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What can I tell you about Thailand? A lot, obviously. I've been doing so for a while now. But still I feel like I haven't done the place any justice. It's difficult to capture the feel of a country in words on paper, or on a screen in this case. I think I capture it better in thoughts. I already think too much anyway, so I'm trying to use these thoughts for good, like showing you what Thailand's like. So without further ado I present: my thoughts in Thailand!

Yup, the airport is still the same as five years ago, including aggressive female voice at the end of the walkways.

I kinda like the humidity; it's like a warm and cozy blanket.

Please don't let me die on the Thai highway, please don't let me die on the Thai highway, please don't let me die on the Thai highway.

This part of Bangkok smells surprisingly nice.

I take everything I said about the humidity back. Even my sweat is sweating.

Our hostel has the nicest little garden. Can I sleep my birthday away here?

I wanna ride a tuktuk.

I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die this traffic is crazy please help me.

Oooooh nice street art!

Yay for tuktuk rides! Tuktuktuktuktuk!
Buddhist temples are so peaceful and quiet. I wish I could stay here.

Maybe Buddha can help me turn my life back into the right direction. Please Buddha, I could use some help...

Next stop in Bangkok was... where was I going again?

Tuktuktuktuktuk. God I love tuktuks.

Apparently public nose picking is socially accepted here. How wonderful.

The Golden Mountain is awesome. I haven't felt this calm and okay with myself in ages. Interesting.

That building looks like the Taj Mahal on steroids.

Shit, maybe I shouldn't have said that Taj Mahal thing out loud in Little India...

Every time I think I've gotten used to the humidity it smacks me in the face again.

So the boat rammed right into the dock? I see no way how this boat ride back to the hostel could possibly go wrong.

I wonder if they call it a tuktuk because that's the sound the engine makes (if you have a lot of imagination). 

Even the drivers yell TUKTUKTUKTUKTUK from time to time. I'm not crazy!

Where did I end up this time? How did I end up in a hospital?

I do not like the night bus to Chiang Mai. Why can't those British guys shut up? It's freaking 4am!

I do not need a bathroom while I'm on this bus. I do not need a bathroom, I do not need a bathroom, I do not need a bathroom... I need a bathroom.

Chiang Mai is so much better than Bangkok. It's like I can breathe again.

Look at the street art here! It's beautiful!

Stupid slippery sidewalks. Stupid flipflops. Stupid rainy season.

The temples are so beautiful. I need better adjectives to describe them.

Okay, three day jungle trek, let's do this!

Why does the tour guide want to barbeque all the animals?

What's that weird sound? It's like the guy back home who works with metal every saturday morning at 7am. My eardrums are dying.

Screw periods, I'm going swimming in that waterfall right now!

More rain. Yay? Yay...

Is that... am I hallucinating? The same guy I spoke to at the hostel yesterday is staying at our camp! Hi Chris!

I wonder what this chicken and potato dish is called. Probably aloo something something. Wait... I'm not in India. Never mind.

These people are awesome. I wish we could sit around a campfire and roast some marshmallows though.

I don't want to go to the hole in the ground in a shed toilet. Not by myself. It's dark and scary there. Maybe I can convince Julie to come with me.

 How did I not notice the ginormous spider RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

Awww a cat. It's so cute. We should give him a name.

I don't want to say goodbye to Julie yet. We've become friends. I like having friends. I'm gonna bawl my eyes out.

Yup, bawled my eyes out.

Shit, mean dog, mean dog, MEAN FREAKING DOG.

Oh, cute dog. Why is it following us though?

It's still here. We'll call him Skippy. Come Skippy, let's finish this long ass trek together!

No Skippy, don't chase our car back to Chiang Mai! It's too far!

Oh civilization, how I've missed you! I'd do anything for a decent hamburger and a milkshake right now.

The elephant sanctuary is the best thing ever. I'm so happy right now I could die. Look how cute the baby elephant is. It even kissed me! Sadly that's the most action I've gotten in months...

Street aaaaart! I wish I'd taken more of my own stickers with me so I could add some more to it all.

Can't believe we're going to Laos today. I can finally add another country to my list.

Are we at the border yet?

Are we at the border yet?

Are we at the border yet?

Why aren't we at the border yet?

Oh my god. The Mekong river is the border. It's so beautiful. I think I'm going to cry.

So that's what Thailand did to my hyperactive brain. I have to admit I censored this post a little bit though. I was mentally unstable when I arrived in Bangkok, but that had little to do with the country. In fact, Thailand helped me get some things straight and forget some bad things. You have no other choice than to forget about bad things and focus on living in the moment when you're in a country as illogical as Thailand. It's a crazy place, but once you go with its flow you'll love it!

x Envy

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16 Fellow Ramblers

  1. Omg, I am a little scared about what the Thai highways are like after reading your thoughts, I am glad you survived!! You getting kissed by that baby elephant really made me smile, the grin on your face says it all! Your little humorous snippets really bring your travels to life, thank you for sharing them with us! You always have the most unique content!

    Abbey 😘

    1. Thai highways are scary if you're not used to them! Elephants are my favorite animals, always have been. I just loved being there and feeding the baby elephant so much.
      I'm always glad to hear my content is appreciated, because most of the time I'm not too sure if this random stuff even has an audience, haha.

  2. Why on EARTH would anyone think metalworking at 7am on a Saturday is a good idea? We're living in a society, people! Ugh.

    The humidity sounds like a bit more than I could possibly handle, but maybe that's just because I'm so pregnant at the moment that I want it to be 70 degrees and dry around the clock.

    Overall, it sounds like Thailand was a feast for the senses and an amazing adventure!

    1. They think it's a good idea because they're too dumb to think of something better to do on a Saturday...

      A lot of people can't really handle the humidity. After a week or so I was okay with it, but it made my hair go crazy.

      All of Southeast Asia was such an awesome adventure. I really miss it now.

  3. I really like how original this post is; I think you should defiantly be a travel writer!

  4. This was a fun and easy post to read! Scary to read your thoughts on the highway though but oh that baby elephant!

    Jessica & James | /

    1. That baby elephant was so adorable. He actually had the same name as my dad, hahaha.

  5. thai highways? more like thaiways! i should really stop. I LOVED THIS POST, it was so funny and entertaining to read. it's always interesting to see inside the mind of a fellow human (NOT IN A CREEPY WAY OR ANYTHING) yeah i should really stop.

    ~ noor

    1. Hahahaha that pun was the worst. I know what you mean even though it does sound a little creepy :P

  6. This post is written so well, Thailand looks beautiful and you photos are so good! X

  7. Just how hectic are the roads? Haha
    I love it when you list your thoughts about places, it really makes me understand your experiences more.
    Cora ❤

    1. Believe me, you don't want to know just how chaotic the traffic in Thailand is. One more post like this one to go!

  8. I loved this so much! It was such a fun way to write a post! Also, I totally get you on the smells! There were some really bad ones so when you came across somewhere that it wasn't so bad it was a pleasant surprise!

    1. Thank you Kirsty! And that's exactly how it was with those smells. It was even worse in Cambodia, that country really stinks, but in Thailand I actually smelled some pretty nice things (mostly food, hahaha).


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