15 Things I CAN Do

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Life isn't always easy. No matter how often we say that our society has become 'soooo accepting', I'm still faced with prejudices every single day. I'm a girl, so I can't be strong. I'm blond, so I can't be smart. Most ridiculous of all: I'm a virgin, so I can't understand Fifty Shades of Grey. I call shenanigans on all of that. Her Electric Ocean was the blog that inspired me to do this post. Because  every time someone tells me I can't do something, I'll stand up and prove them wrong.

#1: I CAN make a delicious pasta with shrimps, peas and tomatoes
About a year ago I couldn't cook a dish without almost blowing up the kitchen. A friend of mine used to mock my non-existent cooking skills, but here I am today. Nothing can beat my pasta with shrimps, peas and tomatoes.

#2: I CAN ride a unicycle
Didn't see that one coming, did you? It's a fact though. Just riding a bike wasn't enough for me. Every normal Dutch person can ride a bike, and if there's something I don't want to be it's normal or average, so I taught myself how to ride a unicycle.

#3: I CAN tell you all about tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes
For as long as I can remember I've liked geology and volcanoes. I just love it. I was so good at describing the processes that cause earthquakes that I got selected for the national finals of the Geography Olympiad when I was a senior in high school.

#4: I CAN do a killer northern accent
People from the north of the Netherlands have a beautiful accent - one that I can imitate perfectly.

#5: I CAN quote Disney movies in the middle of a serious book report
Yes, I quoted Lilo&Stitch in a book report. It happened a few weeks ago. According to my college's rules it's plagiarism, but I got away with it.

#6: I CAN curse in five languages
I speak English, Dutch, German and Spanish. Apart from that I also know how to swear in Punjabi.

#7: I CAN eat a taco without dropping a single piece of food on my plate
One of my special skills is taco-eating. I almost never drop anything, not even the sauce dares to drip of a taco when I'm eating it. Sometimes people even think I haven't eaten anything at all because my plate is usually completely clean when I'm done eating.

#8: I CAN play with magnets for hours
Older people love to judge me for using my phone a lot, but take it away and I'll happily entertain myself with something simple like a magnet.

#9: I CAN laugh at fart jokes for hours
What, I can't laugh at fart jokes anymore because I'm 19? Just watch me!

#10: I CAN learn the basics of any language in a few weeks
I have loads of useless talents. However, this isn't one of those. This one is actually very useful. I learned basic Mandarin in 16 hours, basic Spanish in 8. I just love learning a new language. When it comes to vocabulary my brain is like a sponge.

#11: I CAN drive a car
Yes, I can. Maybe men like to mock women who can drive, cause "they can never be any good at it", but the people who saw me drive at my driving exam had a good reason to give me my license.

#12: I CAN totally forget where I am when I start daydreaming
I lose myself in daydreams in a regular basis. My eyes don't see anything, my ears don't hear anything, the world around me just doesn't exist for a while. It used to drive my classmates crazy, because I giggle and smile when this happens.

#13: I CAN make new friends whenever I want
Most people who knew me in elementary school said I'd never make any friends. I was too weird, according to both my peers and my teachers. Ten years later I laugh at those people: I have friends all over the world and I'm actually starting to like meeting new people.

#14: I CAN make a stand for myself
Two weeks ago I discovered this about myself: if I have to, I can make a stand for myself. It's not always fun, but when necessary I can do it.

#15: I CAN kick some ass if needed
My dad taught karate in a dojo long before I was born. Over the years he's taught me some moves, mostly defensive ones. By now I've reached the point where he can't 'hit' me anymore when we have a practise fight, my defense has become too strong for him.
I also have a mean kick and if I have to fight for my life I don't refrain from eye-poking and ball-kicking.

Which awesome things can you do? I bet there's more than you think!
Stay Awesome!

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8 Fellow Ramblers

  1. I love this! It was so interesting to read all the things that you can do, and I must say I am extremely impressed! Riding a unicycle looks soo hard. I also love your picture, it's so cute

    Sara | herelectricocean.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I'm so glad you liked it!
      Riding a unicycle is the one thing on this list that took a whole lot of effort, hours of practice and a few scraped knees :P
      And thank you!

  2. Yes! ♥ This was spot on, Envy!
    ~ Sanjana

  3. That's really impressive!
    Is it hard to ride a unicycle? Because I've tried it once and it didn't go well. :)
    Also, I hate how everyone says that society is more accepting, because it actually only accepts things that are okay for the popular people and judges things us "normals" do. :D

    1. Thank you!
      Riding a unicycle is very hard at first. When I started to learn it, I had five garbage cans lined up so I could grab one when I was bout to fall over. When I'd reach the end of the line I'd try to get as far as I could, which was usually two meters. Then I'd crash and scrape my hands and knees :P
      You know what I hate too? That we can't be "normals" anymore. Normal is suddenly offensive towards minorities so we can't use the term anymore. Political correctness supports every group except the biggest one: the one of the average people :P

  4. I wish i can stand up for my self. I wish that sometimes i could say no. I am really admiring you for that.
    BTW, i am a new fan.


    1. Oh thank you!
      Standing up for myself isn't easy. One of my best friends even says I suck at it, but I think it just takes some time to learn it. You can do it too, I'm sure! ;)


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