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What's the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Cuba? Do you think about classic cars and cigars? Rum? Or maybe Che Guevara and communism? These were always the first things that came to my mind when I was thinking about this Caribbean island. I thought maybe that would change during my visit to Cuba. Spoiler alert: that did not happen. In fact, this is what went through my mind during my Cuban adventure!

I've flown halfway across the earth to see the same gray skies as back home... Let's hope the weather's better tomorrow.

So many classic cars and we haven't even left the airport parking lot yet!

Woah, a horsecart. Never thought I'd see those in action.

A big pool, two restaurants, a five-minute walk to the beach. Sounds like a good place to stay for the next eight days.

Cold! The ocean is so cold! So blue, but so cold!

I think I see bits of blue sky today!

I'm drinking a Cuba Libre at 10am in the villa of an arms dealer from WW I. What is life?

Rum tastes pretty awesome.

Running on the beach sounds way more fun than it actually is...

Walking to Varadero... Why not? It's only 3 kilometers.

Those were 3 awfully long kilometers...

This place feels more like a theme park than an actual town. I wonder if I'll get to see the real Cuba.

My taxi back to the hotel looks like the kind of car people take to their wedding.

I did not expect snorkeling to be included in a jeep safari, but I'm not complaining.

Ooooh, such pretty little fish at the bottom of the ocean!

Fish! Everywhere! This is too much, get them away from me!

Oh great, a fish just shat in the water. Right in front of my face. How neat.

I did not expect a jeep safari to include a boat ride either, but I'm not complaining.

I'm driving an actual boat on a river in Cuba! 

Still wish I had my driver's license with me so I could drive through the Yumuri Valley for a bit too.

I haven't been on a horse in 10 years, but why not try it again today?

Nooooooo! Bad horse! Don't run! STAAAAAAHHHP!

Riding an ox is much more comfortable than a horse.

I didn't expect swimming in a cenote cave to be included in a jeep safari, but I'm not complaining.

Day 4 and I'm still jetlagged.

All-inclusive is not my kind of vacation. All these people are so loud and rude.

I think I more or less became friends with the black hotel cat, albeit not entirely voluntarily.

Of course I manage to step into a puddle in the Bellamar Caves while wearing sandals.

*deep philosophical thoughts about communism, capitalism and possible new ideologies*

My sticker is on the wall of the oldest baseball stadium in the world!

I miss the internet. I miss talking to my friends...

You either fall in love with a country, or it'll destroy you. And I'm falling for Cuba.

Finally it's time to go to Havana!

I don't understand how Camila Cabello could sing so passionlessly about such a lively city.

Cienfuegos' portrait on the Plaza de la Revolución looks more like an orthodox Jew than anything else.

I wonder how many people in this cigar factory have pit black lungs.

Never eaten three courses in such a short time before, but the waiters left me no other choice.

I'd do anything for some French fries. Anything.

It's the colorful Che Guevara portrait I've seen all over the internet! I can't believe I actually found it!

My feet hurt. Really bad.

I know I'm not leaving until tomorrow afternoon, but I already feel like my trip is over...

Calling your giant cactus Giant Cactus. How creative.

I want to walk the Muslims Trail even though it has nothing to do with Muslims!

Only in Cuba do they put a 2000-year-old skeleton on display without anything to protect and preserve it.

I still have to buy a fridge magnet.

Thank God I finally found a pretty magnet.

I don't want to go home yet...

Sadly I did have to go home after about eight days. That doesn't mean my Cuban adventures are over forever though. I didn't get to see Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Pinar del Rio. There is still so much to discover that I have to go back someday. I don't know when, but I will make it happen!

x Envy

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6 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Lovely post! Cuba sounds amazing. I have to admit Cuba hasn't been on the top of my must travel to list but I think I might reconsider.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

    1. Thank you! I'd put it on the top of my list now, because it might be very different in a few years with the new regime and everything.

  2. Envy, your thoughts were hilarious, and your pictures were beautiful. I've been longing to go to Cuba for years, especially after my grandparents died, since they were never able to go back after they escaped the country on a little fishing boat in 1963 with my mom and her brother (I'm half Cuban).

    Unfortunately though, I believe Donald Trump has passed some new laws preventing individual Americans from going, so unless I went with an approved tour group, it would be nearly impossible.

    I am so happy that you were able to visit, and that you fell in love with my country. I can experience the joys of Cuba through your experiences. :)

    Aliah | Indigo Ink

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your family's story! It's true that Americans can't go at the moment, the only Americans I met there got in on their Colombian passports.
      I hope you enjoyed my other posts as well!

  3. I've always wanted to go to cuba!! It just sounds so cool!

    1. The country is cool, its ideology is not as great though.


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