off to college with my ancient Slytherin bag.

Stay Awesome!

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8 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Your bag looks so small compared to all the things inside it! And wow, pretty notebooks *___* sorry, I'm such a stationary nerd I love looking at pictures like these xD the notebook with the alphabets on it looks really cute :D
    Is it just e or do you have like, a really floral aesthetic xD notebooks, streets, what next? :P

    1. It's a struggle to get everything into the bag, but that's part of the fun for me. It's like playing Tetris. I'm a stationary nerd too ^-^ If I see a pretty notebook I just have to buy it.
      Apparently I have a floral aesthetic, but I didn't notice it at all until you said so :P Maybe clothes are next? I don't know yet.

  2. This is a neat post! I like seeing what's in everyone's bags and how they stay organized. I also love all your floral print journals :)

    1. Oh thank you! I used to have a thing for journals and notebooks, so I have lots of them. Most of them have flowers on them, while I've never thought of myself as the flowery type of person, haha.

  3. Slightly obsessed with your notebooks and the prints.. I buy them for no reason just because they're good looking. Great post, I've never done a "what's in my bag" post before but this serves as strong inspiration!

    1. Hahaha, I do exactly the same thing! I have so many nice notebooks that I'll probably never use... I'd love to see your post, make sure to send me a link of you decide to write it!

  4. Hey Envy,
    YOur bag is really structured, I think. I love your bag, it has something Special between the normal look. My bag is named chaotic, in General. Between my schoolbooks and papers for the lessons are drawings and my bottles don't mean it good with me this year. ALready two times my bag has been wet. I think I'm a chaos queen.

    1. I can't live without a structured bag. I go crazy when I can't find something right away!
      Maybe you should get one of those leakproof bottles. It'd be a shame if your drawings and books all got wet a third time ;)


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