Make it Happen

My Make It Happen List seems like just another bucket list. To me, it's not. A bucket list resembles dreaming, not making it happen. I know a lot of people who have a bucket list, but never do anything that's on it. I've got to keep in mind what my goals are. There's only one person who can make my dreams come true, and that person is me.

My Make It Happen List
#1: Give money to a really good street performer.
#2: Go camping without a tent, underneath the stars.
#3: Dance with someone without feeling ashamed of my spastic moves.
#4: Write and publish a novel.
#5: Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
#6: See Machu Picchu.
#7: Raise money for a wildlife preserve charity thingy.
#8: Run a 5k race in under 25 minutes.
#9: Learn Spanish.
#10: Go snowboarding. (Almost got that one)
#11: Buy a Marvel comic book at the local comic book store and be proud of it.
#12: Lend a total stranger a helping hand whenever you can.
#13: Make a YouTube video.
#14: Bake cookies for my grandparents.
#15: Touch the Eiffel Tower.
#16: Go to a 'tourist trap' in my own country.
#17: Draw a comic based on a song.
#18: Visit my uncles in Pennsylvania
#19: Visit Alcatraz
#20: Go to a coffee shop and act like a total hipster
#21: Have a bonfire in the backyard
#22: Witness 'The Last Post' in Ypres, Belgium
#23: Visit the American Book Center in Amsterdam
#24: Eat ice cream outside - when it's freezing and/or there's five centimeters of snow on the ground
#25: Change the street sign that says 'Ermione Street' into 'Hermione Street'
#26: Bring the Liberation Fire to my town on Liberation Day
#27: Walk all the way down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
#28: Go to Comic Con (cosplaying is a must!)
#29: Meet a blog buddy in real life
#30: See Taj Mahal
#31: Play Fishy to the end
#32: Watch the sun set with best friends from a rooftop

Follow me on my journey to making this all happen :)