'We're Going for That Flag'

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It's one of those weird Dutch traditions: when high school students graduate, they raise the flag (and their old school bag) in their yard. Or in my case: tack or staple it to the wooden section of the front of our house since we don't have a flag pole. I'll worry about that later. Senior year has only just started. I'm going to have a great time. That, or die underneath an avalanche of study books.

The first week passed without any major difficulties. There's a new freshman who's got the locker above me. I'm glad she's a quick learner: whenever she sees me coming she steps aside so we can use our lockers at the same time. The last guy who had that locker needed the last five years to learn this.

I'm already looking forward to graduation. Since one of the librarians wisjed me luck and said: 'We're going for that flag!' it's become my ultimate goal for this year. I want to achieve so much. My mom thinks it's a bit too much.
I'm going to do a 'pre-college college course' in Enlgish literature. I'm going to tutor freshmen. I'm going to run a 5k race in less than 25 minutes (not school related, but one of my big goals for this year). And ofcourse I'm going to graduate.

I haven't felt this confident about anything in ages. I feel like there's nothing that can stop me. Okay, I admit that there's one thing. But since that thing graduated last year and can't distract me from my homework anymore, I think everything will be fine.
I'm going for that flag and I won't stop until I'm stapling it to the front of our house!

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  1. Wow what a cool tradition!!! My school has 0 traditions... we lack a lot of school spirit...
    About your proposition!! I'd be so totally interested in starting a blogging project. I don't have an email for my blog but you can just email me at my personal email yawn2006@gmail.com. :)

    1. My school doesn't have any traditions of its own. Most traditions are a notion-wide thing. We don't have anything that comes close to school spirit; no sports teams, no activities and only freshmen go to the dances :(

      I'm so glad you're interested! I only hope that this isn't one of those ideas that aren't that good after all :P I'll contact you asap, maybe even today. I finally bought a smartphone. That in combination with lots of free time and wifi all through the school, I should be able to contact you soon ;)

  2. Best of luck with thee 5k race! As for your guest posting at TBC, I would be absoloutly delighted to accept anything you come up with, so feel free to send over your ideas :)

    1. Thanks! If I reach my goal I'll probably spend an entire post on the race :P

      I sent Youngjoo an e-mail because I really need someone who can tell me if my idea is good. I haven't heard from her yet, but I hope she'll get back to me soon.
      The short version of my idea: I bet several TBC members are in their senior year. We could ask five of them from five different countries (if Youngjoo's in, then we'd have the USA and the Netherlands already represented)to tell about their experiences all through the year, bundle these short stories and have a guest post once every two or three months, following these bloggers through their senior year.
      The more I talk about it the less sure I am about this, but if you think the idea is okay, I could, like, sent an email with details and an example.

    2. No problem :)

      I'd be happy to accept this idea if you go through with it - I don't know exactly how many TBC members are in senior year, but I saw a post just moments ago from http://hungarianstudent.blogspot.com about that topic.. I'm available to help with anything if needed, but because our education system is so *unique* I would not be an expert! Please keep my posted about this idea, I'm interested to see how it goes :)


    3. I'm making progress :) and thanks for the link. I'll be contacting some people soon. If the Hungarian girl wants to join us I need only two other bloggers, but the reason I hope to get five in total is just that I thought five is a good number. If I can't find two others then I'll probably make it happen with four or three.
      I'll definitely keep in touch ;)


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