Make it Happen, #25: Change the Street Sign that Says 'Ermione' to 'Hermione'

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'Calling a street "Ermione" is just asking for nerd trouble.'
'Yes, yes it is.'

From Envy's Make it Happen List
#25: Change the street sign that says 'Ermione' to 'Hermione'
Status: Awesomeness Achieved

It was a cold, windy Friday night in June. I was making a list of summer plans, based on my Make it Happen List. #25 caught my eye. I haven't been very active in any fandom since May 2014, with only two exceptions: Marvel and Harry Potter. Since my dad was reading Harry Potter for the very first time while I was making summer plans, I'd started fangirling again. This time I even had friends in the fandom who didn't mind fangirling with me. I sent one of those friends a message: "You up for some constructive vandalism?"
A few minutes later it was settled and soon we were making plans to make our hometown a little more awesome.

There were quite a few obstacles to overcome. First of all the street sign was high up on a lamp post. We're both small, so neither of us would be able to reach it. After a short brain storm session, we came up with three options:
1) Climb the lamp post
2) Climb on top of a bike
3) Ask a taller person to do it for us
Option three was voted down immediately, since the only taller person that we could think of had treated me like crap for the past couple of years. Besides, he's only a few inches taller than me and wouldn't have been able to reach the sign either. The only other person we could think of lived far away, so we'd have to do it ourselves. We just didn't know how.
We put this problem on hold and thought some more about the H we were going to add to the sign. My friend thought we could just write an H on it with a marker, but I disagreed. It had to be perfect, worthy of Hermione's approval (even though I think she wouldn't approve of vandalism, not not even constructive vandalism). My mom, who thought the idea was pretty cool, suggested tape, but that's be gone after the first rain shower that lasted longer than a minute. Sticker paper would have been perfect, but we had no idea where to get that. We did the next best thing: I made an H the exact same size of the letters on the sign and my friend would provide some scotch tape. At the start of July we were ready to go - and didn't even get as far as leaving the house...
A rain storm, bad timing, another rain storm, my birthday, vacation, even more rain storms, then the start of college and a thunder storm kept us from executing our evil master plan...

July had come and gone, August was history and Autumn was rapidly coming closer. Halfway through September I decided it was not or never. I texted my friend, set a date and time and when the big moment finally came... she was still asleep.
So two hours after the big moment was supposed to happen we finally arrived at the lamp post. We put my bike on its stand and looked up at the sign. It was higher up then we'd expected. Apart from that we were facing a problem we couldn't have seen coming in a million years: the people living in the house across the street were celebrating a birthday. The birthday party can't have been much fun: within five minutes an audience of thee grandparents and a toddler were ignoring the party and were staring at my friend and me, waiting for something to happen.
'This isn't going to work with all those people staring at us,' I said.

Extremely safe to climb on, as you can see XD
'Maybe we could vandalize the sign on the other end of the street,' my friend suggested.
'Is there another sign?'
So with a little help from google Maps we found the other end of the street. There it was: another Ermione sign. No birthday parties on this side, not even windows with a view on the sign, only a mailman who disappeared right after we put my bike against the lamp post.
'How are we going to do this?' I asked. In my mind it had all seemed very easy. In reality, it wasn't.
You can do the climbing, I'll hold the bike. Way to many cobwebs up there. You do it.'
And so I climbed up on to my bike, balanced on one of the pedals, feared for my life, then reached up and saw to my own surprise that I was exactly tall enough to stick the paper H on the sign.
'Hurry, I can't hold this much longer!'
Only one corner of the H was stuck to the sign when my friend called out. She and the bike started to tremble, I started to lose my balance and now I was only halfway...
Quickly I pressed my hand against the sign, so it covered the entire H. One corner came off, but I quickly fixed it, then climbed off my bike in the most unelegant way ever.
My friend and I looked up at the sign that now said Hermione and burst out laughing. 'How geeky can we be?'
Later on, after buying ourselces some ice cream, my friend was looking at her phone when her eyes suddenly widened: 'Envy, did you know that it's Hermione's birthday today?'
'What? You're kidding!'
'It's her birthday! We vandalized the sign on her birthday!'
'That is awesome. So freaking awesome.'
And that's exactly what it was. Three weeks later the H is still up there. We now officially (okay maybe not totally officially) have a Hermione street in our hometown!

Stay Awesome!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Ahahaha, oh my god, this is so cool, Envy!
    I wish I had the guts to do this. You take fangirling to another level. Wow.

    Love xx

    1. Thank you!
      Once you're actually there you forget all about being nervous or scared, you just want to vandalize a sign XD Some people might say I take fangirling a little too far :P

  2. Hahahaha! I love it when people do cool things like these. All that planning was worth it.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Planning really was wirth it. If we'd shown up with a marker it probably would've gone all wrong since my friend couldn't hold the bike for very long :P


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