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Lately I've been searching the web for quick and easy posts that turn out to be totally awesome if you add a little twist to it. Then Bryleigh from A Little Yarn Blossom showed us her workspace. It was the quick and awesome idea I was looking for. Only one problem: with finals coming up, the place was buried with textbooks. But a quick throw-everything-under-your-bed cleaning session later, I can now present you the one and only Behind the Scenes @Picking up the Pieces post!

As you've probably figured out, I run PutP all by myself. I get help on the whole design thing, since I can do literally nothing with HTML. Everything else happens from the great professional space that's called... my bedroom.

This is where the magic happens. My bed is a wonderful crossbreed that came to be after the TARDIS and a queen sized bed had a wonderful time and produced a not-so-queen-sized and slightly disabled baby bedTARDIS. I lie down for about five minutes and the ideas start pouring into my head. As you can imagine, this causes more daydreaming than actual sleeping to happen in my bed.

The quote above my bed is stolen from some home-deco shop in Southern Australia. They don't own the rights to the quote, but I saw it in their shop window while windowshopping in a place called Glenelg (that's a really cool palyndrome by the way). Back home I decided to paint it on the wall as a reminder to myself. Now it's more like inspiration: I may not be where I want to be yet, but if I make the most of this thing I have right now, who knows where I'll go? Everything is possible!

Back to blogging: after working out rough drafts while lying half-asleep in my bed, I write down the post title in a notebook. With a pencil. NO technology whatsoever. I'm really kinda old-school when it comes to blogging.
When I find a free minute, I pick up the notebook and start writing the entire post by hand. All my jokes and puns from the previous night get a carefully considered place, just like the very clever words I've thought of in Dutch and which I translate with help from a big-ass dictionary while doing all the handwriting.

During my hand labor, I listen to music. So yeah, a little bit of technology before the actual post appears on your screen. Wait, you're thinking I'm listening to Spotify? Oh no no no no no, I'm old-school, remember? This is my amazing stereo, with the latest album from my favorite band Train. If this thing breaks down, I break down with it.

There will come a moment in every post's life when I think it's readt for the big bad world of the internet. Now the actual technology comes in. I have a very faithful Acer Aspire E... something. I'm not very into brands and stuff. Let's just say I have a good quality laptop :)
I type and rewrite things directly into a post and then go searching for good pics to go with the post.
The pictures you see here are either plucked off the Internet, just like everyone else does, or made by me with an ancient Canon Digital Ixus Add-random-number-to-sound-impressive. It has literally hit rock-bottom on three different continents and it still works! I'm not going to show a picture of it, since it looks ready for the trash. But it's blue. Very blue.
After getting all my material together, I sit down on my baby bedTARDIS, arrange and rearrange stuff and finally hit that Publish button.

Think the journey of the brave little blog post and its blogger is over? Think again!
I'm a stats addict. I can spend hours sitting at this desk analyzing stats. There's also a special place on this desk reserved for fans and kind comments. See the box-like thing with 'Mail from all of the World' on it? That's where I keep all drawing I make for this blog and a printed version of some of the kindest and sweetest comments I've received in my two years of blogging.

Then it's almost done. Almost. Before I leave the whole thing to be, I check one last stat, but not on my laptop. The thing is, I don't understand the Google Adsense page on my laptop. So this one thing is to be checked on a tiny Samsung smartphone.

Every penny I make this way goes to this little fella. If you're feeling kind today and want to help to get me through college, click on the add in the sidebar. At this moment I'm making ten cents a day, but I like to dream big. One day those ten cents a day might turn into ten cents a second :)

So that's what Picking up the Pieces looks like away from the screen. What does your blogging routine and workspace look like?

Stay Awesome!

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17 Fellow Ramblers

  1. I don't really have a work space but my routine is basically like yours. I'm a big fan of writing in notebooks so I usually write my posts out before typing them up.

    1. Yay, another blogger who writes their posts on paper first :D
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Your room is so organised mine is a mom is always trying to make me clean it up.but let's face it I can't keep it clean for more than 10 why try..That quote has been painted so beautifully :)
    I also listen to music while working but my music is playing on my laptop itself :P
    Acer actually is one of the good brands in laptop..I got Dell Inspiron :)
    You print out sweet comments?Seriously?That's really cool :D
    Should've posted pic of that :P
    I also listen to music while working but mine is playing on my laptop itself instead of the stereo..I don't even own a stereo :P
    and we can all agree I don't really have any routine..and I'm online alot reading+commenting on blog :P
    I use my mobile for pics of my blogs..even for sketches.
    Amazing simply amazing :)
    PS : I try clicking the ad when I remember :)
    ALL HAIL QUEEN ENVY! (how about ending all my future comments with this? :P)

