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November is my blogoversary month, so I thought it'd be a good idea to do some new things in my own little corner of the internet. I already have a contest open for entries right here. A little while later, Holly from Inky Quill and Paper sent me a lovely e mail and asked if I was interested in doing a guest post swap. This was an offer I couldn't refuse! So hereby I present you the very first guest post ever here at Picking up the Pieces, written by the amazing Holly!

Hi guys! It's Holly from Inky Quill and Paper here! These a lot of 'What if's' in the world. From that 'what if I had brought that dress' or 'what if I had the confidence to talk to that person on the train', everyone every single day thinks about what could have happened if something had or hadn't happen. Would my life have changed so much more than it is now? Would my relationships with other people be different now? 

My big 'what if' in life is what would happened if I hadn't got into youtubers and the whole youtube video culture. Back when I was a few years younger, I wasn't involved in anything internet orientated. I had grown up a small, village primary school which didn't really make me interested into the whole internet based world. Once I reached secondary school, the internet hit me like a brick. There was MySpace and Skype and Facebook which people in my year already used regularly. I wasn't used to that whole world and I really didn't know how to work it. 
Youtube was one of the last things that I got into. I didn't originally understand the whole concept of video watching but then I started to watch music videos which moved onto viral videos on the 'popular' homepage of Youtube and then onto short films. Short films moved to vlog channels such as Jenna Marbles and Joey Graceffa. Joey later introduced me to the british youtube group and their videos. 

I loved creating videos and being creative with my own ideas. I started out with creating short films with a small group of old friends under the channel name of 'Qualityroses Productions'. All the videos were based off books and our own ideas and we really felt progress every video. It was the start of my creative outlets online. I loved producing short films and the ideas kept me busy writing and rewriting scripts, casting and recasting characters and creating props and finding locations. It opened up new doors for possible careers for me as well. I feel in love with the idea of producing films. This was the first career path that I really wanted. 

Youtube was one of the first place that I became properly aware of the blog world, also. I started to watch people like Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter in 2012/13 and often on their channels, they spoke about their blogs. This interested me and intrigued me quite a lot. What was this blogging concept? How do you find blogs? What do blogger do and write about all the time? Then, in the summer 2013, I researched into the whole blogging idea and started not only a blog but a youtube channel. Neither lasted very long but it gave me fresh new concepts of the internet world and taught me a lot about the whole blogging and vlogging world. 
I continued my interest in the whole blog and youtube world over the next year. I then became ill and wanted something to do with my life so I was able to communicate with people every day without putting pressure on myself mentally and physically. A blog opened those doors and this was how Inky Quill and Paper was created and remained. Youtube opened a lot of doors for me and if it had never caught my interest, I think I would have really struggled this year. It's given me a chance to expand and express how I feel about things. 
See ya on the flip side (or on my blog over at,
Holly x
Inky Quill and Paper

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  1. I read your post on the above blog it was really cool...especially that drawing eyes on desk part :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Hahaha, thank you so much!
      I think art would have replaced writing if I hadn't picked up a pen. There was a time when I was laways drawing during classes, but I think I would have done it a lot more and in a lot less appropriate ways, like on a desk, if I hadn't become an unprofessional writer


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