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Until a couple of months ago, I didn't know that art journalling was a thing. If people asked me why I was collecting pretty pictures of faraway places, this was my answer: 'I'm glueing them onto notebook pages to make a great big mess.'
Then the blogging gods were kind and introduced me to Areeba from Not Your Type Blog. Her art journal is from a whole other level, but it gave me the confidence to share a few of my art journal pages on Instagram during my 100 Happy Days Challenge. I got such positive feedback that I felt like sharing more. So I present you: The Grand Tour of Envy's Art Journal!

When I started art journalling, I mostly did pages like this one: all the pretty pictures of one country that I could find in my 200+ pages travel brochure.

 Some turned out great (yes, I'm talking about you Iceland *winks*), others are pure rubbish (I'm so sorry India). My favorites are Tunesia, Thailand and Turkey.

When I was done with these pages I still had dozens of pictures from all over the world left. I also wasn't done with the waderlust theme yet, so I started experimenting with travel quotes. The first attempt was okayish.

Okayish, but nothing more than that. But practice makes perfect. I had fourteen travel quotes and a pile of over a hundred travel pictures, so I goit going and filled pages after page after page. You can find all of them on my Instagram.

My favorite page his to be the double page I did a couple of months ago. I can imagine this as a big print, hanging on the living room of my future apartment. With pictures of places I've been and places I still want to see, it's just perfect. Every time I look at it I just want to pack my bag and visit my blog buddies on the other side of the world.

My art journal hasn't seen many new pages in the past few weeks, mostly because I was so busy with college and travelling. I'm still not done with the wanderlust theme though. Soon my Instagram will be full of wanderlusty art journal pages again.

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Ahh you are so creative :) I really like it ! I wish you a wonderful week <3

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a great week too :)

  2. I absolutely love it! So creative and that's really inspired me to start scrapbooking :)

    1. Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! I hope you share some of your scrapbooking too :)


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