The Jedi of the Sea

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"Narwhals narwhals
Swimming in the ocean
Causing a commotion
Cuz they are so awesome"

Yeah, I drew a narwhal
I don't sing very often, but when I do I sometimes find myself singing what I simply call 'the narwhal song'. I've been doing so for years now. Sometimes I wouldn't sing or think about it for months, sometimes it'd be stuck in my head for days at a time. The song reminds me of the days when 30 high school sophomores would belt out the narwhal song in each and every class.

"Hey Envy, did you know there's an animal called narwhal?"
I looked up from my book to see my classmate Britt grin with excitement. For a second I didn't know what to do. Did she expect a serious answer or was this just another attempt at nerd shaming? Maybe it was, but my inner Hermione couldn't stop herself from saying: "Yeah, it's a marine mammal."
"I know! Well, now I know. I thought they didn't exist because they have, like, a horn. Like a unicorn!"
"Yeah, I know."
Britt's face fell. "Am I the only one who thought they were fake?"
"What's fake?" someone on the other side of the classroom asked.
"Narwhals! But they aren't fake! They exist!"
"What's a narwhal?"
Soon everyone was discussing whether or not these sea unicorns existed.
"They're real,' I told my classmates, but since I was the least popular kid within a five mile radius, no one listened to me. Google had to be consulted. And that was only the beginning...

Some of my friends are cat people. Some are dog people. Some are just overall animal people. Not me. At first I seem that stone-cold chick who doesn't like any animals. Secretly I love elephants though. And pandas. But mostly narwhals, because of the things that happened in the next couple of days after Britt's discovery of narwhals.

"There is a song,"Britt announced.
"A song?" I asked.
"About narwhals."
"Really?" I asked about too loud. We were studying in the library (well, I was) and the general rule of the librarians was the every decibel was one decibel too much.
"SHHHHHHT!" we heard from the
"Really?" I said again, not as loud this time.
"Yeah really. There's even an hour long version."
"Found it," one of the guys from our class said. He sat at the table next to us, intently staring at his phone. "This is weird."
"Let me see," Britt said. He handed her the phone and soon Britt was trying not to laugh out loud. "Oh man, this is great. They call narwhals are the Jedi of the sea!"

We sang the narwhal song in class. First Britt and I. Then the next time we sang it, more people joined in. After a few days everyone in our class knew the narwhal song, everyone knew about the animal, everyone loved it. After a week, we decided that the narwhal was now our official class mascot. Narwhals were now property of Class 10A and Class 10B and 10C were to stay away from them and pick their own mascot, which never would be as awesome as ours.
One day a guy in our class even decided to temporarily change his name to Narwhal. We thought it was cool - our English teacher, who had to find out who'd written Narwhal on their test.

All of a sudden the narwhal craze was over again. Just like all the other high school obsessions it disappeared as fast as it had come. If you'd asked my former classmates today if they know the narwhal song, they'd probably ask you what that is. Not me though. Because some times when I'm happy, I hum the song that brought class 10A together for the first (and sadly also the last) time. It was one of the best things that happened in high school. It's a weird story, but also a story that will never fail to make me feel good. I don't think I'll ever stop singing the narwhal song. Even though it's overexcited and crazy. Will you sing along with me?

Stay Awesome!

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  1. GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRL! This post kinda hit home. No, we didn't have a cool narwhals song to keep the senior class united in high school, but we did have some other mischievous secrets that kept us together and somehow close despite of all the fights and teenage politics (gosh! I feel so old saying it, haha!).

    TBH, I JUST got to know what narwhals are. Aren't they the cutest? I'm currently googling their photos and illustrations *heart eyes emojizzzzzzzzzzzzz*

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. There are always these little things that just brought a class together while the other kids and teachers couldn't understand a thing about it, aren't there? I feel old writing this too. Would you believe this whole narwhal thing happened almost five years ago?

      I've known about narwhals for so long, I forgot that there are people who don't know about them. They are so freaking cute! I love drawing them. There are also narwhal plushies and I just need one in my life!


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