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As my twentieth birthday is rapidly coming closer, I've realised something: either I'm going to find myself some roommates, or I'm going to live alone for a long time after I graduate college. Now I'm not very good at being alone all the time. I'm fine for a couple of hours, even for a few days, but after that someone has to be around to hear my crazy thoughts before they drive me insane. So for a while I thought about finding myself some roommates so I won't be alone when I move out after graduating college. But then I went to Berlin, where I had to share a room...
I discovered one thing: living with roommates would drive me absolutely crazy. Let me tell you why.

1: The Bathroom Line
I slept in a dorm in Berlin, whihc is slightly different from sharing an apartment with people, but one thing won't be so different: the bathroom situation. For some reason there's always someone in the shower when you really really really have to pee. And there's a 95% they're washing their hair in there, making you almost pee your pants. Oh, and the minute you want to take a shower, someone slips in "just to do my makeup, I'll be done in five". Let's be honest, we all know you're not going to be done in five. It'll be more like fifty.

2: Getting Ready to Go Out
You'd think that everyone would be ready to go out together after two hours of bathroom madness, but no. There's always something missing. Mascara, lip stick, pants, you name it. At the very last minute people suddenly discovere they're not wearing a bra, or forgot to get their shoes. And for some reason it's not possible for you to even go to the supermarket while your roommate is searching her wardrobe for makeup/clothes/Narnia. No, everything has to be put on hold until the missing item has been found. Don't even think about suggesting the person who's lost something can catch up with you later on, oh no! That's not how we roll when we're roommates!

3: The Lost Key
So in the end, when the bathroom line has dissolved, the makeup has been applied and the missing pants are back on someone's body, you can go out with your roommates. I'll admit that: it's pretty amazing and you'll have a great time. But then it's time to go back and soon you'll find yourself in this situation: you arrive at the door and want to go back in after a long night and... there's no key.
"Do you have the key?"
"No, I thought you had it."
"But I don't."
"Guys, we don't have keys. It's one of those key card thingies."
"I didn't bring mine because it's broken."
"But you said you'd take yours!"
Everyone starts franctically searching their pockets and yells how they don't have a key, until the person who asked which of their roommates had the key, suddenly shows the key and says: "Guys... it was in my other pocket..."

4: Falling Asleep
After a long night with your roommates, you want to go to sleep. I'm one of those people who turns into a monster if you don't let met sleep, but when you have roommates, such things don't matter. You always end up talking until someone decided it's time to go to sleep and turn the lights off. For five long minutes someone will whisper: "Envy? Are you still awake?"
"I can't sleep."
"That's because you're talking."
"Guys, I can't sleep either!"
Silence... Then: "We had fun tonight. Did you have fun, Envy?"
"Yeah. I'd be having even more fun if you'd shut up."
"I had a great night."
"So did I."
I ended up buying earplugs and trying to sleep with my head under a pillow.

5: Rules Don't Apply to Everyone
There'll always be rules when you live with roommates. In Berlin we had the ten-minute shower rule, the only-use-the-bathroom-light-at-nigh rule and the you-better-be-extremely-freaking-quiet-if-you-come-in-after-the-others-have-gone-to-sleep rule. And of course all those rules were broken all the time by almost everyone. I like my rules. I like chaos, but only if it's mine. I don't like waking up at 3am because one of my roommates just came in screaming: "Guys, I need to tell you something! My dinner was delicious!" No, just no. In this case I will give myself the right to throw everything on my nightstand at you.

All jokes aside, I loved my roommates in Berlin. Most of the time they were the best roommates I could wish for. But living with roommates all the time? Sharing my space with them 27/7? No thanks. I'll just live alone with my three cats Harry, Ron and Hermion, and my hamster Zeus.

Stay Awesome!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. What a funny and great post! Loved it xx

  2. This is funny and totally relatable. I've experienced living alone (about half a year) and sharing an apartment with friends (about 3 years while in college), and they both have advantages and disadvantages. Living with friends is quite challenging, you'll see them at their best and at their worst. It would be awesome if you still end up as friends after all the mess, the misunderstandings, and the differences. I'm glad though that I tried living with these people because they eventually became like family. It was a nice phase in my life, something I joyfully look back to. Now, I'm living with my younger sister, which is a lot more complicated and chaotic! hahaha

    Love your post, Envy! Your honesty is a breath of fresh air. For sure, I'd love to be roommates with you. :)

    1. I don't think I could've done it, living with friends for three years. It would be nice to have friendships turn into that feeling of being family though :) I don't have any siblings, but living with a sister sound like fun, even though it's chaotic, haha.
      Being honest is what I do best, I guess :P And who knows, maybe we end up as roommates one day, haha


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