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A lot of people make a bucket list. I made one on a whim, a little over a year ago. Hid it in a drawer, never did anything with it. I'm not a bucket list kind of person, I guess. Check lists are more up my ally.
I made a new list, with realistic goals and silly things I always forget to do, but also with the idea in mind that I can make a difference in this world.
This list won't be hidden in a drawer. This list won't be forgotten. This time I'll make it happen.

My Make It Happen List
#1: Give money to a really good street performer.
#2: Go camping without a tent, underneath the stars.
#3: Dance with someone without feeling ashamed of my spastic moves.
#4: Write and publish a novel.
#5: Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
#6: See Machu Picchu.
#7: Raise money for a wildlife preserve charity thingy.
#8: Run a 5k race in under 25 minutes.
#9: Learn Spanish.
#10: Go snowboarding.
#11: Buy a Marvel comic book at the local comic book store and be proud of it.
#12: Lend a total stranger a helping hand whenever you can.
#13: Go sub 70 seconds on a 400m race.
#14: Bake cookies for my grandparents.
#15: Touch the Eiffel Tower.
#16: Go to a tourist trap in my own country (like the mills at Kinderdijk).

It's not a long list (yet) and it doesn't have many noble or extreme goals on it. The things I've listed are mostly meant as a personal reminder. Some are meant as a tribute to the past, others as a goal for the future. Some things could make the world a better place, or simply make someone's day. The latter means the most to me.
I reckon that if I can light up my grandparents' day or help a stranger out, life gets better for all of us. A random act of kindness can turn into a lifelong memory.

There's only one person who can make these things happen, and that person is me. Wish me luck, guys, I'm going to need it :)

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