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My first ever trip abroad was to Ghent in Belgium. I was six weeks old at the time. It was my first of many, many visits to the country on our southern border. By now I've been to just about every major Belgian city and you'd think I wouldn't be all the impressed by the country anymore. You'd be wrong though. In those twilight zone days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I went to Belgium once again. Here are the things I thought about this time visiting one of my favorite countries!

Belgian trains are much more comfortable than Dutch ones. I like this train.

Antwerpen! I can't believe it's been ten months since I climbed that tower near the river without paying for it.

So much good street art on the Belgian trains and along the tracks.

How am I almost in Leuven already?

Oh my god, this is really happening. I'm doing a blogger meet-up with Ella from Ella Was Here!

Leuven's city hall is gorgeous, even with the weird-looking Christmas lights.

A hill! I see a hill! I haven't seen hills since I left Thailand!

Why are so many food places closed? I was looking forward to some Belgian fries... You can't just go to Belgium and not eat any Belgian fries!

Everything in the Begijnhof is so pretty and Instagrammable.

These doors are so tiny. I feel tall. Finally. I'm a giant here!

That is the most messed-up whale I've ever seen.

Who leaves full packets of sauce and salad on gazebo banisters? They'll ruin our pictures, but I'm not touching that with my hands. I'll ninja kick them off.

Oops... I didn't expect those packets to explode on the ground... At least they're not in our pictures anymore!

Brownies are amazing, even though they'll make my face look like the Himalaya tomorrow morning.

Nothing's better than discussing blogging with a like-minded blogger. Wait, no, it's even better when there are brownies.

Okay, but what do I do when I go to Belgian again? Do I make another one of these posts with my thoughts or not?

Seriously, this bus ride reminds me of bus rides in Laos.

No way does Ella have the manga I used to read when I was 14! Also, I love her apartment.

Do I want to go to Liège tomorrow? Why not? Let's go!

The clock on the church tower doesn't work and it irks me.

Falling asleep on the train to Liège suddenly sounds like a good idea.

Liège Guillemins is the most futuristic train station I've ever seen.

Why is it freezing here? I can't feel my feet!

I don't know how to eat a bagel like a normal person, so I'm going to eat it like a cavewoman.

The Christmas market is still here! I love Christmas markets, even though it's not Christmas anymore.

You'd think a ginormous staircase would be easy to find, but no...

Shit. That staircase is steeper and longer than I expected.

Someone please stop me next time I get it into my head that I absolutely have to climb a hill.

The view over Liège is amazing from up here. Totally worth getting completely out of breath.

I'm frozen. Completely frozen.

Thank god for warm train rides back home.

It's funny how much I still think about and appreciate Belgium, even after all those visits. I think Dutch people take Belgium for granted, which is a real shame. I mean, they have hills and we don't (for the most part). So I'll definitely go to Belgium again. I honestly don't know if I'll do another post like this one when I do go again, so let me know what you think about that idea. I'll see you soon and don't forget to check out Ella's blog as well! Without her, this blog post never would have been here.

x Envy

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10 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Sounds like fun! I've never been to Belgium. One day!

  2. All I know about Belgium is that they have some rad chocolate there that I would love to get my hands on. Oh, and a hell stair case. This was very educational xD

    1. Super educational, like all my other blog posts XD
      The chocolate is good, and they say the same about the beer.

  3. Great post! You made Belgium seem rather interesting!

    Samara //

    1. I didn't make Belgium seem interesting, Belgium is interesting :D

  4. My legs hurt just looking at those stairs! I don't know how you made it to the top, but I'm glad it was worth it.
    I think the tiny doors would make me feel average height instead of super short xD
    Cora |

    1. My legs hurt all over again looking at those stairs! It almost killed me. And I loved those tiny doors just because they made me feel tall instead of short, hahaha.

  5. I don't think I have had this many thoughts about a train! (It's more: "When can I get off?" "Pffttt you're late!) I really enjoyed this post; when can we see stories about your trip to Cuba?


    1. I loooove trains so I always think a lot about them. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I'm lacking motivation to work on any kind of blog post at the moment, but I hope to be posting about Cuba soon.


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