Dear Future Boyfriend

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Dear future boyfriend,

I don't think we have met yet. If we have met, we've only talked through text messages. Either way, I think there are a few things you need to know about me. Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a list of demands and rules in Meghan Trainor style. But since you're the first who's brave enough to give me a chance, I thought it'd be fair to let you know what's up ahead. I hope you won't get scared and run away after reading what I'm really like ;) So, here goes nothing...

     I giggle when I read something funny. Not just a normal giggle, but an uncontrolled genuine giggle. It doesn't sound anything like my normal laugh, but I personally like it.
    When I tell stories, I talk louder and louder and make all kinds of gestures. It probably looks weird, but I can't help myself. Stories are too magical not to tell them with passion.
    I might be dating you, but I can't guarantee you that I won't have a crush on Captain America anymore. I'm sure you're amazing, but he's still Cap ;)
    I own a sarcasm sign. Half of the time people don't get my sarcasm, so I made myself a sign. It's always in my notepad, so if you ever need it, feel free to use it.
    I eat in bed. All kinds of stuff. Watching a movie in bed is just so much better when there's food.
    Every now and then I'll seriously think I'm fat. You don't have to do anything when that happens. It usually lasts a day or two, after that I'm fine again. Weird thing is that I can snap out of it if I eat some really delicious food. So if you get tired of my "I'm fat" thoughts, ordering a pizza should do the trick.
    I have the painful habit of walking into things. Walls, chairs, people... Everything and anything. I'll provide you with tons of schadenfreude.
   My best friend is very protective, so I hope you get along with him. I also hope you're completely fine with my best friend being a dude.
   I'm a bit of a dreamer and I will never give up on my dream of becoming a writer, but don't ask me what my plans for next year, month or week are. I'll just give you a blank stare, then list all the movies I want to see.
   I have periods of extreme self doubt. I'll try to push you away during those periods, but I'm already begging you to stay. Even though it doesn't seem like it, I'll need you most in those moments.
   I'll write about you. I love to write and capture what makes people special with my words. You'll find loads of shredded drafts when I try to describe what you mean to me.
   I'm new to this relationship thing, so I hope you'll have patience with me. Our first kiss is probably going to be the worst kiss of your life and I don't even want to think past that... I don't want to disappoint you, but my relationship skills are non-existent. Please bear with me.
    My plans for the future change about twice a week. This week I think I'm going to be a great teacher, next week I'm going to be a blogger, translator the week after that and after a month I might have forgotten about all those plans. I just hope you'll be part of my future, no matter what my plan ends up being like.
    One last thing before I go: I want to travel this world, but more than anything I want to travel the world with you.

Your crazy, insecure dreamer of a girlfriend

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10 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Aw! You'll find an amazing guy trust me :)

    ~ Rukiya

    1. I do hope so, but for now I'm only meeting jerks who say I'm ugly 😓

    2. They say you're ugly? Wow..They really are jerks. That's just plain mean to call someone ugly, ESPECIALLY when they don't know you that well.

    3. Yeah they do. Dutch guys don't seem to like me at all. As soon as I leave the country my chances go up. They like to judge after seeing one or two pictures, which never show how you are in real life

  2. Wow, most of the things that you wrote are actually true for me, too! :D
    One day you will find someone that likes all of these things and who will think that you're the most beautiful person in the world! Wow, look at me, talking like I actually have experience in this field lol. But other people keep saying this stuff and at some point I just had to start believing them. :D

    1. We're two of a kind :)
      One day we're going to look back on these comments and be all like: remember how we tried to lift each others spirits by sounding like we had experience with relationships?
      Other people say a lot of things, but I will believe those things when I see them with my own eyes :P


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