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When I wrote my post about being Dutch, I would never have suspected that hagelslag would catch everyone's attention. Making fun of Belgians? Yes, I expected comments on that remark. Also on our national ice-skating obsession. But hagelslag? The chocolate and fruit flavored sprinkles I eat on my bread every day caused a tsunami of questions. How do you eat hagelslag? What do you eat with hagelslag? What kind of bread do you use? Well, people of the internet, fear not, for I shall present you: Envy's Ultimate Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich Tutorial!

Getting the Goods
The normal hagelslag and the specials
So you wanna make a hagelslag sandwich? Then you'll have to make one important decision: fruit-flavored or chocolate sprinkles? I presonally recommend the chocolate sprinkles (hence the name 'Envy's Ultimate Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich'), but the fruit-flavored ones are great too.
There are several brands of hagelslag in the Netherlands. Most popular and known are the sprinkles from De Ruijter. They have sprinkles in every shade of chocolate from white to the bitterest black. There's also Venz, who aim more at kids: they often add little chocolate figurines to the mix. 
My Mom always buys one of the cheaper and unknown brands. To be honest: they all taste delicious. I can't tell the difference between Venz and hagelslag from the Lidl. She switched brands almost two years ago and I didn't notice until... this very morning. So whatever brand you can get your hands on: it'll taste great!

Make that Sandwich!
The first thing you do is getting yourself a slice of bread. Or a bun. Or a roll. Whatever kind of bread is at hands. There are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to the type of bread. BUT, and this is a big but, you can never ever EVER toast the bread! Don't even think about doing that!

So we have a normal slice of bread here, the kind most Dutchies eat for breakfast. Next we'll put some butter on it. Without butter the hagelslag will end up everywhere except for inside your mouth, which is exactly the place where you want all those delicious sprinkles to go. So we put butter on the bread. Not too much, 'cause we want to taste chocolate, not butter.

Note: there's not supposed to be a hole in your bread like in mine
Now it's easy: put the hagelslag on the bread. Just as much as you want. If anyone says you're being unhealthy when eating a hagelsag sandwich, just point out that it's a Dutch habit. As far as I know, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world, hagelslag may just be the secret behind our tallness. The only reason to stop pouring hagelslag onto your bread is hagelslag directly falling off the bread.

Because it's almost Christmas we have a special
kind of hagelslag today
Cover every inch of that bread!
You can choose how to eat the sandwich. My Dad just eats it like this. He takes tiny bites and loses quite some hagelsag along the way. I always fold the slice of bread in two and take huge bites. If you decide to eat the sandwich that way, you'll have to eat quick and have a firm grip on the bread; you don't want to be losing your sprinkles now that you can finally start eating!

Eat quickly, before the hagelslag escapes!

Enjoyed your sandwich? Then why not spread a bit of this Dutch awesomeness by introducing your friends to the deliciousness of hagelslag? Whatever you do: Stay Awsome, Awesome like a Dutchman!

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8 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Hahahaha XD XD
    This post made my day thank was so cool and funny and chocolaty :D
    Your country is really interesting :D
    During reading this post I realized saying Hagelslag 5 times in row correctly is like a tongue twister..can you say it?I can't :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. You're welcome and thank you too ;)
      My country has its quirky habits and writing about them like this makes me only appreciate them more :) And yes, I can say hagelslag five times in a row - both the Dutch way and with an English accent.

  2. I adore this post. XD

    xx Nicole Rose

  3. All my life long questions have been answered! The struggle will be finding time when I'm home alone to try this because I fear the strange looks I might receive from my family. This is by far the most intriguing cultural food I have ever read about! :)

    1. Your questions were the main reason I wrote this post. I'm so glad you asked these things when I first wrote about hagelslag :) Just eat it in front of people, if they give you weird looks you can say you're being Dutch for a day :P

  4. I have a Dutch friend who often has chocolate sprinkles in her sandwich! I never knew what they were... but now I do! :) This was a really lovely (and hilarious) post and really made me hungry :D xx

    1. Hungry? Go over to your Dutch friend and ask for some hagelslag ;) I promise you won't regret it!


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