Low Battery Challenge: Round Up

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Thank God it's November! Even when you get used to it, life with as least technology and electricity a possible is tough. When I woke up on the first of November, I was still in Low Battery mood. I didn't turn my phone on all weekend. On Monday I had the wifi turned off most of the day, because it saves energy. Realization hit that night when I tried to figure out Twitter (I now have an account right here!). I didn't have to hurry because I was running out of internet minutes and it just felt soooo good.
Still I think this was a good thing to do. Ive achieved a lot. Time for a short round up!

In September I used electronics all the time. I wanted to turn that down a notch. A bit to my own surprise I succeeded!
In October, I:
Cover of my Wattpad novel
  • charged my phone six times, instead of the average 30
  • listened to the radio for only five minutes a day on average (don't know how I did that, but theradio was the easiest thing of all to ignore)
  • watched tv for about 40 minutes per day
  • spent an hour a day blogging and doing other fun stuff on the internet
  • barely looked at my Facebook account at all!
What I did with all my extra free minutes? Well, I can cook four different dishes, I can do some embroidery (more or less, but it looks a lot better than it did a month ago) and I wrote the plot line and a few chapters of a novel. The novel isn't as good as I hoped it'd be, but it was a good way to practise finishing stuff :) It's in Dutch and I don't think it's worth translating to English. I'm proud of it anyway. It's called '21 switchbacks' and tells the story of Noelle, who cycles to the top of Alpe d'Huez in remembrance of her father. I'm glad I'm close to finishing it now. I think it'll be completed on Wattpad before the end of this month. And then I'll be able to focus on another story, which will be published on this blog, starting January 2015!

What else did I accomplish?Well, I got rid of some bad habits. I don't waste my time on Facebook anymore. I think I've outgrown the website. I also turn off the computer when I get bored with the internet (yes, that does happen from time to time!). I turn the lights off when I leave a room. Most important of all: I don't feel like a smartphone zombie anymore.
My Challenge was difficult, but I think it was totally worth it.

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Wow Q.Q I should start writing my novel too :/ I was planning on writing a big rough draft and then finishing it up completely before releasing it on wattpad xD I think it'll take me a couple of months though. Anyway, congrats on your challenge! And good luck on your writing! And welcome to twitter :D

    1. Thanks :D
      I should have done it your way with publishing on Wattpad. I haven't updated the thing in months and I feel terrible, but at least I can finish it soon.
      And Twitter is so much fun :D


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