The College Experience: October

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Yup, got some of these in my class again
Two months have gone bysince I first set foot in my college building. It looked like a gigantic maze, a muggle Hogwarts with all its corridors and classrooms in the cellar. By now, I know my way around, which stairs to take and which revolving doors to avoid.
It's been two months since I first met my classmates. I've reached the point where I know which people I like a lot and which people I like a little less. I know which teachers I like, I know which teachers like me and I know which teachers I'll be seeing in my nightmares for years.
But maybe more important: I know which classes I love.

In the next four years I'll learn two things: fluent German and how to be a good teacher.
Learning German is relatively easy. We speak German all day long and over the past four weeks we've done written vocabulary tests. Those aren't very awesome, but I aced them all which is totally awesome. So I'm pretty confident that I'll be fine when it comes to the actual speaking part of my college education.
And then there's the part in which we learn teaching skills. It consists of three classes: practical didactics, theoretical didactics and drama. Drama? Yes, drama!
In drama class, my favorite class of this semester, we learn to stand up straight to indicate a high status, we learn to use our emotions to get a message through, we learn to control our motions. It's really helpful and super funny. I had my last lesson on Friday and I'm going to miss these classes.

That's what I looked like all day. Muderous lunatic enough for you?
The test for drama was on Friday. I had to perform a solo to get my credits. I could do anything I want, as long as I didn't bring any fake weapons to school. I planned to act like a murderous lunatic, so instead of something real-looking I brought a bright green water gun!
I was super nervous for my solo, but my teacher was really excited about mine. She had read the piece I'd written and loved it. So on Friday I performed my solo, even though I was scared.
I threw the door shut, pretended to kill a teacher with a water gun and then held a monologue on why I'd killed him. Then, after realizing my life was over too (I would get caught after all) I pretended to commit suicide with the water gun.
My class was in shock. They hadn't expected anything like that, since I'm usually quiet and calm. Suddenly there I was, with make up all over my face, yelling and screaming and threatening to use the water gun again, this time on my classmates.
I passed the test with flying colors and impressed my classmates by showing them a different side of me. Which they immediately accepted.

So after two months of college, can I tell you what the College Experience is? No, I still can't. But it's something like this.
The College Experience is:

  • Running through the halls with a water gun
  • Pretending to be a lunatic
  • Making bad jokes about Germans
  • Wearing a Batman sweater to school and being called awesome for doing that
  • Having the freedom to be who you've always wanted to be.
And that's not all. The college experience is so much more than that. How much more? I'll have to find out, but you'll hear from me soon!

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4 Fellow Ramblers

  1. it's been over an year since I started college...and juniors recently entered like 2-3 months's kinda you have to call your seniors sir and mam..??It's kind of a tradition to call them sir and mam even though they might be only an year older than you :P :P
    I'm pretty sure half college thinks me and my friends are lunatics we are always sitting in the canteen laughing for some reason or the other.. :P :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. That tradition sounds really odd to me. Funny though :) We don't call seniors sir and mam, mostly because we have no clue who's a senior and who's not. I mean, the youngest person in my class is 17, the oldest is 27 and we're all freshmen...
      Your friends sound like the group of people I'd join in the canteen :D My friends are always laughing too and you can actually hear them sometimes when you're in the library (which is close to the canteen, but not next to it).
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow omg it sounds amazing! Screaming bloody murder and then suiciding xD
    I can't wait for my college to start! The first day is December 1st :/ ONE WHOLE MONTH OF WAITING OMG
    Anyway, drama sounds super cool! So how exactly do you use your emotions to get a message through/control your emotions? It sounds interesting!

    1. Oh it was so amazing! I was frustrated with an old friend of mine when I wrote my solo and I could let it all out during the play. I'd love to do it again, even though it was a bit scary at first!

      It's a bit hard to explain how we use our emotions, but for example: when you have a hyperactive class, it can help to act sad. Sadness sometimes has a calming effect, whereas anger will provoke your class most of the time.
      And when you do get angry, you have to control that anger, be able to turn it down a notch. So we analyze what we're like when we're angry and what facial expression, reaction or gesture would come over slightly less agressive. Pretending to be angry is something we've practised too, since normal classes will become quiet when you act a little angry for a second, but actually being angry every single time is too tiring and not very healthy. It's mostly things like that that I've learned.


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