100 Happy Days Challenge: Challenge Completed

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"I have a confession to make: I am unhappy."
With those words I started telling the world about my 100 Happy Days Challenge. I'd decided I needed to change my mindset. Now here I am, 100 days later. Those 100 days went by much faster than I expected them to. They weren't all happy, but looking back at my Instagram page I can't believe how much has happened over the past three months.

At first I shared simple little pictures like these. Some days I was very happy, but didn't know how to show that. I usually ended up sharing pictures of small things. Maybe that was also because I felt there were no "big" happy things happening to me. That changed over the course of my challenge. I started doing things that scared me, like driving someone else's car, making a vlog and posting selfies. I found happiness in those things - and at that point I was only 30 days in.

I was doing very well - until Valentine's Day came around. I didn't take it being alone all that well and ended up hating myself for a week or two. It would have been a good moment to throw in the towel, call it quits. I didn't. Even though I was in a dark place for a few days here and there, there was always something to light up the darkness. Cake, pretty balloons, the local supermarket selling mango lassi. The 100 Happy Days Challenge helped me see how much those tiny things mattered.

Once I'd picked up my pieces halfway through the challenge, I discovered something new that I absolutely love now: art journalling. I'd been flirting with it for a few months in 2014, but during the aftermath of my Valentine's Day breakdown I fell in love with it. Ever since then I've been making wanderlust themed art journal pages. These are my favorites. When I move out I want to make huge prints of these two pages and put them on my living room wall.

So yes, I haven't been happy all throughout my 100 Happy Days Challenge. In my defense, it's impossible for humans not to experience any negative feelings for such a long time. And without the lows, the highs wouldn't be so high either. After a little over three months of spamming my Instagram followers with mostly snapshots of random objects, I can say I'm much happier than at the start of the challenge. I've found parts of myself that I wouldn't have found if I'd given up in February. It hasn't been an easy journey, but it was worth it. Now it's time to move on to the next one and see where life takes me.

Stay Awesome!

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10 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Yay for the mission happiness you are on! And I absolutely love your art journal!!!

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Thank you, that means so much to me! If I hadn't found your blog I wouldn't have started journalling again!

  2. Aww that is so inspirational and such a good idea - defo need to try this myself. And I too love those pages in your art journal (if it's not too personal, I'd love to see more)

    - www.whatlexieloves.blogspot.com

    1. I hope you give the challenge a try, it's really worth it!
      If you're interested I guess I could do a post on my art journal, but it's mostly pages that are similar to this one. I can't let the wanderlust theme go :P

  3. Wow! Congrats on completing the challenge. I hope you will always find a way to be happy and even if you are feeling down, i hope you will find a way to lift yourself up :)


    1. Thank you! It's still difficult to be happy on some days, but the challenge has helped me to find silver linings :)

  4. I am SO happy for you. Us humans can never live a perfectly happy life, it's just so out of the natural rule. But when you start appreciating your life and everything related to it, it just becomes a lot easier and fun to handle.
    Your art journal is sooooooooooooo babe <3

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. Thanks Noor :)
      I've been trying a friend of mine that we can't be happy every second, but he won't believe me. Maybe I should let him read your comment :P It's definitely easier now to handle some of the minor details in life, like missing the bus or something silly like that. I've realized those things don't matter years from now. They won't even matter tomorrow.


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