Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015!

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While everyone in the GMT+1 time zone was counting down to 2015 and while everyone in the Netherlands was eating an oliebol or apple pastries, I was panicking. Sure, I'd seen the clock tick away the minutes that were left of 2014, but... It was over before I knew it. And I felt like I wasn't ready.
I'd spent the day tying up loose ends; finishing my book, running my last race, crossing the t's and dotting the i's of the story I wrote this year. But there wasn't time enough to be thankful for all the magical moments. For dancing with T. till my feet hurt at prom. For looking at the moon with a Peruvian porter on some mountain top in the Andes. For running in the dark with lights set out along the road and speakers blaring classical music. Those were the magical moments alongside the awesome things I did. Every day of 2014 seemed to have so much beauty in it. And now that year was almost over and I'd have to move on to 2015. A year full of insecurities. How could I ever know if 2015 is going to be awesome and magical too?


The seconds flew by. I thought one last time of prom, of the kind Peruvian and the classical music. Then mentally said farewell. I was sure of one thing: if I'd get stuck in the past, 2015 won't be awesome. That would be a shame, since there's so much I can and will do in this new year. For the first time in my life, I even set myself goals for the new year. I grabbed myself an apple pastry and started looking ahead, at the tasks I'd set myself for 2015. 
I want to start eating fruit again. I did this in 2013, but by the end of the year I couldn't see one more apple. Now is the time to start eating apples again. Bananas. Kiwis. Maybe pears. No oranges, oranges and I have been at war since I started eating food that wasn't a fluid. But eating one piece of fruit a day, yes, that can be done.


In 2015 I want to get my Propedeuse, the certificate you get when you've received all 60 college credits you can get through midterms, finals and internships. I've got 15 already and if I keep up the good work I hope to get my Propedeuse this summer.


And then there's my goal of reaching 100 followers on GFC. Of writing more altogether. Of sharing my writing. I will never let go of my dream of becoming a writer. Dreams are what keep me going and trying to make this one come true is worth fighting for in 2015. I've no idea if I'm going to reach 100 GFC followers, but if you're reading this and think 'hey, this girl can write', then you'd make me unbelievably happy by clicking that little 'Join this site' button. Thank you :)


The last two seconds of 2014 were the seconds I spent thinking of travelling and becoming independent. My parents think I can't travel to the States by myself. Because I don't know how to iron, or how to use the dryer. Flawed logic, but if that's what it takes to show them I can take care of myself in every possible way, I'll learn how to be a miniature housewife this year, then head to the States this summer if I can save enough money.


I hugged my Mom and Dad and realized I was okay with leaving 2014 behind. With new goals in mind and my heart set on making my dreams come true, I stood up and went to my room to watch the firework from there.
It had been a long and emotionally challenging day. Starting with the annual Oliebollenloop (a 6.4k race), I'd reminisced all the way about my favorite 2014 minutes. Back home I performed all my personal rituals. Washing my hair, so I can start the new year totally clean. Finishing little projects I had lying around, then putting them in the right drawers of my desk so I could start 2015 with a clean desk. Saying goodbye to my 2014 self and tell myself what I want to be like in 2015. But for letting go of the year it was way to early for me.
Staying up until 12 wasn't much of a challenge. My parents and I watched Sing that Song on Belgian television, a program in which singers have to answer questions, recognise intros and such to win points and beat the other team. Before I knew it I was counting down to midnight and thinking about the things I've just told you. 
My parents went to sleep almost immediately, but I celebrated the new year in my room. With an apple pastry, Whatsapp messages from friends and bad pictures of firework.

Sing that Song, Firework and Apple pastries: a great way to start 2015!
So here I am now, on the early afternoon of the first day of the first month of 2015. Eating a banana. Making a planner for my homework so I can get that Propedeuse certificate. Writing another blog post so Picking up the Pieces can grow. Working hard to achieve my goals. And you know what? I've got a great feeling about this year. It's going to be one great beautiful mess :)
Stay Awesome all through 2015!

PS This post was written as part of the Winter Wonderland Challenge over at Cloudy Dreams. You can find the previous three tasks here:

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23 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Your 31st seems well spent :D
    It's so cool the way you've arranged this post..starting from 10 and with good memories of the year to 1 where you tell about your New Year Eve :D
    It still feels weird saying we're in 2015,according to Back to the Future we should've had hoverboards and should be wearing size adjustable clothes XD
    54 done 46 to go for 100 GFC all the best with that :D
    Happy New Year, have a wonderful 2015 :D

    1. One day I want to spend New Year's Eve at a big party with all my friends around, but having a little celebration with my family is always nice too :)
      Thanks for the compliment. I'm trying to put more creativity into the way I arrange my posts. There's so much you can do with words, yet we just write like we're talking. That's not a bad thing, but I like to spice it up sometimes, like I did with this post. Glad it's working out and that it's not just something that sounded good inside my head XD
      Back to the Future would be a little disappointed to see how far away we are from hoverboards...