    1. Haha, like I said, I threw everything under my bed so you guys wouldn't see all the mess. My mom cleans my room every six months because she thinks I don't clean up well enough :P
      I listen to music on my laptop when I'm in the living room, because my parents' stereo can't play CD's anymore. I just prefer the stereo to my laptop :)
      I'm really happy with my Acer. One of my friends wanted me to buy a Mac, but those are crazy expensive! Our first computer back in 1999 was a Dell, we had it for over ten years!
      And yes, I print out some sweet comments every few months, to keep me motivated.
      You may not have a routine, but you're very present on blogs. I mean, I only post here and answer the comments, I barely have the time to comment one other blogs. Sometimes I feel really bad about that :(
      I'd be really kind of you to click the ad some times. If you ever set up Adsense on your blog, I'll be sure to return the favor! ;)
      You can end your comments that way, if you like (and if you don't mind people thinking you're crazy :P)

    2. Lol most think I'm crazy anyhoo :P

  3. Wow this post is so interesting. I really wanna copy you with this whole behind the scenes thing but I'm not sure if you'd let me. Would you? Be honest and please visit my blog more often. Thx for commenting on my blog.😄

    1. Sure, do a post like this one if you want to! But if you do, please give credit, link back to me or follow me through GFC just to show where you got your inspiration from, just like I did with the link to Bryleigh's blog at the beginning of my post ;)

  4. I love your blog this post is such a great idea. I have to admit I am the complete opposite to you when it comes to blog ideas. I just straight onto word and type out the title. I love how your blog money is going towards such a great cause :)
    Please check my blog out
    Another Teen On The Web

    1. Thank you :)
      If that way bloggin works for you, why change it? Sometimes I do that too, but I prefer handwriting.
      I didn't need my blog money to be spend on college, but my scholarship is going to be cut some time long before graduation so... I really need it now.

  5. I absolutely love this post! It's an amazing idea, letting people see your blogging process. I love the way your quote is on the wall like that, in a pretty font with simple black on a white wall, as if it's written there in black sharpie. I think writing your ideas in a notebook is a great idea. I often lie in bed daydreaming, but any idea I have stays locked in my head, and sometimes it runs away before being put into action. And I can totally relate with the stats checking. ;) As soon as I hit publish I can spend forever around the laptop. I'll check stats, post on social media, answer a whole bunch of texts, watch a you tube video... I guess once I use one piece of technology, I feel inspired to use the rest. Haha. But your blogging process sounds perfect, and so does your baby TARDIS bed xx

    New follower to an amazing blog
    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thank you for following me!
      I've been wanting to show my blogging process for quite a while and now was the right time :) It was also a good excuse to show that quote off. I've spent hours working on it, but every second was worth it.
      I know what you mean by ideas running away. Sometimes I'm 100% sure that this time, I won't have to write my idea down. The I fall asleep and come to regret not writing it down XD
      I spend as much time as possible on the internet after posting, just so I can see my stats go up :P

  6. Your workspace is so organized! I don't have much of a workspace, but if you call sitting on a mini sofa in the living room where no one else ever wants to sit, then sure. And you should totally practice designing! It's fun, honest.

    xoxo Morning

    1. I sit here at my cluttered desk thinking: why does everyone say my workspace it so organised? I guess it looks messy to me because I know what it could look like if I actually put some effort into keeping it clean :P
      Haha, the mini sofa sounds great! I Always sit on the chair no one wants to sit on. Now it's officially my spot :)
      I hope to get around to practicing designing, it's more the lack of time I'm experiencing at the moment that's holding me back. Also, I've got so many posts I'm writing that need to be finished first!

  7. Wow your babyTardis is very cool xD I like how you write down everything you post first- it sounds great! For me though, blogging is solely technology related. I type directly onto blogger and how inspired I am is what the duration of writing takes depends upon (like I have two half written posts that I've been writing since Monday).
    Anyway, great post! Your stereo looks beautiful ;-;

    1. When I started blogging I wrote my posts just like you do. But then I did the Low Battery Challenge and found this way to save some internet minutes. Now I've gotten so used to it that I can't imagine any other way. :)
      I hope you finish the half-written posts soon. I may not be commenting a lot, but I read and enjoy everything you post ;)
      Thank you :) The stereo was a birthday gift. I'm totally in love with it <3

  8. Aw your little piggy bank is so cute, that's pretty much where all my Adsense earnings go as well! Loved reading this post!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you :)
      I got the piggy bank as a graduation gift from my parents. We found it very funny at the time. That was before we discovered how much my education was going to cost XD


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