After Three Weeks in Peru...

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Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to go to Peru. Ever since my Dad was a little kid, he's wanted to go to Peru. My Mom kinda got dragged to Peru when we packed our bags and left for South America. It was a trip full of ups and downs, full of 'ooh's and 'aah's, but also of the occasional 'oh crap' and 'ah fuck'. In my three amazing weeks in Peru, I

  • ate an alpaca
  • drank a frog
  • wrote a Belgian-Dutch dictionary
  • got food poisoning from pigs in a blanket that called themselves eggrolls
  • almost won a music quiz from a musician
  • talked about Emperor Kuzco with Peruvians from Cusco
  • raced the sun and chased the ocean
  • went sandboarding
  • stalked condors with my camera
  • took the worst selfie in the history of selfies, with my Dad
  • tried eating guinea pig and hated it
  • chewed coca leaves
  • walked, crawled and barely survived the Inka Trail
  • got stuck in a traffic jam on the Panamericana Highway
  • took over 550 pictures
  • became an expert at using Frech toilets, aka holes in the ground
  • danced to Gangam Style in a bus full of people
  • became friends with a Belgian girl who could do an amazing imitation of a baby lama
I've got tons of stories to tell, lots of pictures to show. But right now I'm in France, secretly stealing Wi-Fi from restaurants and coffeeshops. When I get home I'm going to bombard you with Peru posts.
And to everyone who commented on my previous posts: thank you :D you deserve a big piece of digital cake! I love you for commenting and as soon as I get access to a desktop (I hate blogging on my smartphone) I'm going to answer each and every comment!

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