      I'm a bit nervous about the GFC goal. I mean, I've always had to work hard for each and every follower. There are people barely posting anything and having 100 followers within three months and here I am, posting my best content and stuck at 54... I can get really frustrated about that, but I'm gonna try my hardest to reach 100 followers before the end of the year.

      Happy New Year! Maken it an awesome one ;)

    2. Well to be fair I'd rather have 1 active follower than 100 non-active..and those blogs are lifestyle ones who buys/sells follow,they're not even reading posts :P
      I think your blog is awesome and the fact you're working hard is what makes it this awesome :D
      I'm sure you'll reach 100 by December 2015.
      I'm also disappointed about the hoverboard thing :P
      I'd also like a party like that but my university has made sure I wont enjoy New Years and Christmas for next 2 years :P

    3. Hi I tagged you : http://diaryforneal.blogspot.in/2015/01/sisterhood-of-world-blogger-award.html

    4. Thanks for tagging me and lfiting my spirits :)
      If there's one thing I'm not going to do, it's buying followers. People who do that need a reality check. I mean, hello, if you're not good at what you do, don't buy followers to make you look good, you'll still be nothing.
      And look at Christmas and New Years from the bright side: the celebrations aren't going anywhere, we've got lots of years to celebrate :D

    5. What I hate most about those bloggers is that they don't even bother with reading the post..even the one they're trying to sell/buy follow :P
      Well that is true..silver linings,right?Thanks :D

    6. Ugh, don't get me started on those bloggers... And yes, there's always a silver lining. I heard that the hard way, but now I know there's always a silver lining :)

  2. This was my favourite New Year blog post EVER. You are a great writer! :) xx

    1. Ahw, thank you ^.^ You're making me blush :P

  3. I have complete faith in you that you will reach 100 GFC followers this year! Just keep doing what you're doing, and you will be fine. As for me, I am spending my first day of 2014 studying for finals. Urgh. I was supposed to finish them mid-December, but I had to leave for vacation early and must take them the first day I get back-- Math, Bio, and Choir. Wishing you a happy happy New Year! :D

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hahaha, at this moment you have more faith in it than I have XD I'll keep on doing what I'm doing right now, but it's not like that attracts huge numbers of new followers, so we'll just have to see how this year turns out.
      And yuck, studying for finals already... I feel so sorry for you. But at least you were able to go on vacation.
      Happy New Year and good luck on your finals! ;)

  4. Clever way to do your New Year post! I like it!

    1. Thank you! I like to give traditional blog subjects a personal twist, I'm glad to hear you liked it :)

  5. Envy this post was simply amazing! There's no doubt that you'll reach 100 GFC followers by the end of 2015 (in fact, I'm willing to bet there'll be more)! I understand the frustration of being stuck on 54 (I read your reply to Neal's comment... sorry) but at least all 54 of us love your blog to bits! You are such an amazing writer and it shows in each and every one of your posts! I hope you'll become the miniature housewife you have to be and travel to America and enjoy your freedom! <3

    Happy New Year! (and I love oliebollen. We made our own with rhubarb this year yum) xo Yasmine

    1. Thank you, and thank you for your faith in me :)
      It's okay that you read Neal's comment, that's what comments are for, right? Sometimes I need someone to tell me to be hapy with 54 and then I realize that, yeah, I've got quite a lot of followers who comment on a regualer basis :)
      By the way, I learned how to use the washing machine today O.o It's so easy!

      Happy New Year! (Oliebollen with rhubarb? I didn't even know that was an option. Personally I'm not a big oliebollen fan, because I don't like raisins. Appelflappen are more my kind of stuff XD )

    2. Ahah appelflappen are nice too but oliebollen have to be my all time favourite! ^^ It is, but every time I read a comment/reply I feel so sneaky like I did something I wasn't meant to do. :P Oooh you are becoming a "miniature housewife"! I'm so proud of you. x

    3. You're not sneaky, you're just an awesome commenter ;)
      I've only done the washing machine once, but I'm gonna do it again this weekend. I've also used the vacuum cleaner. It's not much fun though. Can't I get a house elve or something? Hire a Dobby?

  6. Happy New Year! I hope you will achieve all your resolutions for this year. Best of luck with your writing.

    1. Happy New Year to you too!
      Wishing you all the best for 2015 ;)

  7. Have a great and awesome year too! Love the blog :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Hope your year will be awesome as well ;)

  8. What a post, it looks like someone had an awesome New Year's eve. I'm pretty sure 2015 will be better for you!


    1. Thank you :) New Year's Eve was great!
      2015 isn't awesome yet, with my Grandpa in hospital, but I'm sure everything will be fine and the rest of the year will be great :)


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