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There is this gland in your brain that makes melatonin. Melatonin makes you sleep. And sleep is a thing we all adore, don't we? But if this gland doesn't make melatonin, you've got a problem. I've got this problem. Before I started blogging I thought this was a huge problem. Then I discovered the brain waves occurring late at night, when I forget to take my melatonin pills.
When I'm riding one of my brain waves, blog ideas for months to come pop up. So what do I do the next morning? Write, post, write, post, write, post, write, post. Repeat this for about a week or two, three if I'm lucky. Then... nothing. Right now I'm waiting for the next big brain wave to hit me. In the meantime I'd love to introduce you (especially all my new followers) to the great posts my dysfunctional mind has given me!

#1: The Ordeals of Camping in Europe
Once upon a time, a seventeen year old girl who wanted to be anywhere but Europe was camping in Europe. Day after day she thought about how amazing camping in Australia and America had been. Europe was 'meh' at its best. Surrounded by European weirdness, I came up with this post.

#2 Camping Crowds: A guide to Europeans in Their Natural Habitat
Far, far away from any wifi signal, on a campground in France, I became very bored. I was reading books all day, but eventually, believe it or not, even reading gets boring. So I became this creepy stalker girl who observed everything that moved on the campground. You can read everything I learned about European campers in this post. I even drew the illustrations myself!

#3: Latin for Dummies
If there's one thing I miss about high school, it's Latin. I translated stories about the gods with ease, but speaking Latin wasn't part of the curriculum. After six years of Latin, these were the only sentences I could speak. Read this post to find out how to ask the pope if he's dead, or if you want to know how to tell people to draw pumpkins!

#4: Make it Happen #6: See Machu Picchu
I will keep shoving this post into your face until everyone on the planet has read it. You see, it's the very first thing on my Make it Happen List that I posted about. I'm still very proud of myself for walking the Inka Trail while I had food poisoning. It shows what Make it Happen is about and how awesome it is to walk the Inka Trail (even with food poisoning).

#5: The Curse of Fandoms
Back in May, I was seriously fed up with all my friends being in fandoms and being cool about it, but not being cool about the fandoms I'd been in since 2009. So I took all my anger and put it in this post. It's a bit of a critique on fandoms, with funny bits here and there :)

#6: The Rules of Fandoms
When I was done raging about the stupid things fandoms had turned into in my country, I made a list of what fandoms were about here. I took hits at fangirling, Harry Potter key chains and I might have mentioned Chris Evans' abs once or twice. Also: minions and Envy-made illustrations!

#7: How to Fail a Math Test, Part II
A post from back in the days when I still had math. I was very upset about this test I'd taken. So I did what I always did in those days: I wrote and angry blog post about it. It wasn't supposed to be funny. I didn't think it was funny. But my friends thought it was. Now that I look back on it, it is quite funny. My math class was full of not-so-smart people and every lesson turned into chaos. A perfect bit of everyday-2013-life, well preserved for future generations.
By the way, don't go looking for Part I. It sucked and I've probably deleted it by now.

#8: The ones that choose to be losers
This post was always first up in the stats. Most-read per year, month, week and day until this summer. I never understood why it was so popular. Recently I reread the post. It's actually quite moving. In this post I told about why everyone thought I was a weirdo and why I didn't mind. Now I understand why it was popular, even though no one ever commented on it.

Congratulations, you've made it all the way to the end of this post! I can almost hear you think: is she suffering from writer's block? Why is she linking up to old posts?
Well, my friends, I am not suffering from writer's block. I am taking part in Emily from Lynde Avenue's tag thingy #Reposted. Because we as bloggers tend to write amazing stuff that eventually disappears into the archieves, where no one looks at them again. I don't want that to happen to these nine post. Interested in any one of them? Just click on their heading and you'll be thrown right back into Picking up the Pieces' past!

Stay Awesome!

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15 Fellow Ramblers

  1. You should really add more drawings xD They're amazing and I'd love to see more *-*

    1. Hahaha, I'll try, I'll try. I haven't drawn anything serious in years and these things are just five-minute-drawings, but it's fun to make them and if you like them I'll try to include more of those in my blogging :)

  2. This is a really interesting idea! I like it ,ill be sure to get involved with this throw back :)

    1. Great :) Don't forget to credit Emily, she's the amazing person who came up with this :)

  3. You know my exams finish on 9th and on 9th I'm gonna come back home..I'm gonna fire up my laptop then open this post and read all these posts ^_^
    I can't wait for 9th :D

    1. It's the 9th! Hope you did well on your exams ;)
      Don't spend too much time reading my old posts, the craziness will probably ruin your mind :P

    2. Yeah it's the 9th,exam was very okayish (if that's a word :P)
      I came over to read the posts now..so now I'm gonna read them :D

    3. Wow, thanks for all the comments :)
      I hereby declare that okayish will from now on be an official word in this part of the blogosphere! I'm keeping my fringers crossed for your okayishness (which is a word now too)

  4. I'm doing #Reposted tomorrow for Throw Back Thursday. And if you're lucky, you may see a picture of little me. :P Great post! I loved the Kicking/Kissing a Goat! Hehe

    1. I saw the pictures! So cute ^.^
      Kicking/Kissing a Goat... *facepalm* Would you believe that my friends teased me about it for over two months? It was a weird kind of fun we were having :P

  5. Haha! I'm going to go and read through all of these posts; (I wish I had more melatin, and more sleep!)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hope you'll enjoy reading my old posts :)
      By the way, there's quite a bit of melatonin in tomatoes, so if you eat two pounds before sleeping, it has the same effect as pills :P

  6. Hi Envy,

    I read some of your posts listed and I must say that the one on the Math Test, #8, is really relatable. Teachers are bound to set the most difficult tests that includes application questions (which happens to be their most favourite type of questions) just to let us take an extremely long time to figure out (or not figure out). And as much as I despise them, I'm pretty sure they have a reason (which sometimes, is completely irrational) to setting those questions. :)

    I also found The One Who Choose To Be Losers, #9, pretty interesting. That was written 3 years ago, you were probably 16, and I'd like to believe that the loser then has come to believe that she wasn't a loser and never was. Those were just the thoughts of a teenager, yet to realise her potential and abilities. You're capable of amazing things, you always were, and you've seen that in the way you managed to develop this blog, keep your readers entertained and learn more about yourself everyday. :)

    It's good to look back at these old posts sometimes to look at how we've changed. Have a great week ahead. :)

    The Happy Candle

    1. Hi Dian,
      Thanks for reading some of these posts :)
      I went to a high school where applying things in new situations was the main focus, but that time our teacher went to so far that we didn't recognise what the test was about... Good thing that teacher was a nice guy; he explained it all to me and suddenly I understood everything :) Being confused because teachers have irrational reasons for asking certain questions, it's a universal thing :P

      The Ones That Choose To Be Losers was written a little over two years ago and I was in a bad place. It's true that when I look back on it, I don't see myself as a loser. I see myself as someone who was different. Being different is what makes my life fun now :)

      Thank you for your kind comment!


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