How to Fail a Math Test

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I should be working on my history project, but I gave up. If I hear someone, anyone, say the word 'pope' again, I'll go insane.

Going back to school wasn't as bad as I'd expected. There was just one thing that went totally wrong: the math test...

Normal math tests aren't something I look forward to, but this one is far worse than other math tests, even though it's on the same level as the tests I got in elementary school. But if I fail this test, there's a chance I can't graduate. Teachers keep nagging about the importance of this test, but they can't explain if this one is 'for real' or not, so every time I have to face one of these tests, I'm nervous because I have to pass it.
I'm not the only one stressing, everyone is. The test had been scheduled in what usually is lunch break and would take almost three hours to finish - or so we'd been told...
I went in at 12.40, even more stressed than usual and fearing I wouldn't be able to finish it in time.
But at 14.15, I was one of the first to finish it. I walked out of the classroom, went to my locker and almost collapsed; my legs felt like jelly, and so did my brain...
I felt empty, and that's usually not a good sign. It means that I've probably failed the test. I mean, there must be a reason why I was one of the first to finish, while I've got the lowest grades in my math in my class. Somewhere something must have gone wrong. This test was way to easy and I was finished way to fast, it just can't be good.

The test was one of those digital tests, the kind that teachers like just because they don't have to grade them. I don't have a problem with making a test on a computer, but at least make the software work.
I was writing something down, next moment the screen has gone black and all the computers in the room shut down.
It took almost ten minutes to start again and by that time everyone had been telling eachother the answers.
This happened twice during the test, though I was long gone by the time everything shut down for the second time. Maybe there is something good in finishing early.

I was a little light headed after the test, so I started walking through the school. I don't even know why I did that, it just happened. Until I saw my math teacher. I'd finished the test in the middle of a period and could leave the classroom, but I guess I was supposed to go to the other class anyway, even thought it wasn't on my timetable. And as the good but boring girl that I am, I usually go to class in this kind of situation.
Not this time. I thought: 'Screw it, I'm not going.' I turned around and walked away. Minutes later Roos texted me to say that I had to come to class. My head still felt like jelly. And when my head feels like jelly, I refuse to go to class.

Finally, when everyone was finished, we still had to go to one class: Dutch. Our teacher is an idiot who spends more time next to the coffeemachine than in a classroom during our lessons, so we had plenty of time to talk about the math test.
Turns out that if i fail, I won't be the ony one. S.D. didn't know she could use a calculator until the last four questions, L. didn't have enough time to finish it properly and Maze has been crying (I'm not allowed to tell that because it's 'hurtful'), which means that she probably hasn't passed it either.
At least I've got some company if I have to go to the extra lessons, though none of us wants more math than we already have.

I don't know when I'll hear if I've passed the test or not, but if you hear someone swear very loudly or scream: 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO', then it's probably me after hearing I've failed.

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  1. I hope you passed your test Envy! I hate math tests they also make my legs feel like jelly...I am glad school went OK for you and I am so sorry about the Pope project....Usually when I think that I didn't pass I passed and when I think I passed I didn't pass...I hate that...

    1. I don't even dare to say if the test went well or not. I left the classroom with a pretty good feeling, but then it struck me that I'd finished it way to fast and I started doubting.


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