How to Fail a Math Test, Part II

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Last week I told about this math test that I had probably failed. I haven't heard the result yet, but that doesn't keep my teacher from giving the next test.
It probably won't surprise you that I blew it. I screwed up another test. Yeah, I'm on a roll...

Math tests are usually quite funny in my class, because we're all stupid as chickenshit. It's not that we don't learn, we're just too thick to understand math, so we're on a lower level than most people in vwo.
A 'normal' test includes:

  • Maze crying that she's stupid in the last fifteen minutes and fighting over her test when she has to hand it in but hasn't finished it yet
  • Me finally understanding math halfway through the test and going: 'Ooh, so that's what all those numbers are about!'
  • Roos desperately crossing things out with a pen that makes more noise than a plane taking off
  • S.D. trying to kill our teacher by glaring at him
  • One of the other girls constantly yelling: 'MISTER MISTER, I NEED HELP, MISTER, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE TEST'
I hate writing in all caps, but this time I had to. That girl's voice can make people go deaf.
Today she did the exact same thing as I described. I get that she didn't understand the questions on the test, because no one did this time. It was completely different from the things we'd done in the book.
I always thought teachers weren't allowed to help students during a test, but our teacher did anyway.After a while he gave up because the girl didn't understand anything and the whole class started objecting against the test. We'd worked so hard and everyone was screwing it up. 
I worked really hard on this, because I know I'm not a genius, I know I have to learn and so I did. I gave up my training, I stayed at school for way longer than necessary so I could get tutoring. I worked on math on Sunday morning, the entire Sunday morning. I even tried learning today during my free period. It wasn't a succes because E. was distracting me and I suck at ignoring him. It's frustrating to work that hard and fail.

While I was still trying to work on my test, my teacher gave up on us and said: 'If you can't even make this test, then you just can't count.'
Oh wow, thanks for the support.
Everyone growled and sighed, but that girl kept screaming: 'MISTER,  COME BACK YOU HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS BECAUSE YOU'VE CONFUSED ME.'
'He's confused everyone in the room,' was my reaction to that.
My class started laughing. It wasn't even funny, but my class couldn't stop laughing for a full minute and S.D. even called it 'the best one-liner of the day'.
I didn't care if it was funny, I just wanted to go home.
I had been trying to solve a problem, crossed it out and continued on the back of the page, only to get a more idiotic answer. By that time I was so pissed that I wrote a little message on the page instead: 'I did a serious attempt at this on the back of the page, but the only thing I can conclude from that is that I'm a retard.'
When the bell finally rang, I stood up and walked out. I could have stayed there and tried for a little longer, but I wouldn't have been able to finish it, not until hell freezes over.
The last thing I heard someone say was: 'Have fun grading this thing.'
He won't have fun, that's for sure. But maybe it's his own fault, maybe he should have thought first, before giving us a test that was in no way possible to make with the information that we'd gotten through the book.

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  1. Hey Envy, can you follow me on my blog? I ruined the template on my other one so I transferred it....

    1. P.S...sorry about the math test...I had my fingers crossed for you.

    2. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, I wish it helped... I got the result in today: 3.3 out of 10 points... I can say goodbye to my good grade now :(

  2. I wrote my maths exam today..funny story my maths exam was on 23 dec but that day they gave exam from a different syllabus and when I saw the paper I was shocked that I didn't know a single wasn't until next 5 minutes when someone called out "Mam..this isn't our exam.." I felt relieved but today I went for the exam and same thing I'm not sure I did well D: D:
    Funny thing is maths used to be my favourite subject I am real good at it...but college maths is rather useless :P

    1. I can imagine you were shocked. I would have died of fear if I saw something I knew nothing about. Good thing someone called out!
      I really hope you did well on your exam! I Always felt like mathsis rather useless. That's why I avoid every kind of maths by learning languages and becoming a teacher XD


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