Dear Puberty

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Dear Puberty,

I think we got off on the wrong foot a little over seven years ago. I knew you were coming for me, but was it absolutely necessary to introduce yourself in the shape of a gigantic pimple on my nose? People called me an ugly witch for weeks. I guess that didn't bother you at all. Otherwise you would have left me a year or two ago, wouldn't you?
The thing is, dear puberty, that I didn't mind you all that much at first. Yeah, you screwed me over, but you screw everyone over. Every single person on this whole freaking planet will be, is being or has been screwed by you. Just a part of life, you know. Not the most fun part, but a part. You turn everyone into pimply, hair hormonal messes for a while and that's allright. Not awesome, but it's allright and you know why? Because you do it to all of us. That's fair I guess.
Fair... okay, maybe it's not fair that fair that some people get only three zits in all of their teenage year while I averaged 300 a month when I was in high school, but even that's not my biggest problem with you. It's part of the problem, but not the entire problem. My biggest problem is that you just won't leave me alone!

About two years ago I started to notice you'd done your job with all my classmates. They looked good, but I was still awkward and covered in pimples. Since I was also the first of my classmates to be covered in pimples thanks to you back in 6th grade, I got a little frustrated. Wasn't it time for us to go our own way? Apparently you didn't think so. You stuck with me all through senior year, went to college with me and even as a college sophomore I wear your red and painful signature on my face: acne.

What did I do? What did I ever do to you to deserve this? One bite of chocolate the week before I get my period and the right half of my face looks like the Himalaya! Not to mention my forehead... I've seen plenty of mountain ranges in my life, but my forehead can put them all to shame. And don't you forget about the whole making people pretty thing, puberty! You really did everything you could to avoid that with me, didn't you?
You did it for everyone, you made everyone around me freaking gorgeous, when will it finally be my turn?! I'm 19, you've taken enough time, you don't have to torture me with any more pimples. You put me through all the necessary changes, now let go! There is literally no reason for you to put pimples on my freaking face anymore! I'm almost 20, you hear me?! I don't need you anymore!

Normally I end my posts by saying 'Stay Awesome', but you're not awesome to begin with. To you, dear puberty, I have only one more thing to say: Stay Away!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

    I was so so so fat in grade 6, fatter in 8th and still fat in 9th grade. I felt like I can never feel bones with all the flesh above and I WAS TO STAY FAT WHOLE MY LIFE. But thank god the fat and puberty went away in college. No matter how long it stays, IT DOES LEAVE ONE DAY and I hope you feel better about everything vvv soon :)

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. It does? You promise me it does go away?
      At the moment my skin is almost completely clear, but that happens once every month... and then I get my period and it's all bad again... XD

  2. Aww. I always feel so bad when people get little blemishes, almost like a heads up to the world "Guess who is PMSing?" The only thing I get with periods are that my teeth hurt. Who knows if that is ever going to go away or not.... we'll have to see :)

    Kate @

    1. I thought most people didn't even notice how I always get more pimples around the same time each month, but now I know and it just makes me feel sooo uncomfortable all the time...
      Your teeth hurt? I've never met anyone else who had that. Most people I know get pains in their back. I hope it'll go away, it sounds very unpleasant...


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