From Rotterdam to Riga

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Dear Riga,

I was born in a small town, eigh kilometers from Rotterdam. Under the smoke of Rotterdam, as we say here. As I grew up, people expected me to see Rotterdam as my city. Especially during the eternal "Rotterdam vs. Amsterdam" discussions, I was supposed to be all for that city. I guess I did start to like that concrete jungle after I went to college there. It's got a certain something, with all its arrogance and modern architecture. But let me tell you one thing, Riga: Rotterdam's got nothing on you.

I first noticed you were similar to Rotterdam when I was on the riverbanks. That bridge you've got there looks a lot like our Erasmusbrug. But it's not just the bridge, it's the vibe. You've got that bog-city-in-a-small-European-country thing going. It suits you.
The similarities don't end there. You know the Markthal, that market in a hall in Rotterdam that we;re so proud of? You've got that too! Multiple! And yours are even better! Your markets are authentic, the way markets are meant to be. They sell almost everything I could imagine. And those halls they're in used to be zeppelin hangars, how awesome is that? I could've stayed there for hours - except for the hangar in which they sell fish. My nose did not like that one.
Up until there I thought you were Rotterdam in disguise. River, bridge, market in hall, canals... But then I found out you have something Rotterdam doesn't have: you have an old town. My god, did I fall in love with your old town.
I loved the old city walls, the churches, the tiny streets. I got lost, as I always do, but I didn't mind getting lost in your old town. Who can get frustrated in a city that had little cat statues on a house as one of the major sights to see? I could've spent hours in the old town. Actually, I did. But there was still so much more to see. I found a clothes store I liked, which hasn't happened since 2010. And to be honest, the minute I noticed you had a Pakistani kebab place, I couldn't stop thinking of you in any other words than 'awesome' and its synonyms.

Riga, I'm sorry I only spent two days exploring your streets. But in those two days, I started to love you more than I've loved Rotterdam in all 20 years of my life. One day I hope to return to you. You were great. Really, Rotterdam has nothing on you.

Sending you love,
Envy, a Rotterdam girl

If you want to see more of Riga and Latvia, take a look at my travel vlog and maybe subscribe to my channel? ^-^

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7 Fellow Ramblers

  1. this is so beautiful, both places sound beautiful, those pictures are beautiful, the video is beautiful. augh envy you blow me away again <3


    1. Thank you so much Noor, that really means a lot to me!

  2. AHHH ENVY YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' CUTE <3 that video was just ahhh i just love you honestly, in a totally normal, non stalkerish way heheh. This post was great!! Everytime I go to a new city that I fall in love with I always compare it to Glasgow, but I think I just end up loving them both so much i=but in different ways. I LOVE authentic market halls but we don't really have those in scotland.


    Anne //

  3. ahhhh i didn't know you were from rotterdam! this is so cool, honestly. XD beautiful post, as always. <3

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

    1. Thank you! Technically speaking I'm not from Rotterdam, but my hometown is so close to the city that most people from bigger countries than the Netherlands would call it a Rotterdam suburb :P


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