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I got Liebstered again, this time by the amazing Catalina Blue :) You know the rules by now: eleven facts, eleven questions. The number eleven in these posts is still really bugging me by the way... Why eleven?!

Eleven silly little facts
#1: During the first round of the football World Championships in Brazil, I supported Australia.
#2: I'm afraid of the universe, because my kindergarten teacher once told me that I'd die if I went into space.
#3: I recently met someone who was in Hufflepuff House and she was more awesome than most people in Ravenclaw House (which I'm in by the way)
#4: I'm in desperate need of a new laptop and I have no money, so if someone's bored, please help me out by clicking on the ad in my sidebar
#5: I'm learning Spanish, but so far I've only learned the words for eggs and beer... and I like neither of those...
#6: Sometimes I really want a sandwich and then I don't eat a sandwich just because I'm to lazy to make one. First world problems :P
#7: I've got a shirt with 'I love Geography' on it and it's so awful that it becomes awesome again
#8: I'm a real hipster when it comes to books and movies: I've always read to book before I go see the movie
#9: I wanted to go to Paris with a friend this summer, but she decided she'd rather go to some sandbox in the Middle East with her ex-boyfriend. I'm kinda pissed about that, actually.
#10: My mom is currently taking a nap on the couch and I'm in the living room too (because we don't have wifi and neither do we have a laptop anymore) but she's okay with it because 'the sound of you typing makes me sleepy'. Thanks, I guess?
#11: My dad is kinda clumsy, so whenever something needs to be done in the house, I have to do it myself. Over the past few years I've learned to paint, saw and do everything a carpenter usually does.
#12: I went to college two days ago for a conversation about my motivation and they were super positive about me :)

The scariest nightmare you've ever had?
Okay, so you know how I have this huge shark trauma? Well, big surprise (no sarcasm intended), my worst nightmare does not include any sharks! My scariest nightmare was a dream about some kind of haunted house. I was probably seven or eight when I dreamt it. I was in this house with my family and there was no way out. The house itself freaked me out, but what was scaring me the most was that my family gave up on escaping. The looks on their faces, their blank stares, those scared me shitless.

The childhood fear that seems silly, but still frightens you to some extent?
This one does include sharks. I was terrified when swimming in the pool. Every kid in this country goes to swimming classes at the local pool. When I was allowed to get into the 'big kids pool', I didn't dare to dive into the water. There was this reflection and a lot of shadows that looked just like sharks. Also a shadow near the edge that looked like a cave. I honestly thought that that was were the sharks in the pool lived.
Ofcourse there were no sharks. But I'm still scared to jump into that part of the pool. Also, a lot of my friends who learned to swim in the same pool, have (had) the same irrational fear.

These kind of people are the worst! What characteristic do these people have?
People who can't make their own decisions! They're always sucking up to you so they can be just like you and don't have to put any effort into becoming an individual.

The kind of book you would LOVE to read would have...
A big quest full of adventure, hidden critiques on society and life that make me think, more easter eggs to find even when I'm reading the book for the bazillionth time and characters with a great sense of humor.

If you had one single wish (because three is just unfair) what would you wish for? 
I'd wish a succesfull writing career. I love working on my stories, but I'd love sharing them with the world even more. Best of all: being able to make a living out of entertaining people with my writing.

The perfect sort of holiday would be...
To any country far away, where there's so much more to see than in this polder I'm stuck in :P I'd travel the entire country, eat weird food, meet great people. It'd be perfect.

Would you rather stay in your own country or go abroad for studies etc? Which countries, if so?
I would have loved to study in Australia, in Adelaide. I fell in love with the university there. Studying in San Francisco would have been awesome too. But I don't have the money to do that. Besides, I'm going to study German, which is a language taught by mostly native speakers in the Netherlands, so I guess career wise it'd be smarter to stay here.

You favorite pastimes involve...
Books. Lots and lots of books, with some music playing in the background. I can disappear for hours in my room, just reading.

If you had a chance to help humanity, how would you do it?
I'm pretty sure I'd be the kind of person who helps raise money to build schools in third world countries, then goes there to actually build it and gets sick from the food or something lame like that :P 
I think education is the best way to help humanity, so I'd definitely focus on that if I had the chance.

The biggest problem in the world must be this. What is it, in your point of view?
The way we treat the earth. What the hell is wrong with us?! We think we're so great and superior, but we can't even survive without an all-out genocide on trees. No wonder we're facing all these environmental problems. We can't even appreciate a freaking tree. What have trees ever done to us?! Besides providing us with oxygen, the very thing that makes us live?!

Have you ever been bullied? o.o
Yes. And not just by my classmates. I was also bullied by teachers. I'm sorry, but I'm feeling really uncomfortable now and I'd rather not talk about it...

So that's it for now. Thanks again Catalina, for nominating me :)

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